April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Your Parents

April Fools’ Day: Top 30 Best Pranks For Your Parents

Don’t settle for playing your parents the same old April Fools’ jokes this year. Now is the moment to let go your creative evil (well, not that wicked, but it sounds cool). If you’re not good at planning ahead, don’t worry—many of these jokes can be pulled off at the last minute and make use of items you probably already have about the house.

You should choose a clever, humorous trick if you’ve determined that playing practical jokes on your parents is worth the chance of being grounded. For April Fool’s Day or just because, you can use these ideas as inspiration for safe practical jokes to pull off at home.

Even after you grow up, there will always be arguments with your parents over the TV remote. You have to try this age-old method of pulling the batteries out of the TV remote. It could be a little risky (just kidding, once they realize it’s a joke), if your parents are big fans of a certain television program. However, when they attempt to use the remote to activate the TV—which is still unresponsive—they will get perplexed.

It can be rather cheeky to replace your family photos with images of strangers if your parents enjoy framing those adorable family portraits. You may, for instance, include images of Kevin Hart or Adam Sandler. It may go unnoticed at first, but when they do, it will provide for some really funny moments.

This is a simple April Fools’ Day joke in which you take a piece of plastic wrap and seal up the bottles of body wash and shampoo. You will giggle heartily as your parents try to open it with their dripping hands.

The soap swap is a straightforward practical joke that will annoy any parent. All you’ll need is some food coloring and an empty jar.

Snip the container the next time your parent runs out of hand or dish soap.

To get the same hue as the fluid, fill it with water and food coloring.

Put the water in place of their usual container.

Await their attempt at it.

They will undoubtedly become agitated. You could drink the water from the dish soap container and see their response if you really wanted to get through to them. Just make sure that before trying this one, you thoroughly clean the container.

Are you trying to find a funny way to get your parents into a major prank war? Attempt the inverted mug method.

Pour water, sprinkles, etc. into a mug.

Place a chopping board on top and turn it over.

Clean up any spillage.

Place whipped cream on the mug’s brim.

Inform your folks that you heated up some chocolate for them.

The liquid or sprinkles will unexpectedly spill out of the mug as they lift it. You can play this amusing trick on your sister as well.

Try this clever switcheroo if your parents take vitamins on a daily basis.

Purchase little candies that resemble your parents’ vitamins; depending on the color, size, and form you require, mini M&Ms, Mike and Ike’s, Good and Plenty’s, or Tic Tacs work well.

Take out your parents’ vitamin containers and spend a few minutes alone with them.

If they take more than one vitamin, start with just that one. Put all of the vitamins from the container into a baggie that has been labeled with the name of the vitamin. Assemble the candies in the container to the same level.

For each nutrient, repeat Step 2 again.

Place all of the baggies in a secure location that is out of reach for young children or animals.

Because parents aren’t always tech-savvy, play a clever practical joke on them. A rudimentary comprehension of computer screen pictures is required.

Take a picture of your parent’s computer’s desktop wallpaper.

Put every desktop icon they have in a folder. Don’t forget to write down the folder’s location.

Make the first step’s screenshot your new desktop or lock screen backdrop. Although they are only a portion of the image, it will appear as though there are icons there!

Your parent may attempt to click on the icons when they log on and may become worried that something is wrong with the computer.

Please reset the desktop after the joke is over.

Do your parents have remote jobs? Make them all nervous by making them believe that their mouse is broken.

Slice off a tiny square of paper while they are still asleep.

Put Got Ya! there.

Cover the bottom of their mouse’s light with paper tape.

Place it back down.

The holding period starts.

You can watch when the frustration starts if you know when they start working.

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After the mail arrives but before your parents pick it up, prepare a surprise for your mailbox. Place in a plastic snake, some fake bugs, or anything funny that will make them laugh out loud when they open the mailbox.

Wish to add some flair to your family’s daily rituals? Try out this joke on April Fool’s Day: Give your parents bowls of cereal and milk, then place them in the freezer for the night. When Mom and Dad arrive in the kitchen on April 1, take the cereal bowls out of the freezer before they do, and observe their dismay as they try to eat a frozen breakfast!

Oh no! The night before, give your children’s toothbrushes a small shake of salt. The kids will be awakened by the flavor of the salt, which isn’t particularly apparent when combined with the bristles!

How disorganized! Cover your child’s sleeping space with toilet paper. When they awaken, make sure the camera is ready! The advantage is that compared to a neighbor’s house, it uses a lot less toilet paper to paper a room! Not that I’m positive, however.laugh}

Babel’s Tower Play a joke on Goedemorgen! Alter the language on your child’s smart device, if they have one, if it’s a phone or tablet. But make sure you know who has to make the correction.

Changing their name on the gadget is a related practical joke. I am only aware of this one because my kids always make fun of me for it and laugh themselves silly. My phone currently believes that my name is “Awesome Dude 11111111111NONONONO.” I do chuckle when Siri says that.

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Take a screenshot of your parent’s computer’s desktop and set it aside. Place each icon in its proper location. Next, select the previously clicked screenshot as the desktop background. They will come to believe that something is wrong with their computer if they cannot get any of the programs to work when they try to click on them. Of course, if you pull off the prank successfully, act like a good youngster and return everything to normal.

It’s a good prank to trick your parents into thinking it’s still not the weekend if they don’t have any significant events planned. Give them the previous day’s newspaper and subtly change the dates on their phones. Additionally, they can begin preparing for their workplace just to discover that they have been set up.

Use this innocuous practical joke to make your parents worry about the quality of the water. Apply gel food coloring to the area around the faucet spout, where the water exits, using a cotton swab. To add a more eerie touch, go for red! Next, observe and bide your time till they lose it as soon as they finish their drink. Nothing better in the morning than a little fake blood, is there?

This April Fools’ joke is sure to get a laugh if any of your family members are afraid of creepy crawlies. It’s also a terrific joke for younger audiences. Unroll the toilet paper a little, then use a marker to sketch a spooky spider a few sheets in. Reroll it, then wait for your target to be taken aback.

Take out a couple eggs and give them a hard boil. Take it and store it in the refrigerator after that. Your parents will be perplexed when they realize it’s a practical joke and proceed to make an omelet for breakfast, but everyone will end up laughing about it.

Most people get the creeps when they see a snake. If your parents are among them, it will be worthwhile to frighten them with a rubber snake for their amusing response. Make sure you fasten one end of the rope to a cabinet door before using it to secure it to the snake. As a humorous gambol, place the rubber snake inside the cupboard so that it would spring out and frighten them everytime they open it. If you believe your parents might not approve of the notion, though, you should refrain from any foolishness.

The classic practical joke never grows old. Cover the sink tap’s nozzle with a large piece of duct tape. Make sure there’s a tiny gap left so that when your parents try to use the faucet, the water sprays out and soaks them.

Pour some hot chocolate into the cup your folks use to have their coffee in the morning. Once it has cooled, store it in the refrigerator for the night and remove in the morning. Carefully place the mug on top of the coffee maker and pour little hot water over it to gently melt the top. Try engaging your parents in conversation. When they add milk and it spills or simply try to stir some sugar with a spoon, they will be perplexed.

ARG! Put some toilet paper in the tips of their shoes, and people would believe that their feet have grown bigger. What amusing tricks for children!

What is my location?When your children go asleep, move them to a separate bed if they are restless sleepers. To think, the next morning they woke up in the incorrect bed! Imagine their surprise! (In my home, this one is a favorite!)

Move stealthily, and with just a few easy steps, you may transform your home to resemble something from a horror film. Visit your neighborhood convenience shop to find low-watt light bulbs that flicker—ideally ones that are 40 watts or less—and Halloween décor. Replace all of the lightbulbs in the house, beginning with the restroom, when your parents are not there or are asleep. Your parents will be bewildered and a little scared if they return home late at night.

This is the ideal chance to replace the toilet paper roll, if your parents require you to do so frequently, but replace it with something humorous. Instead of using toilet paper, place a roll of duct tape on the holder.

Serve your parents coffee in a coffee mug that is either big or too tiny for them. As they take in the peculiar cup, you can enjoy their moment of astonishment and wonder. Try to appear regular when they respond to the mug to add to the intrigue. Pretend that the person is acting strangely for no apparent reason and that there is nothing wrong with the cup. Stretching the joke too far will result in a whack on the head.

Mix and exchange their pairs of shoes in the shoe rack. Next to the black left shoe, place the red sandal on the right. Sort all of the shoes neatly, but not according to their proper pairings. Act surprised, as though you are also witnessing it for the first time, when your parents inquire about it. Since they are likely to see through your bluff, just smile and give them their correct shoes.

Load balloons with helium into your parent’s automobile. They’ll be shocked to discover balloons in their car when they open the door. Say with a sheepish smile that you wanted to see whether the balloons could make their automobile fly when they ask you about it. To laugh it off jointly, as others might not believe your story.

Use a colorful beverage, such as an energy drink, in place of your parents’ mouthwash. They will be taken aback by the pleasant taste when they gargle with it. Offer to gargle yourself and then act as though nothing is wrong, because they could ask you about it. Tell the truth eventually, or otherwise they’ll be perplexed all day.

Do you want to truly trick your parents? This one is ideal for you (it may also be one of those awful jokes that people find amusing). Assemble every alarm clock in your home (or purchase a couple if your family uses phone alarms), program each one to go off at a different time, and then conceal them throughout.

From a fake account, send your parents an email notifying them of something funny. For instance, write an email from the FBI saying they have received an intimation about them hiding an army of mutant cockroaches in their house. And that the FBI will be visiting them soon. The look of bewilderment on their faces will be priceless.

Modify the doorbell’s sound to something humorous. You may attempt to arrange it to a humorous slogan or an amusing animal sound. Your parents may chuckle or at the very least grin at the ridiculous doorbell each time it rings.

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