Most Auspicious Dates In May 2024 For Everything By Hindu Calendar

Most Auspicious Dates In May 2024 For Everything By Hindu Calendar

Experts in astrology and Vastu claim that favorable days and dates are chosen by taking into account a number of variables, including location and planetary positions. For accurate findings, one should also take into account the person’s birthdate and time.

Various methods for determining auspicious dates

Lunar Calendars: Based on the phases and locations of the moon, a lunar calendar can be used to determine the most auspicious dates for Hindu festivals and significant occasions.

internet astrological tools and software: Based on a person’s birth chart and planetary configurations, one can use internet tools or astrological software to receive personalized date recommendations.

Expert advice: To determine the best time to register a property, speak with a numerology, Vastu, or astrological specialist.

Legal considerations: By considering the auspicious dates, the legal requirements, and other relevant practical aspects of the transaction, one can find a balance.

Hindu marriage dates in May 2024 are not available. These are still months in which to make the most of your wedding planning. Make sure you speak with a variety of wedding suppliers and reserve them in advance to avoid them being fully booked for the wedding season.




1 May


05:44 AM to 04:00 AM, May 2

3 May


05:39 AM to 12:05 AM, May 4

5 May


07:58 PM to 05:34 AM, May 6

6 May


05:35 AM to 02:41 PM

10 May


05:34 AM to 02:52 AM, May 11

12 May


10:29 AM to 06:03 AM, May 13

13 May


06:02 AM to 02:51 AM, May 14

19 May


05:56 AM to 01:52 PM

20 May


03:59 PM to 05:54 AM, May 21

23 May


09:15 AM to 05:55 AM, May 24

24 May


05:54 AM to 10:11 AM

29 May


05:55 AM to 01:38 PM

30 May


11:42 AM to 05:53 AM, May 31

31 May


05:55 AM to 06:12 AM

Tips for property registration

Verify if the home you are buying complies with Vastu. Examine for any Vastu doshas, as this could be one of the factors contributing to a property’s sale.

Either a square or rectangle plot is appropriate. A property with an irregular plot, such as one that is circular, oval, or triangular, should not be chosen.

Look for any Vastu dosha in the property and remove it with appropriate action.

Refrain against purchasing a property with a lake on the south side or a body of water on the west.

Make sure you have finished all the necessary legal checks before to buying a home.

Learn more about the property’s prior owners.

In general, a brand-new home with no past is the best option. Make sure the prior owner is relocating to a larger home, though, if you are purchasing a previously owned home. These are lucky residences that are thought to be successful.

Vastu experts advise giving the previous homeowners a gift.

Avoid buying residences that are being sold due to a divorce, bankruptcy, or illness.

Ensure that the residence is cleaned and that the energies of the former occupant are removed.

Advice for picking a fortunate moment to buy a house

An auspicious date for registering or buying a property is determined after doing Panchang (Panchangam) Shuddhi, according to Vastu experts.

Make sure the day the property is registered and the nakshatra are lucky, at the very least.

Rahu Kaal, Gulika Kaal, and Yamaganda times are unfavorable for buying real estate, therefore stay away from them.




Auspicious Property Purchase Muhurat

May 3, 2024



12:06 AM to 05:38 AM, May 04

May 10, 2024


Tritiya, Chaturthi

10:47 AM to 05:33 AM, May 11

May 16, 2024



05:30 AM to 05:29 AM, May 17

May 17, 2024


Navami, Dashami

05:29 AM to 09:18 PM

May 23, 2024


Purnima, Pratipada

05:26 AM to 05:26 AM, May 24

May 24, 2024



05:26 AM to 10:10 AM

May 31, 2024


Ashtami, Navami

06:14 AM to 04:48 AM, Jun 01

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Experts in astrology and Vastu believe that Thursdays and Fridays are lucky days to buy real estate. The best time to find the lucky muhurat on these days is to speak with an astrologer. Additionally, when registering a property, experts advise making sure that at least one fortunate Nakshatra and one auspicious weekday are present.

Beginning of the May month can bring success to your business plans. Find out the shop opening muhurats to start your business in May 2024.

Day And Date


Saturday, 4 May

06:45 AM to 10:56 AM

Wednesday, 8 May

10:40 AM to 01:00 PM

Thursday, 9 May

06:51 AM to 12:25 PM

Friday, 17 May

10:04 AM to 12:25 PM

Thursday, 23 May

07:39 AM to 12:01 Noon

Date and Day


3 May, Friday

12:07 PM to 05:37 AM, May 4

10 May, Friday

10:48 AM to 05:32 AM, May 10

16 May, Thursday

05:31 AM to 05:28 AM, May 17

17 May, Friday

05:28 AM to 09:19 PM

23 May, Thursday

05:27 AM to 05:25 AM, May 24

24 May, Friday

05:25 AM to 10:11 AM

31 May, Friday

06:15 AM to 04:47 AM, June 1

Numerous couples search for ideal times to give birth. The best times to give birth in May 2024 are these dates. Please be aware that a baby’s lucky birthdate does not guarantee good fortune in all aspects of life. Numerous factors are taken into consideration before creating a horoscope, etc.

Ideal times to give birth in May 2024

May 1–May 3: It’s safe to give birth till 12:38 PM

May 5: 7:35 AM to 5:40 PM is a good time to give delivery.

May 10–May 11: Up to 10:10 AM is a good time to give birth

A good time to give birth is after 10:22 AM on May 12.

May 13–May 14: It’s okay to give birth till 1:00 PM

May 16, 17, 18, 19, – After 1:52 PM is a good time to give birth

May 20: It’s safe to give birth up until 12:06 PM

May 21: After 12:38 PM, it is best to give birth

May 22: You can give birth up to 7:42 a.m.

May 23: Anything after 9:18 AM is a good time to give birth

May 24: You can give birth up to 10:05 a.m.

A good time to give birth is after 10:15 AM on May 27.

28 May

May 29: You can give birth up until 1:37 PM.

May 30: Anything after 8:55 PM is a good time to give birth

May 31 is a good day to give birth, up until 6:10 AM.

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