Top 9 Worst Mole Locations on Men’s Faces, According to Eastern Physiognomy

Top 9 Worst Mole Locations on Men’s Faces, According to Eastern Physiognomy

When looking at moles, men with moles at the corners of their mouth are usually greedy and selfish, only knowing how to receive and never giving. As a result, this type of person receives little sympathy from others.

Furthermore, the person with this trait frequently breaks promises, is extremely lazy, and depends on others. They don’t like doing anything and always dictate to those around them, making everyone uncomfortable.

The ability to “clumsily row skillfully” and “to use your mouth to support your limbs” can only please the other person on the first contact. However, the longer they interact with each other or stay together, the less people can tolerate this type of personality.

According to Eastern physiognomy, this is one of the most unsightly moles on men’s faces and should be removed. Men with this charm have an extremely difficult love life, and their families are rarely harmonious and peaceful.

An ugly mole on a man’s face indicates that he is strict, patriarchal, and conservative. Pursuing perfectionism, they always expect their lover and wife to be “perfect 10,” unintentionally putting tremendous pressure on the other person.

With this type of man, women will have to work hard all year without ever pleasing him. Therefore, if you intend to marry the owner of this mole, you should think about it.

Looking at the face, men have spots hidden in their brows, but they are sparse and broken, indicating that this person’s relationship with those around him is not harmonious.

Men who exhibit this trait enjoy bragging in front of everyone, but because their talent is not particularly exceptional, neither their superiors nor their coworkers frequently trust them.

In love fortune-telling, men with this trait have a poor marriage life and frequently divorce or have problems with their wives.

Men with moles in this position are said to ruin their fortune because no matter how much money they make, it is insufficient to cover their own spending needs. Furthermore, the owner of this trait enjoys gambling and is prone to incurring deadly debts.

According to physiognomy, men with this mole frequently have high desires, are dissatisfied, and possess a lustful personality.

If their partner fails to meet their needs, they are willing to betray and seek new sources of happiness. This person is prone to health issues as a result of excessive hard work.

Consider the appearance of ugly moles on a man’s face: men with moles in this location are more likely to have few or no children, and their path to parenthood is difficult and unfavorable. Their lives are often filled with sad events, and their demeanor is always gloomy and depressed.

A man with this mole is frequently difficult for his wife and children, and his life is fraught with sadness and difficulties. This person’s suspicious and arbitrary nature causes his wife and children to cry, and he rarely helps or cares for them even in the smallest of ways.

If you come across a man with a mole under his eye bags, proceed with caution.

Men with this mole are frequently promiscuous, teasing and flirting with everyone they meet, but they do not truly love anyone.

They “have a lot of fish” and flirt with multiple women at the same time, and their love relationships are not long-term.

In marriage, the holder of this trait is also unfaithful or attempts to sneak outside to find strange things. Marriage makes it difficult to be happy.

Men with this trait must be unhappy all the time and struggle to advance in their careers. Business investment in any field entails risks and is easy to lose money. This is a particularly bad mole location on a man’s face.

Scholars in Eastern countries have learned physiognomy through research and practice over thousands of years. Although science surrounding face reading and mole reading remains contentious, it is still accepted and trusted in the daily lives of people in Asian, East Asian nations and even developed countries in Europe and North America.

You’ve probably encountered men with the aforementioned “bad moles” in your lifetime. Please try to determine whether Eastern physiognomy is somewhat accurate when examining the appearance of ugly moles on a man’s face.

On the other hand, we believe that moles are only one aspect of Eastern physiognomy. Other features on men’s faces can help them mitigate or neutralize the negative effects of the moles mentioned above.

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