April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Your Boss and Colleagues

April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Your Boss and Colleagues

Without a doubt, understanding when (and where) to do a prank is a key component of the art of pranking. During lunch? Possibly a big hit. That crucial staff meeting held in the conference room? Not the greatest idea, perhaps.

Naturally, the atmosphere at your place of business will also determine how suitable these office pranks are; you might be better off cracking April Fools’ Day jokes in the break room. We can help you, though, if you think that pulling an April Fools’ joke at work will make your colleagues laugh more and enjoy a little fun. Here are the 30 best office pranks we’ve ever heard of, explained in detail.

Your favorite coworker will be surprised with a mystery that unfolds over the day. Before they get to work, carefully place a coin on their desk as part of an office joke. When they’re not looking, such during a meeting or when they go to the restroom, add another penny. It may take some time for your colleague to realize that something is off. However, picture their expression when they discover they are gathering a vast amount of pennies, quarters, and dimes. Actually, people might view this as a blessing rather than a practical joke!

Imagine this: a meeting room or office crammed with adorable plush animals. It looks like a scene from a fantasy film! Your coworkers will be perplexed and unsure of whether to laugh or scratch their heads. After the joke is revealed, be a nice sport and offer to send the parents’ children some plush animals home with them.

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Since people won’t see it coming, this is an excellent April Fools’ joke for the office. And really, who wouldn’t love to discover a colorful fish collection within a plain, outdated filing cabinet? Well, don’t respond to that. Rather, learn how to make it work: Take the documents out of a filing cabinet that is used often. Put a somewhat thick plastic lining inside the drawer. Put goldfish inside and fill it with water. If that seems too disorganized, put a little fish tank in the drawer. Shut the drawer and bide your time till your coworkers discover their new office companions.

We are not discussing the murder of any actual animals here! Place a sticker (or place a piece of paper) under the mouse on their computer as part of this April Fools’ joke. The sticker will prevent the mouse from operating, whether it is a ball-rolling or laser mouse. When they eventually figure out why their mouse isn’t working, they’ll see the tape or sticker underneath it. Inscribe “April Fools” on it, please!

One of your coworker’s most valuable items—their favorite coffee mug or desk ornament, perhaps—should be swiped and hidden. In its place, leave an anonymous ransom note demanding candy in exchange for the item’s safe return. You set the terms, the location and time of the meeting, etc.

Adorn random objects with googly eyes, such as garbage cans and computer monitors used by your coworkers. Then, as you wait for the laughter to start, get to work.

Place small plastic figurines in strange locations across the workplace. Once you’ve placed them on coworkers’ desks and concealed them among the condiments in the refrigerator, you can watch with pleasure as your colleagues discover these pleasant surprises.

Decorate your boss’s or coworkers’ workspace with posters and other memorabilia from a celebrity they don’t particularly adore. Consider Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osborn, KISS, Spice Girls, politicians, and so forth. Imagine their astonished expression when entering their fan-crazed workspace.

The next rank above #9 is Biggest Fan On The Road. Acquire automotive markers and adorn the gullible victim’s vehicle with professed fandom or anything just as ridiculous. “JUSTIN BIEBER’S #1 FAN!” or a similar statement comes to mind. Imagine your coworker’s astonishment upon seeing that, despite believing they had survived the day unscathed, their car has been adorned. But then you have to drive it to the car wash or home? That is extremely valuable.

“Roaring” with Pleasure – Leave a note on your boss’s desk alerting them to a missed call if they are in a meeting, on the phone, or walking away. This is a fake call from “Bear,” a manager who wants to meet this week for lunch to talk about a potential partnership. You can reach him at this number. Your boss will probably find out about the joke when they contact their local zoo and someone answers and thanks them. If not, they will go on to ask to talk to “Bear,” which would add even more comedy value to the hoax!

This practical joke is sure to make people laugh, whether it’s a rubber snake, spider, mouse, or other terrifying creature. Secure a fishing line to one end of the creature and conceal it in plain sight. Pull the rope to ensure that the movement catches the attention of any unwary victims who are about to cross its path. Then, wait for the victim to scream. Finding a huge spider on your desk or chair can be as alarming if you’re trying to work with less effort.

This is a wonderful practical joke if you don’t want to organize something big. Purchase a sweet treat for the workplace, such as cookies, cake, or doughnuts, and swap it out for a nutritious snack like carrot sticks with hummus. Use the original treat box, please, and stash it in your break room or other social hub.

When people enter, they will go for the snacks when the box is closed, but they will find a nutritious treat instead. To be kind, leave the original candy on your desk and give it to others so they will know who the real prankster is.

Changing clothes during the day to give the impression that your coworkers are going nuts is another simple method that only requires a small amount of preparation effort. Arrive at work wearing a single clothing, then walk around saying hello to people so they can recognize you.

Change into something entirely different in the middle of the morning and see if anyone notices. Your coworkers will believe you’ve gone crazy if you carry on acting in this way all day. The easiest way to pull off this technique is to get increasingly bizarre and entertaining with each outfit you wear.

It’s likely that your office is littered with several sticky notes. Try using as many colored sticky notes as you can to cover one of your coworkers’ cubicles or offices.

When they get there, they’ll be surprised to see that tiny pieces of paper have covered everything, and they’ll laugh a lot. To make them feel particularly pranked, try using the sticky notes to spell out a phrase like “April Fools!” to really take it to the next level.

Choose your material of choice for this April Fools’ office joke, from foil to wrapping paper to toilet paper. Completely wrap your coworker’s chair, being sure to tuck a Whoopie Cushion beneath it first. They’ll probably laugh when they see their chair covered and think the prank is over, but that is, until they sit on the secret Whoopie Cushion. It may be equally as humorous to use a Staples Easy Button in place of the Whoopie Cushion (“that was easy”).

Use sticky notes to decorate everything and anything to give the office’s decor some extra flair. Put a funny face on every note to increase the fun factor. If you work with a lot of Capricorns, you’ll earn extra points because this sign enjoys a good office supplies joke.

It’s a terrific idea to surprise folks in bathrooms. You may surprise your unsuspecting coworkers with a bathroom prank of your own by putting a photo inside the toilet lid. They’ll be astonished to see whatever goofy photo you place there when they lift the toilet seat.

Images that are appropriate for such purposes relate to pop culture or the culture of your workplace. Is there a running joke at work that you could use here? What about a beloved TV character or simply a celebrity whom everyone enjoys making fun of?

Everyone can find humor in a lot of pictures, so long as it’s not something objectionable, like a picture of a coworker who won’t take the joke well.

Try this amusing office joke to gradually drive the person at the adjacent cubicle crazy. Whatever they’re working on, write or revise it without letting them know who’s behind it. Your keyboard wire must pass through the wall of the cubicle and be plugged into the victim’s computer. Alternately, attach a wireless keyboard. It’s your cue to start typing too when you hear them typing. However, start out small at first—one keystroke at a time, forcing them to write on their broken keyboard several times in an effort to decipher the problem. Then start typing furiously.

Be warned—this office joke has the potential to turn messy—especially if you don’t want it to be one of those disastrous April Fools’ jokes. Pour water into a glass and cover the rim with a thin piece of cardboard. Flip the glass over while holding the cardboard in place. Observe as your victim tries to figure out how to tip over the glass without sending a tidal wave flying.

Do you want to make light jokes about your best friend at work? Do they have a celebrity that they love, or better yet, that they despise? Adorn their workspace as though they were the biggest admirer of that star.

Make copies of the individual’s photos and display them across the office. If your friend is a singer, play their song for them when they get there. If not, find other ways to let your coworkers know how much your friend adores this famous person.

This is the perfect practical joke to pull on someone who is truly scared. Look up a spooky image online. It might resemble a zombie, a ghost, or just a blank person staring. Anything spooky will do.

After that, you may wait for your friend to look up from the image by taping it to the ceiling next to their workstation. You’ll have pulled off the scariest practical joke ever when they glance up and see the ominous image looking back at them.

This joke is not only a joke but also a puzzle. Locate a coworker’s desk and clear the area of any electronics or valuables. Pour some water into a glass, then turn it upside down by placing a thin piece of cardboard or plastic between the top of the full glass and the desk.

Move the cardboard aside slowly and bide your time till your friend arrives. They will need to determine how the glass got there and how to remove it safely. Better yet, you could leave a small April Fools’ joke message in the glass so they’ll know who pulled it off.

It would be horrible if those very important documents got soaked with coffee right before the big meeting, wouldn’t it? Give your co-workers an office fright by faking spilled coffee. Set it up on a pile of important documents, step away from the scene of the crime and watch your co-workers’ reactions.

This office prank may require a partner in crime … and one with a large lung capacity, at that! Filling a conference room with balloons is no easy feat, but it sure is an easy way to get your co-workers to laugh. Buy a pack of multicolored balloons. Blow, blow, blow! Watch as people attempt to enter the conference room—only to find it occupied by bobbing balloons.

Note: If you have a very important meeting in the big conference room scheduled for April Fools’ Day, this may not be the best idea.

Try this trick if you can get into your boss’s computer. Make a picture of their desktop right now and make it your wallpaper. After that, reorganize every folder so the new wallpaper they set is the only thing visible. You’ll get to witness your boss’s frustration when attempting to launch files and apps that are essentially simply desktop background screenshots.

Replace any family photos that are on display in your boss’s workplace with fresh ones. Anything will do—pictures of you and your coworkers, amusing pictures, or pictures of animals. This is a creative trick, so consider playing it off against your coworkers.

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Surprise, peanuts. Is your office stocked with a large quantity of packing peanuts? Take a few and stuff them inside the desk drawers of your employer. They’ll be astonished to see that their drawer is full with packing peanuts when they grab for their pen or whatever. Prepare to assist your boss in extracting all of the peanuts if you decide to play this joke.

All you need for this practical joke is an opaque cup and a sticky note. Stick a little note on the sticky note that says something like, “don’t move unless you want to kill the spider,” and set the cup upside down on your boss’ desk.

With the knowledge that there is nothing beneath the cup, you may observe your boss avoiding it all day. If your supervisor turns the cup over and finds nothing, you might even get to witness them realizing they’ve been manipulated. To let them know it was all in good fun and the fake spider stayed put, try placing a “April Fools!” inside the cup.

Consider taking a handful of balloons to work and asking your colleagues to assist you in popping them. Put the balloons in your boss’s office once you have a ton of them. The more occupied their office might be, the more satisfying the practical joke will be. When the balloons start to stream out of your boss’s office, try to pack the office to the brim so nothing more can fit. Then, watch for their reaction.

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