Mercury Retrograde in Aries: What Do 12 Zodiac Signs Face?

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: What Do 12 Zodiac Signs Face?

If you’ve been feeling tired and disoriented lately, you’re most likely experiencing the “pre” Mercury retrograde, which will officially occur in April 2024.

Mercury, the planet of communication and cognition, is about to turn retrograde from our perspective on Earth, which will make your brain work twice as hard to keep up.

While Mercury retrograde is causing everyone to be nervous, keep in mind that the experience does not have to be as terrifying as the end of the world. After all, it only happens 3 to 4 times per year, so Mercury retrograde is not only a common occurrence for you, but also an important part of your yearly astrological journey.

According to 2024 astrology, there will be approximately four Mercury retrogrades this year, with the upcoming April retrograde being the second Mercury retrograde of 2024.

Mercury retrograde starts on April 1, 2024 at 6:14 p.m. and ends on April 25, 2024 at 8:54 a.m.

However, we have been feeling the effects since March 19, 2024, when the shadow period began. Pay attention to any simmering issues in your life between March 19 and 31, 2024, as they may become more serious during the retrograde.

When Mercury begins to turn retrograde, it will draw attention to unresolved issues from the past, providing a foundation for closure and leaving the past behind. behind.

You may experience schedule and plan delays, trust frustrations, miscommunications, and even technological mishaps. When Mercury is retrograde, plans are rarely set in stone, so now is not the time to sign contracts or make life-changing decisions.

This is not to say that you should live in fear, because there are times when you simply have to face it head on and do things your way.

Mercury’s second retrograde in 2024 will begin at 27 degrees Aries. Because this retrograde starts in Aries, a Fire sign associated with courage, independence, the freedom to assert oneself, and bold new beginnings, you may be forced to face difficulties. Concerns about your ego, personal relationships, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities.

Not every Mercury retrograde is this severe. However, it coincides with Solar Eclipse season, occurring immediately following the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25 and just a week before the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, which is sure to shake up the universe on March 25.

Mars rules Aries and influences our actions, motivations, and passions, so this retrograde focuses on impulsive and restless feelings. The advice is to remain calm during Mercury’s retrograde phase and pay special attention to impulsive behavior in the coming weeks.

Be cautious, as Aries energy encourages quick decisions and can cloud your judgment, potentially leading to rash decisions.

The communication process should also be given more attention than usual. Before speaking, you must think or “twice your tongue 7 times”. Conversations can become more direct and intense when Mercury is retrograde in Aries, increasing the likelihood of misunderstandings. So take a deep breath before starting a potentially heated conversation.

Here’s what you can expect from Mercury retrograde in Aries in April 2024. Check out your Ascendant sign, as well as your Sun and Moon signs, for more information. body.

Get ready, Aries, because the Mercury Retrograde will occur in your home. Mercury will be retrograde in your first house of personality beginning April 1, and this experience may prompt you to reassess yourself completely.

Who were you? Who are you becoming? Who are you today? Of course, this does not require you to become someone other than yourself. The point is that you don’t have to please everyone in order to be recognized.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, you may feel like a different person (or a more authentic version of yourself). Don’t be afraid to turn inward during this retrograde, as you may feel less compelled to express yourself to others and more inclined to spend time with yourself.

Furthermore, you may experience a series of frustrating setbacks, making you feel as if you are constantly fighting against the status quo. As an Aries, patience isn’t always your strongest suit, but it’s more important now than ever.

Taurus is advised to delve deeply into their psychology at this time. After all, Mercury is retrograde in your spiritual 12th house as of April 1, necessitating intense introspection.

While you may feel quieter and more reserved during this time, social distancing allows your subconscious to cut through the clutter and process everything you’ve been feeling. Receive and experience.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, it may feel like you’re waking up from a long dream filled with ups and downs. You may feel more rested, as if your subconscious mind is finally able to rest after the upheaval of the past year.

During this time, your dreams, imagination, and intuition will improve. Use this opportunity to reconnect with your true self and tap into your core nature.

If Gemini feels like he has lost a lot of inspiration and motivation in his work at this time, it is simply because Mercury will be retrograde in the 11th house of your community on April 1, making you feel more isolated and depressed than usual.

If you’re having a disagreement with your friends, it may be time to talk it out and have an open discussion about what happened. You may go through the process of reconnecting with former colleagues, acquaintances, and teammates with whom you have lost contact.

You may feel like a lone wolf, which is perfectly normal. Just make sure you are not being forced or unduly influenced.

When Mercury turns direct on April 25, you develop a more positive and healthy attitude toward your coworkers.

Cancer, it’s time to reconsider how you present yourself because Mercury will be retrograde in your 10th house of career beginning April 1. This may have an impact on your work plans. You may have disagreements with superiors and misunderstandings with subordinates because power is erratic. Allow this retrograde to heal and strengthen your relationships.

As someone who enjoys caring for others, it’s natural for you to prioritize others, but now is the time to think about how your actions align with your own goals and aspirations.

Mercury can cause unnecessary drama, so proceed with caution when starting a new business. Be patient with both colleagues and yourself. If work isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like, consider it a signal from the universe to slow down.

Have you been feeling a bit adrift and isolated lately, Leo? It’s not surprising at all that Mercury will be retrograde in your 9th house starting April 1. In those moments of feeling untethered, one can deepen their sense of faith, as life has a way of guiding us home when we feel completely lost.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, you might notice a shift in your sense of direction. It could be a result of your growing focus on your passions and values.

Exercise caution when traveling or embarking on trips – while it is not explicitly prohibited, it is advisable to proceed with care. Stay mindful of your surroundings and avoid becoming overly extroverted. Remember that acquiring knowledge often stems from building connections with others.

The start of the year can be quite overwhelming for Virgo, and this retrograde is intensifying the discomfort they are experiencing. Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde in your 8th house of financial debt on April 1. This will require you to settle your debts and reevaluate your profits. Maximize your return on investment. It is important to remain vigilant about potential financial losses.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, you’ll be prepared to release what no longer impacts you and embrace new beginnings with resilience and strength.

Mercury retrograde also prompts you to evaluate the factors that may be impeding your progress. Do you tend to avoid confronting the issues that burden your thoughts? Ensuring your well-being and attending to your unique requirements should be a top priority.

Get ready to explore the depths of your relationships, Libra. Now is the moment to thoroughly assess your comprehension of harmony and your ability to connect with others, as Mercury will begin its retrograde motion in your seventh house of partnerships on April 1.

A successful relationship flourishes when both individuals are genuinely drawn to each other, rather than feeling obligated to stay together. Just by confronting your ex or ex-spouse, the relationship will reveal all the reasons for its end (or why it should have ended).

Take into account the feelings and needs of your partner if you’re in a committed relationship. And if you’re in the midst of planning an engagement or wedding, rest assured that it can still be accomplished! It’s important to be mindful of how you communicate with your partner to avoid any potential relationship tensions.

When Mercury goes retrograde on April 1, it’s time to reconsider the methods, regimens, and rituals you use. This retrograde can also cause confusion in your daily work, potentially forcing you to revisit unfinished projects that are weighing heavily on your mind.

Take some time to go over your schedule and identify tasks that you can delegate or eliminate completely. With potential confusion and misunderstandings lurking, be patient and take control of the situation in your own way.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, Scorpio may improve their ability to complete their daily tasks. Productivity increases as you work harder, but you also require adequate rest. This could include reducing work commitments, dedicating more time to exercise, or taking extra precautions to avoid illness.

While this retrograde may have its frustrating and dull moments for Sagittarius, it will also bring a plethora of exciting events and inspirations.

Be mindful of your actions during this time and make sure to prioritize self-care and reconnecting with activities that bring you joy. Keep in mind that you have the power to create your own enjoyment, while still treating others with respect.

After Mercury turns direct on April 25, you might notice a resurgence of your creative energy as you reflect on the sources of inspiration that have influenced you in the last three weeks. You might even find yourself in the mood to start developing feelings for someone new or feel prepared to elevate the romance in your relationship.

On April 1, Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn’s 4th house of family, encouraging you to repair your relationship with your roots, which could be as simple as watering your loved ones. the new tree you’ve planted.

Home can be both the starting point and the destination. This period may also reignite some of the conflicts and traumas you’ve experienced with your loved ones and family, reinforcing the positive lessons your elders have taught you while undoing some of the negative.

When Mercury goes direct on April 25, you’ll have the strength to resolve family conflicts and set necessary boundaries to protect your energy. It all begins with the courage to change things.

Aquarius may make mistakes when Mercury is in retrograde, so think before you speak. This retrograde will occur in your third house of communication, which may result in difficult conversations after April 1.

The main thing to remember is to double-check all correspondence and back up any important documents, as technical errors are unavoidable.

While Aries encourages directness, retrograde can make your approach appear overly forceful. Consider how you share and receive information. You can express yourself assertively without imposing on others.

This retrograde may have a negative impact on Pisces’ finances. On April 1, Mercury will turn retrograde in your second house of material assets and personal expenses, forcing you to consider your self-worth and spending habits, particularly if you used money for red or black betting games.

When Mercury turns direct on April 25, financial problems will start to resolve themselves, especially if you’ve been working on improving your relationship with money. It will also assist you in resolving unfinished business from the past, as you will revisit unfinished projects, relationships, and ideas and catch up on any parts you missed.

Aries’ influence can cause impulsive behavior, so stay alert and consider where you need to make changes. Furthermore, you may have difficulty expressing your desires and values. Are you just waiting for things to happen? Take advantage of the Mercury retrograde to investigate and pursue your goals and desires.

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