Top 20 Most Famous Korean Movies You Must Watch

Top 20 Most Famous Korean Movies You Must Watch

Due to the ideas and meanings they convey, family and romance movies will always hold a certain allure for audiences of all ages. Referring to this genre, it is a mistake if we do not mention the movies of the land of Kim Chi.

Here are the top 20 heartwarming Korean films that would like to recommend to you. Let’s enjoy!

Genre: Drama

This film, which is known as Korea’s Forrest Gump, is among the most popular ones the nation has ever made.

It chronicles the lives of Deok-soo, a young kid whose family was split up during the Korean War’s Hungnam Evacuation. He and his mother were able to flee north while his father and sister remained in the north.

The important events in the nation’s history from the 1950s to the present are portrayed in the film. The main character, Deok-soo, goes through these trying times while attempting to raise his own family out of poverty and start a family of his own.

Genre: Drama

“Parasite” is the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, winning 4 major awards at the 2020 Oscars, and setting multiple box office records. Therefore, it will be a real pity if you do not watch this movie.

The film revolves around a poor family, living in a shabby apartment in the basement of a rental house, electricity is cut off, and struggling to eat every meal. One day, the eldest son was introduced to be an English tutor for the daughter of a wealthy family. Overwhelmed by the owner’s property, he planned to bring his whole family into this rich but trusting house, starting a “parasitic” life.

The beauty of the film comes from its authenticity, showing the nakedness of reality and being extremely logical, the film has succeeded in making viewers obsessed with the surprise and the fairness of the problem the film poses. All the details of the film are used to develop and solve the situation, which is not redundant, not lacking, correct, reasonable, and attractive to viewers.

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Genre: Drama

This heartwarming story centers on two brothers who are both drafted into the Korean War.

The elder brother, Jin-tae, has always taken care of the younger brother, Jin-seok. In order to protect his brother when war breaks out, Jin-tae makes a bargain with his commander that, if he receives the greatest military awards, his younger brother will be discharged from the military and sent home.

Without concern for his own safety, Jin-tae participates in the most hazardous and suicidal military missions. Can he secure his brother’s freedom?

Genre: Action

To apprehend a serial killer on the free in Seoul, a brutal cop teams up with a crime kingpin, the latter of whom is portrayed by Ma Dong-seok of Eternals. Won-Tae Lee, like the best Korean genre filmmakers, takes a formulaic plot and elevates the style to such brilliant heights that the clichés become unrecognizable. Sylvester Stallone purchased the rights to a potential American remake, which gives you some idea of the caliber it’s in. It features crazy car chases, nasty fistfights, and tons of fantastic suits.

Genre: Drama / Family

The film is based on a true story – “the notorious Na Young case of 2008”. In it, an 8-year-old girl was raped and beaten by a 57-year-old drunk man in a public toilet.

The court sentenced the man to just 12 years in prison, sparking outrage in South Korea due to the brutality of the crime and his history of physical and sexual violence. In fact, the Korean movie “Hope” only partially depicts the wounds that Na Young has suffered. But it is enough to make us quiet and reflect.

With only 2 hours and 3 minutes, but surely anyone watching this movie will have to cry because of the peace, innocence and innocent smile of little Na Young after all the terrible things that have happened to her. me. It is also the boundless love of a father and mother for her baby.

Genre: Comedy

The humorous film “Miss Granny” explores the kinds of mischief a 70-year-old grandma may do if she suddenly transformed back into her 20-year-old self.

Mal-soon is an annoying old widow who frequently irritates her son and daughter-in-law.

Mal-soon walks the streets one night after learning that her own son will abandon her in a nursing facility, and she ends up in front of a mysterious photo studio. She enters so that her picture can be taken.

Mal-soon exits the studio looking like a young man of 20. At first, she finds it hard to believe, but eventually, she makes the decision to embrace the circumstance. So the fun starts…

Genre: Drama

“Miracle In Cell No.7” is a family love drama revolving around the character Yong Goo who was sentenced to death because he was falsely accused of murder by bad guys. His last dream is to see his daughter – Ye Seung. However, the door to the prison where he was being held was never opened for family members to visit. So, the people in the same cell planned to reunite the father and son…

Will those who have committed such sins work miracles? Can father and son Yong Goo meet again? “Miracle In Cell No.7” is a humorous but profoundly meaningful film, showing that inside every human being is compassion, love and empathy. Even though they are criminals, even death row inmates, they all have “humanity”.

Genre: Suspense-Thriller / ‎Revenge

Bringing similarities in themes to reflect injustice through movie projects such as ‘Hope’, ‘Miracle in Cell 7’ or ‘Han Gong-ju’, and ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’ as well. continuing the journey of dismantling the lax legal system in Cu Sam country.

This is a work that recreates a shocking gang rape case in Korea. High school student Eun Ah lives with her mother after her parent’s divorce and attends a new school. Here, Eun Ah falls in love with a handsome but handsome student named Jo Han.

One day, Jo Han unexpectedly asked her out to meet her privately. And here, he and his group of friends took turns raping Eun Ah and filming a clip, then threatening to publish the video on social networks.

After being raped, Eun Ah’s spirit was broken. Although her mother filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator in court, because the perpetrators were all underage, the maximum penalty was only a few months of probation. Because she was so frustrated, Eun Ah chose to commit suicide on her birthday. Before she died, she ordered a cake with the words “Don’t cry, Mommy”.

This Korean movie is the journey of a mother who decides to seek justice on her own, making the beasts pay with her life. Thereby, we witness an extremely tormenting and profound spiritual motherly love.

Genre: Romance

Be With You is a story about a woman (Son Ye Jin); Before her death, she made an unbelievable promise to her husband (So Ji Sub) that one year later, she would return on a rainy day. A year later, the woman actually appeared in front of her husband and son, but all her memories of them were gone. Woo Jin took every step to help Soo A rekindle every memory she had forgotten.

With pieces from his unrequited love for her, his first date in high school, and his first kiss… Once again, Woo Jin and Soo A fall in love again. The story is remake from the original Japanese so it received a lot of attention from the public right from the premiere.

Genre: Action

Of the few movies that can hit theaters, The Call is one of the best 2020 Korean movies. The movie has a 7.1/10 IMDb score. This young director Lee Chung Hyun’s debut work is in the criminal, sensational genre. The film makes an impression in all aspects, from the content to the acting quality of the actors.

The content of movie The Call revolves around Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye) – a young girl whose mother is suffering from cancer and has to be treated in the hospital. Once, Seo Yeon accidentally dropped her phone. She used the old landline phone in the house to call her cell phone. But no one answered the phone.

Then, Seo Yeon happened to receive an unusual call from an unknown subscriber. The caller is a girl named Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo). She kept calling for help and said she was being attacked and burned alive by her mother.

When Seo Yeon asked for the caller’s address, she realized it was the house she was in. More surprising when Young Sook is in the past 20 years Seo Yeon. Seo Yeon and Young Sook decide to try to change the events of the past in order to change reality. That had dire consequences.

Genre: Horror

The zombie apocalypse genre, which was on the decline, was briefly revived by this year’s confirmed hit film.

Seok-woo, a workaholic fund manager played by Gong Yoo, is on a train with his young daughter and headed for Busan. But then a woman with a bite wound manages to get into the train. She’s about to wreak havoc on every passenger inside… and so begins our movie!

This one is actually very simple in Korean, so even beginners may watch it. Here is a guide for practicing your Korean with “Train to Busan” if you’re unsure of how to study with movies:

Genre: Romance

The movie “On Your Wedding Day” revolves around the first love between Hwan Seung Hee and Hwang Woo Yeon. Their love story lasted for 10 years and the two spent the most beautiful youth together. Along the way, both had to face many difficulties and ups and downs. And will they be able to stay together until the end?

“Is first love forever unfinished” is the question that comes to mind when watching this movie. Believe that with those early vibrations, innocence, and delicate emotions, you will all find yourself in the story of Seung Hee and Woo Yeon.

Perhaps the name “On The Wedding Day” has partly revealed the ending of the film, but the emotions that the main couple have shown will make many people nostalgic for their youth. Besides, there is a light and clear atmosphere with a good combination of the actor duo Bo Young and Young Kwang.

Genre: Horror

This movie appears on the list of “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die,” and it must be for a good cause.

The story “The Housemaid” serves as a warning about the terrible consequences that a family’s acceptance of a mad creature brings upon them. Of course, this monster takes the appearance of a seductive temptress who will briefly cause you to forget your vows. Scenes of seduction, betrayal, retaliation, and death are present.

Genre: Thriller

In a small Korean town lives a mother and her adult son, Do-Joon, who has an intellectual disability. The mother dotes on and fiercely protects her son.

One night, a drunken Do-Joon follows a girl into an abandoned building.

The next morning, that girl is found lifeless on the rooftop. Do-Joon becomes the primary and convenient suspect when a golf ball with his name inscribed on it is found near the crime scene.

Certain of her son’s innocence, the mother embarks on a mission to save her son.

Genre: Drama

Before the movie ‘Hope’ shocked Korea by arousing society’s resentment of pedophilia, “Silenced” was once a terrifying “silence” about people’s faith in the law. The law revolves around this issue. A moving and tormenting work that makes viewers shed tears.

“Silenced” is adapted from the novel “Dogani” by writer Kong Ji Young, published in 2009, inspired by a true story at a school for deaf and dumb children in Gwangju. It is known that actor Gong Yoo was the one who intended to put this story into the film when he read it during his military service and expressed it to the author.

The content of film is about Kang In Ho, an art teacher who knows how to use sign language. Under the recommendation of his professor, In Ho moved to teach at a school for deaf and dumb children in Mujin (an unreal place).

Gradually, In Ho discovers terrible secrets hidden by the teachers at the school: the warranty and sexual abuse of children with disabilities. And he decided with Yoo Jin – the girl working at the Human Rights Protection Center in Mujin town to bring the truth to light.

Taking the topic of sacred family affection, “What Parents Don’t Tell” has touched the emotions of millions of viewers because of very familiar things. People see images of their parents, grandparents or themselves in the future through the elderly couple Cho Nam-bong and Lee Mae-j.

After 45 years of marriage, both suffer from dementia. Suddenly they became a burden that sent their children to nursing homes. Many memories gradually fade over the years, but the couple’s feelings gradually become closer and deeper. The love and dreams that were once forgotten also gradually rekindled between those two people. The film deserves to be the “representative” of the Korean melodrama genre that makes the audience shed tears.

Genre: Thriller

Urban Ghost Story is a Korean-produced horror film directed by Hong Won Ki. The film is 10 ghost stories with completely independent content but all set in modern-day Seoul. The film is released on May 13, with 122 minutes that will take you from surprise to suspense. Let’s watch to enjoy those horror stories.

Genre: Humor

The film’s content is related to the story of a young, unemployed man named Yong Nam (Jo Jung Suk) who stumbles across his college friend Eui Joo (Im Yoon Ah), whom he has a crush on. robbed a memory. The two try to escape the city covered with a mysterious poisonous gas.

The Air Exit does not follow the motifs and paths of the films on the subject of “disaster” that have been released before. Although still exploiting the theme of survival, the film has skillfully integrated between sensational and dramatic details, mixed with humorous scenes, with many relaxing elements.

This integration plus a fresh plot has made director Lee Sang Geun’s film a completely new dish, conquering the audience’s heart.

Genre: Action

Right from its release, the film created great attention in not only Korea but also Western countries and is now considered one of the best Asian films of all time. The above purpose is taken from film critic websites like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes or even reputable newspapers like Time or CNN.

Oldboy not only possesses the characteristics of Tarantino movies such as violence, and chilling shock, but also bares the complex inner world of people through revenge.

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, Oldboy is in the famous revenge film trilogy (The Vegeance Trilogy) by director Park Chan-wook. Since its release, the film has attracted great attention in not only Korea but also Western countries and is now considered by the international film community as one of the best Asian films of all time. The above results are collected from film critic websites like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or even reputable newspapers like Time or CNN.

Genre: Family

A 70-year-old grandfather lives with his two grandchildren in a quiet village. Suddenly one day, the grandfather discovered that his time to live was short, so he decided to prepare everything for the future of his two grandchildren and leave them something special.

The film is an extremely touching psychological story of Korean cinema. The film has taken away many tears from the audience with its captivating psychological content, great acting ability of famous actors, and touching scenes, the film quickly dominated the box office market right away. after it was released. The film is also a good sign for the return of the Korean romance series, which is considered the forte of Korean cinema.

The top 20 Korean films that you absolutely must see at least once in your lifetime are listed above. Selecting the greatest, most visually appealing films is never easy, especially when it comes to Korean cinema, which has produced a number of excellent pictures in recent years.

You are free to create your own ranking of the greatest Korean films; our list is entirely subjective.

The videos in the article are of very low quality, so we do not recommend them. If you’re looking to watch a good movie, you should visit reputable apps and websites or subscribe to paid channels like Netflix.

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