Top 11 Most Popular Online Shopping Websites In China

Top 11 Most Popular Online Shopping Websites In China

Worldwide, e-commerce has revolutionized consumer behavior and become a necessary part of everyday life. E-commerce, or the percentage of sales made online, had an average penetration rate of about 20% worldwide as of 2022, and this percentage is predicted to grow by about 1% annually.

When it comes to eCommerce domination, China is unmatched. With a 46% share of e-commerce sales, the Middle Kingdom leads the next runner-up, the United Kingdom, by an astounding 10%.

Moreover, 80% or more of Chinese eCommerce transactions occur on eCommerce marketplaces, which give retailers easy-to-use tools for running their businesses and give buyers a safe and easy way to make purchases. We’ll take a closer look at this fascinating landscape in this piece, where we’ll also look at some sample brand eCommerce websites and the top Chinese eCommerce websites, most of which are marketplaces.

Use the advantages offered by Chinese e-commerce sites, but only those that you can rely on. A trustworthy website’s security is its primary differentiator, as demonstrated by its use of the HTTPS protocol (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). It can be identified by looking for a closed padlock in the search box next to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website.

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You can tell that you have found a fraudulent online business if there are no legal notices or general sales terms. The fact that the online store is not using HTTPS suggests that it is not secure.

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 240 million.

One well-known business-to-business marketplace is Alibaba. Global business-to-business communication is made possible by the platform. Alibaba is the best option for foreign businesses looking to establish connections with the most reliable and successful Chinese suppliers.

The extensive network of seasoned producers and business owners on Alibaba facilitates the process of choosing a suitable partner. It’s the biggest wholesale marketplace on the internet. There are about 500 million products available, ranging from apparel and accessories to jewelry, cars, pets, home goods, and other items.

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With over 130 million daily active users and around 600 million registered users, Taobao is the most popular e-commerce platform in China. It provides a platform for both private citizens and small businesses. It provides a large selection of goods at affordable prices. There are lots of China internships accessible with us. We were surprised to see that participants were making purchases within a week of arriving, but it is just one example of how simple shopping is in China. Customers should read the reviews and ratings left by previous customers before deciding what to buy. Chinese online retailer Taobao is the real deal.

Are you looking to purchase shoes, a dress, or something else? When you shop on Taobao, are you hoping to get gifts? One excellent location to shop is Taobao. Which do you prefer, a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Rentals on Taobao. On Taobao in China, nothing is impossible to obtain—only what you are unable to imagine is unattainable; if you can imagine it, you can achieve it! Using this platform, you can link your bank account and other social media apps to pay for your purchases.

The most well-known Chinese online retailer is called AliExpress. With over $55 billion in revenue, it is also the biggest, generating over five times as much as eBay.

AliExpress does not sell its own products, in contrast to Amazon. Rather, it’s an online marketplace that links you to independent vendors. Although there are merchants from other South-East Asian nations, the most of the sellers are from China.

Although many sellers offer free delivery, it will take longer. You can also use DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other international couriers, depending on the seller.

Before hitting the “Buy” button if you’re thinking about buying something, be sure to read our advice on avoiding AliExpress scams. But don’t misunderstand: AliExpress is a reputable Chinese online retailer.

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 5 million. owns the Chinese e-commerce website Since you probably shop with it in your country, you should be fairly familiar with it. To enhance the consumer experience in China, Amazon brings together Joy and the world’s foremost expertise in online shopping.

In categories like books, movies, music, and games; digital downloads; electronics and computers; home and garden; toys; baby supplies; food; clothing; shoes; jewelry; health and personal care; sports and outdoor goods; toys; automotive; and industrial products, Amazon China offers millions of unique new, refurbished, and used products. All you have to do is input your residence address in China, which China Internship Placement has obtained for you or one that you found on your own (see our guide on finding an apartment).

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 64 million. is a business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping website owned by the Alibaba group. Many foreign and local brands are represented. They offer one-stop online shopping solutions such as 100% product quality assurance, a no-reason to return service within 7 days, and shopping credits and other services between businesses and customers. Tmall sold 91.2 billion Yuan (about 14 billion US dollars) on November 11, 2015. Our learn Chinese in China curriculum also includes lessons on how to shop on major E-commerce platforms, and you will be taught to shop in Chinese while simultaneously having the option to do it in English. This also improves your immersion and proficiency in Chinese.

GearBest is a newer Chinese online retailer than the first two we examined. It has only been in operation since 2014.

The website has close relations with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi and offers far lower prices on the company’s products than you would find in a domestic retailer. The site also covers Baby and Kids, Home and Garden, Appliances, Electrical and Tools, and Fashion, to mention a few.

GearBest is also ideal for non-residents of the United States. It will not ship to Palestine or South Sudan, the only two countries.

Unregistered, Registered, Priority Line, and Expedited Shipping are the four shipping options available on the website. All four options are available to Americans. Shipping is free for unregistered items and can take up to 45 days. The cost of the quickest option—expedited—is determined by weight. It takes between three and seven days.

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 168 million.

Pinduoduo began with groceries and fruits and now assists women in rural areas, tier 3 and 4 cities in China in purchasing food and fruits at very inexpensive prices. When these customers buy together, they help the new social ecommerce marketplace spread the word and grow quickly without spending a lot of money on marketing.

Total sales was RMB59,491.9 million (US$9,117.5 million), a 97% increase from RMB30,141.9 million in 2019. The growth was mostly attributable to increased earnings from internet marketing services, as well as contributions from item sales.

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 150 million.

Jingdong, often known as, is China’s second largest online retailer, with a predicted 17% market share in 2019., a Nasdaq100 and Fortune Global 500 company with 161.8 million monthly visits, is China’s largest business-to-consumer (B2C) retailer. is a B2C website when it comes to online buying. JD Mall sells electrical and home appliances in addition to clothing, food, and literature. Local sellers can also put up virtual “shops” on JD mall and import commodities such as food, drink, clothes, and footwear.

Shein is yet another popular Chinese online shopping platform. It focuses in women’s fashion, although it also sells menswear and children’s clothing. It is without a doubt one of the greatest Chinese clothes websites. Shein’s inexpensive prices are one of the reasons behind this.

Shein exclusively ships to the United States via standard and fast delivery. The standard delivery rate is $3.99 per order. Shipping is free if your order exceeds $29 in value. Express shipping is $12.90, however it is free on orders above $129. P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses, according to the platform, are not eligible for the express option.

Monthly traffic is estimated to be 7.6 million.

The largest electronic retail chain in China has expanded to sell products for moms and newborns, among other things. This portal sells electronics, home appliances, and other technology products. It also has a significant offline presence, with real stores in a number of Chinese cities. is a comprehensive online shopping platform whose items include home appliances, mobile phones, laptops, supermarkets, moms and babies, apparel, department shops, international purchases, and others. The delivery is more prompt, the pricing is more reasonable, the new goods arrive faster, are authentically licensed, have a countrywide guarantee, can be picked up at the store, and the entire network is less expensive, so you can be confident that you will enjoy it!

Invest in a consumer portal website that actively promotes genuine, unique purchasing advise as well as up-to-date information on high-quality online shopping discounts. Its target audience’s “first stop for quality consumption” is its goal. 3C home appliances, home life, fashion sports, marine shopping, travel, vehicles, credit cards, and other themes are covered below, all of which are excellent choices for online shopping and will boost the value of your purchases.

Before making a purchase, compare costs on several Shopping websites in China.

Before placing your order, consider the shipping prices and delivery times.

Select a secure payment option, such as a credit card or PayPal.

Before making a purchase, carefully read the return policy.

Before purchasing a product, read user reviews about it.

Consolidate your orders with a shipping forwarder to save money on shipping.

The popularity of Chinese shopping is steadily expanding. After placing a purchase in one of the Chinese online retailers, regardless of the language used, it becomes challenging to resist the urge to continue shopping. Undoubtedly, the primary drawback lies in the duration it takes for the products to be transported, especially during vacation periods. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for a purchased item to be shipped internationally and arrive within a few weeks.

Shoppers often have the opportunity to obtain a significant discount while buying discounted items or during a sale. In addition, specific Chinese e-commerce companies may provide clients with significant discounts while also offering wholesale opportunities.

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