Top 9 Most Popular Detective Conan Movies of All Time

Top 9 Most Popular Detective Conan Movies of All Time

Who hasn’t heard of this adorable little inspector with a promising future? Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, has sold a lot of manga and anime. Detective Conan Manga has 250 million copies in circulation worldwide, according to Animenewsnetwork! So far, 25 great detective Conan movies have been released since its debut in 1996.

You must watch a certain number of episodes in order to watch each movie, as many of them are linked to the main story. This will allow you to comprehend and follow specific scenes. Full episodes of Case Closed are available on Crunchyroll.

Aoyama Gosho created the popular Japanese detective manga series Detective Conan. The series is developed evenly across all three genres: manga, anime, and film. The famous Detective Conan film premiered in 1997, three years after the first volume of this famous detective manga was published. Movie adaptations of this popular detective manga series are released in Japan on a regular basis in April, and then in other countries in the region and around the world for many months afterwards. As of 2019, there have been 23 notable Detective Conan films released around the world.

If you are a fan of the famous Detective Conan, you should not miss the following 9 best movie versions.

Release date: April 13, 2018

Zero The Enforcer introduces our top three great Conan detective movies. An international summit will be held on the “Edge of Ocean” site, a new space carved out of the sea. A violent explosion occurs during the checks preceding the inauguration.

The fingerprints of detective Kogoro Môri are discovered in the rubble, and this explosion, which appeared to be an accident, is classified as a terrorist act, with Kogoro as the primary suspect.

Conan, for one, recognizes the setup right away and suspects Amuro, who was present at the time of the explosion, of being involved in the plot. Will Conan be able to solve the mystery and exonerate Kogoro with the help of the Japanese judicial system and the national security agency to which Amuro belongs?

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Release date: April 21, 2001

Kogoro has been invited to the inauguration of two twin towers, Japan’s tallest skyscrapers. On the evening of the invitation, however, a member of the committee is murdered, and a broken sake glass is discovered near the body.

The black org is on the hunt for Sherry. Haibara uses self-sacrifice to protect Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Conan, but ends up being the one who is protected. This is a touching moment.

This is the first film about a black organization. It doesn’t add anything to the main plot of the TV series, but the movie highlights the character Haibara very well.

Release date: April 15, 2022

This one is entirely dedicated to franchise fans.

During the Halloween season, Amuro becomes involved in a bombing case that appears to be related to the previous case (episode 304) that resulted in the death of his colleagues.This time, Amuro is the intended victim. Amuro seeks Conan’s assistance in escaping the bomb wrapped around his neck.

The plot makes excellent use of Episode 304 and Keisatsu Gakkou-hen. This is excellent fan service for franchise fans. We see a snippet of what happened the day before Jinpei Matsuda’s death, scenes of Takagi, Satou, and Amuro in the same screen frame, and a snippet of Conan meeting Hagiwara when he was younger.

Release date: April 17, 2004

For fans of Kaitou Kid. Kaitou Kid in this movie still maintains his mysterious atmosphere. The mystery in this movie was relatively small-scale for a Detective Conan film. A surprising revelation is made that Conan can fly planes.

Magician of the Silver Sky anime Conan the movie shows us Julie, a theater actress who receives a letter from Kaito Kid containing threats of theft of a gem belonging to her. To protect her jewel, she calls on Kogoro Mouri who thinks that the theft will take place during the performance of the play “Josephine”, of which Julie is the star.

The Kid does show up on the day of the performance but is quickly unmasked by Conan and escapes. The Kid not having stolen the jewel, Conan will have to watch her very closely.

Release date: April 16, 2021

This film is intended for fans of the Akai family. Sera’s mother’s first contact with Akai after his alleged death. There are numerous fan service action scenes. The mystery was uninteresting.

Japan is preparing for the World Sports Games, which will be held in Tokyo. The world’s first vacuum-tube superconducting linear train is being built with cutting-edge Japanese technology and will arrive in time for the WSG opening ceremonies.

Release date: April 20, 2002

Conan and his pals were invited to the debut of a new virtual computer game. But someone programmed the game so that if they don’t solve the riddle, they all die.

People are still waiting for a crossover film starring Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes. Though that day has not yet arrived, we can say that The Phantoms of Baker Street takes a rather unique approach to that crossover!

Hiroki Sawada, a child prodigy in the film, has created an artificial intelligence called Noah’s Ark. When Noah’s Ark jumps from a building, everyone dismisses it as a suicide attempt and forgets about it.

Year of Release: 2000

Conan and his companions witness a murder at the start of Captured in Her Eyes, just like in any other Detective Conan film. And when a cop is murdered by a man armed with an umbrella pistol, the gang must track down the perpetrator to save the day!

During this chaos, Ran Mouri witnesses a second murder and sees the perpetrator clearly. However, she develops amnesia and soon becomes the criminal’s next victim.

This case is much more grounded than the others in the series. The mystery is intriguing and well-conceived, but it is Ran’s amnesia that elevates this film to new heights. The film does an excellent job of delving into her relationship with Shinichi Kudou and how his transformation into Conan has affected her.

Release date: April 14, 2012

Due to past tragedies, someone seeking vengeance hides bombs in soccer arenas multiple times, and it is Conan’s responsibility to save everyone once more.

A largely insignificant plot centered on football. The mystery was completely forgettable. The show has some of the worst voice acting I’ve heard in years (due to Japanese professional football players being recruited to voice act their own cameos).

Year of Release: 2009

Many Detective Conan fans and anime fans in general regard The Raven Chaser as one of the best Detective Conan movies of all time. It’s also the thirteenth installment in the series’ long run, which is a significant milestone.

So, what exactly is the plot of The Raven Chaser? The events depicted in the film are fairly straightforward. Conan attempts to investigate the murder of a man whose brakes were removed, forcing him to crash into a toll plaza in The Raven Chaser. The man’s cryptic words, however, and the baccarat tile discovered next to his corpse suggest that something more sinister is at work. In reality, it appears that the homicide is linked to other Tokyo criminals.

Despite the passage of more than two decades, the popular Detective Conan films have not lost their allure. Each episode surprises the audience with unexpected details about the famous detective’s fascinating and thrilling journey. Dan believes it is the central characters’ love stories.

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