Tarot Card Reading for April 2024

Tarot Card Reading for April 2024

April has arrived; do you have any minor worries? If you’re interested, let’s read tarot cards together to see what challenges you’ll face this month.

Tarot card reading instructions: Stay calm, close your eyes, and select one of the four cards below to compare to the results shown.

A friend’s betrayal is the source of your heartbreak this year. Your friends’ deception has cast a long shadow over you, so you are constantly suspicious and afraid of being taken advantage of by them.

In fact, you must understand that because you have value, you will be taken advantage of, and because you live so honestly and gently, being taken advantage of is simple.

Don’t blame the situation; instead, stop hanging out with those bad friends, reflect, and accept it calmly. Don’t worry too much about whether or not other people are happy.

You are always afraid of unexpected changes in your plans and prefer to live in a set pattern. For example, you have a plan every morning and a detailed schedule of what you will do today, and if someone bothers you, you become very upset and don’t know what to do.

Life does not always go as planned; there will be emergency situations, and you must learn to accept and cope with these changes in order to live more peacefully.

The problem this year stems from your own attachments, which drive you to do things your way and expect everything to be perfect without considering the harsh realities.

You are afraid of the strange world; you always lock yourself in your own small piece of land; you are afraid of not being able to adapt to the disturbances of the outside world; and, despite the fact that your current life is miserable, you refuse to face it.

When you go out, you’ll notice that everything isn’t as bad as it appears. The transformation process is painful, but once completed, you will feel that it was all worthwhile.

So, don’t be afraid of changes in yourself, new things, or new people entering your life; instead, see it as a divine arrangement; simply go with the flow, and you’ll live a happy life. Live in greater comfort and happiness.

Your mind is too small, and you tend to think erratically whenever something happens, leaving you mentally exhausted and frequently living in poverty.

It is better not to be overly sensitive and to live a little more carelessly in order to be more confident and likable when dealing with others, as well as in life and work.

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