Top 10 Best Comedy Movies During A Decade You Must Watch

Top 10 Best Comedy Movies During A Decade You Must Watch

One’s perception of comedy varies. As with the other impossible tasks used to test suspected witches in the past, attempting to compile an official ranking of the decade’s best comedic films is akin to trying to empty a lake with a thimble. Nevertheless, we at FSR like to think of ourselves as a well-read group with a diverse range of interests, so we made the decision to try our hardest at the unachievable anyhow.

It’s not that the 2010s were a bad decade for comedy; on the contrary, more creative and compelling comedies from “serious” filmmakers replaced the dearth of consistently excellent traditional comedies. Not only did individuals such as Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, and Greta Gerwig produce some of the funniest films of the decade, but they also produced some of the best. Then there were directors like Taika Waititi, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller who managed to create hilarious, quick-witted comedies even while working inside the framework of big-budget studio blockbusters.

We took every comedy film from the decade, regardless of its budget or style, and ranked them using the Adjusted Tomatometer, a formula that takes into account a number of variables, such as the film’s release year and number of reviews. Speaking of, at least 80 reviews were required for each film to be taken into account. Now let’s spread our wings and laugh heartily with the Top 10 Comedy Films of the 2010s!

The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese, is a contentious black comedy that straddles the line between satire and glamorizing inappropriate behavior. In this biographical film, Jordan Belfort’s experiences founding Stratton Oakmont are portrayed.

Jordan would inflate stock prices and teach others to do the same through his “hard sell” techniques, which would lead to his absurdly rapid success and even quicker fall from grace. The film is an intense experience from beginning to end, with little time for viewers to relax in between each exciting scene due to its fast-paced, profanity-filled plot.

Renowned auteur Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a crowd favorite. The film showcases a group of characters, headed by the endearing Monsieur Gustave H., who works as the concierge of the renowned European hotel that is showcased in the movie.

The film relates a humorous story about a valuable Renaissance painting, a trustworthy and likeable protégé, and an incorrect murder accusation. It’s the perfect starting point for watching Anderson’s films because it features every distinguishing feature that has made him so well-liked by both critics and fans.

Heart Attack, a rom-com directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, is a remarkably underappreciated film about the developing romance between Yoon, a freelancer who puts in too much work, and Imm, a doctor who teaches him self-care techniques. Yoon is forced to choose between putting his health, which is now closely related to his possible relationship, and his career first.

Most viewers will laugh at their amusing asides, but the film is funny for more reasons than just their back-and-forth flirting. In addition, there are some amusing yet thought-provoking scenes that highlight Yoon’s challenging circumstances. At one point, Yoon requests to use the temple’s Wi-Fi network in order to meet a deadline.

La La Land is a beloved romantic musical directed by Damien Chazelle. There are many reasons to watch it again, including its touching story and poignant quotes. The main focus of La La Land is the romantic tale of Mia Dolan and Sebastian Wilder, as they strive to fulfill their individual goals while still preserving their relationship.

Even though it’s not frequently considered a comedy, it makes sense that Letterboxd has classified it as such. Not to mention the jokes that are occasionally woven into their musical numbers, there are some genuinely funny moments between the two when they have scenes showcasing their banter.

I love “Lady Bird” so much. Greta Gerwig’s feature film debut as a solo director is an impressive accomplishment, despite its narrower focus than some of the other works on this list. The adolescent lead character, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (played by the amazing Saoirse Ronan), and the early 2000s Sacramento setting are incredibly realistic. The subtle humor is authentically conveyed by the character and never seems forced. This authenticity is crucial because “Lady Bird” is not only incredibly moving, but it was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

“Lady Bird” is unlike any coming-of-age tale you’ve ever seen thanks to its hazy narrative (though there are recurring themes, “Lady Bird” is primarily a slice-of-life movie) and amazing cast of characters, which includes an Oscar-nominated performance from Laurie Metcalf as Lady Bird’s mother. It feels like a gift because it is so true, so fully realized, and so assured in its form and organization. Grewig’s role in “Lady Bird” further established her as a talent to be taken seriously. In 2018, Time Magazine named Grewig among the top 100 influential individuals worldwide.

There was no reason for “Game Night” to be as exciting and humorous as it was. Its marketing materials gave the impression that the ensemble comedy, which stars Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman as the leaders of a group of friends who discover their murder mystery game may be a real crime, was destined for bargain bins and cheap VOD rentals.

Fortunately, “Game Night” lives up to your expectations. The star of the show is Rachel McAdams, who adopts a more sophisticated but equally hilarious comedic persona than her character from “Mean Girls.” She is a hilarious, sharp-tongued, adorable, and master of physical humor. The rest of the cast, which includes Bateman, Lamorne Morris, Kyle Chandler, Billy Magnussen, Sharon Horgan, and Kylie Bunbury, is all elite talent. It’s a challenging task for an ensemble comedy to make each character feel unique.

At last, “Game Night” has all the laughs and, like “Knives Out,” a truly captivating mystery. “Game Night” is one of the best comedic films for those who want something a little riskier.

There are some genuine comic delights before Parasite’s gut-punch of a finale, which leaves no one laughing. When the Kims move into their employer’s house, they assume the Parks will be gone camping for the entire weekend. However, bad weather forces their employers to return early, leaving the Kims to work against the clock. Nail-biting physical comedy at its best, the Kims’ struggle to conceal their presence as the gullible Parks re-establish themselves is more reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s genius than anything we’ve seen in a long time.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, this is one of those films that is best experienced with as little plot knowledge as possible when watching for the first time. Its unapologetic and frequently startling portrayal of themes like social inequality and class conflict won it praise from all over the world.

The deep ideas in Pete Docter’s Soul, which are obviously influenced by philosophical ideas like determinism and the pursuit of meaning in life, give the impression that the film was more intended for adults than for children. Joe Gardner, the main character, expresses these lessons through his discontentment with his life as a middle school teacher, as he aspires to be a jazz musician.

Joe needs to find a way back to Earth by traveling through the Great Before after his soul and body are suddenly separated. He encounters young people like 22, to whom he must humorously explain why life is so wonderful in the first place. Most viewers, who might be feeling a little lost themselves, will be able to relate to what Joe discovers about his own existence in the end.

Don’t Look Up is a satirical blockbuster starring Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is intended for audiences over the age of eighteen. Adam McKay, who won the Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay” for The Big Short, wrote and directed the film.

The film centers on two astronomers working at the Subaru observatory, Randall Mindy (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (played by Jennifer Lawrence), who by chance find an unidentified giant comet that is headed for a fast collision with Earth. Enough in the next six months to wipe out the entire planet. They meet with NASA experts and US President Janie Orlean (Meryl Streep) to warn of impending cataclysmic events. She ignores them, though, because she and her son (Jonah Hill) are preoccupied with the approaching midterm elections.

Turning Red, Pixar’s most recent animated feature addition to its impressive resume, has been an enormous hit thus far. With her directing debut, which is focused on 13-year-old Mei Lee, whose already difficult adolescent life becomes even more difficult when her inherited curse takes effect, director Domee Shi is off to a good start.

Whenever Mei feels embarrassed, she transforms into a gigantic red panda, which can cause some awkward situations. Although the bizarre movie is full of hilarious moments, it also addresses difficult topics like cultural diversity and acceptance, as well as mental health.

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