Top 10 Most Popular Mexican Movies of All Time You Should Enjoy

Top 10 Most Popular Mexican Movies of All Time You Should Enjoy

Certainly, when it comes to Mexican movies, there will be a lot of small-screen audiences who don’t know much about it, but did you know that this country also has a lot of famous films in the world, and has many achievements in cinema awards in Europe.

The article below, would like to share with readers some of the best Mexican movies of all time, please refer to the article immediately for more detailed information about the movies and search for a preview to know the strength. Attraction of movies in this country.

Enjoy your watching!

When Roma was released in 2018, it quickly became one of the most contentious films in Mexican cinema history. Alfonso Cuarón centered the story on his family, with his previous housekeeper serving as inspiration for Cleo, played by debutant Yalitza Aparicio.

The film recounts Cleo’s day-to-day activities in Mexico City during the 1970s, with great care in replicating the atmosphere of the time.

Roma received three Academy Awards, including Best Director, Cinematography, and Foreign Language Film. Yet the actual effect of this narrative about the schism between Mexico’s high and poor classes occurred far away from the festivals and prizes.

With a vehicle accident and the unifying element of dogs, Amores Perros linked three unrelated storylines. Gael Garcia Bernal’s worldwide career was begun with the character of Octavio.

Amores Perros transports us to Mexico City’s seedy neighborhoods, where three diverse storylines intertwine the sufferings of different socioeconomic strata. The idea of betrayal runs throughout this film. Although spanning for a massive 154 minutes, this great example of Mexican movie has hardly a boring moment.

Silvia Pinal, Jacqueline Andere, and Enrique Rambal feature in The Exterminating Angel, a tragic fantasy film. Set at a house for a fancy dinner party, the guests find themselves unable to leave. The visitors’ elegant facades begin to disintegrate as the days pass, and they enter survival mode. Without the cultural pretenses, the visitors begin to disclose their actual nature, which is ferocious and animalistic.

Some excellent Mexican films were released in the early 2000s. Because of its iconic status, this one must be included on any list. Y Tu Mamá También (2001), directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who now has two Oscars for Best Director under his credit, was a game changer at a time when Mexican cinematography was underappreciated. Tenoch (Diego Luna) and Julio (Gael Garca Bernal), two closest friends, one more fortunate than the other, embark on a road trip to the beach with a woman married to Luna’s character’s cousin. It’s violent, features multiple sex scenes, and breaks down stereotypes about homosexuality in Mexican guys.

The adventure crime drama Canoa: A Shameful Memory, based on actual events, is set in a tiny hamlet outside of Mexico City and stars Enrique Lucero, Salvador Sánchez, and Ernesto Gómez Cruz. The film tells the story of a group of students who visit a rural village and are accused by the priest of being communist agitators fleeing the Mexican army. The priest tries to persuade the citizens to lynch the students.

Enamorada, set amid the Mexican revolution of 1917, is one of the oldest and greatest films on our list. The film depicts a female aristocrat who falls in love with a revolutionary, and the two are forced to confront the political ramifications of their relationship. It’s a magnificent full-throated tragic romance, and while it may appear to be irrelevant to current viewers, it’s a fantastic window into another time and place.

Guillermo Del Toro’s excellent film is another another must-see. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), a dark fantasy by a Spanish-Mexican team, is both mystical and legendary. It relates the narrative of a little girl who finds herself in a labyrinth and encounters many supernatural creatures. This film included special makeup and CGI effects, and it is an excellent illustration of how Mexican visionaries can effectively create fairytale visions. This film is for those who are interested in nonhuman realms.

Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro feature in the popular thriller Sicario. This spectacular action crime film is set on the US/Mexico border and tells the story of Kate Macer, an upbeat FBI agent who is assigned to the border to take out a drug gang that has bombed and killed members of her squad. When border violence escalates, Kate’s team attempts to leverage one cartel lord to pursue a larger one.

A real Mexican film masterpiece. Los Olvidados is a film about a group of impoverished street youngsters living in a Mexico City slum. A gang leader escapes juvenile jail and gathers other street youths to exact revenge on the person who turned him in. The film depicts how peer pressure and the environment can corrupt kids.

Los olvidados received 11 Ariel awards, Mexico’s top film honor. In 2003, UNESCO designated the film’s original negative as a World Memory.

Red Dawn, also known as Rojo Amanecer, is a Silver Ariel Award-winning film about the terrible slaughter of protesting students.

It casts an inquisitive eye on the events of 2 October 1968 in Mexico City, which have left a lingering stain on Mexican history.

The Tlatelolco massacre was a watershed episode in post-revolutionary Mexican history, showing the state’s intrinsic proclivity for violence.

The fact that the attack was carried out by elected PRI-led soldiers was perhaps the most stunning aspect of it.

The video offers a particularly startling account of the real events that occurred on that terrible day, allowing viewers to witness everything develop through the eyes of a middle-class Tlatelolco family.

The various aspects of Mexican movies will attract you, from current life in Mexico City to the deep mystical foundations of traditional Mexican culture.

We hope you found our list of the Greatest Mexican Movies of All Time to be helpful! With so many fantastic genres to discover, from the Best Mexican Romance Movies to the Best Mexican Action Movies, you should start watching right away! Enjoy!

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