TAURUS Weekly Horoscope for March 18-24: Astrological Prediction and Tarot Reading

TAURUS Weekly Horoscope for March 18-24: Astrological Prediction and Tarot Reading

Sometimes a farmer must stop plowing a field in order to remove a rock from the ground. This week, Taurus, the field appears to be full of rocks. According to Astrology, the week starts on Monday, March 15, with two aspects. First, the sun is in Pisces, which is your house of community, and it forms a semi-square with Saturn in Aquarius, which is in your house of career.

Venus in Pisces forms a semi-square with Uranus in your sign of Taurus simultaneously. It’s possible that you want to switch careers. On the other hand, you might be devoted to your boss or enjoy the people you work with. You might be conflicted about changing. Additionally, you might be working from home and won’t have the chance to meet in person, which would only serve to complicate matters further.

However, there’s just enough annoyance about this that makes you want to find a fix. By the way, today is a difficult day to do an interview if you’re looking for work. Try to reschedule the interview for a later time.

On Monday or Tuesday, your usual routine might be interrupted by something intriguing—possibly even something romantic! To create the opportunity, make an extra effort and shake things up a little, according to Sun Signs.

Wednesday through Friday is when your passions are at their peak; you’re experiencing the full range of emotions and feeling things strongly and deeply right now. Relationships may undergo changes; make sure these changes are positive. This weekend, try to delve a little deeper to uncover the true significance of something someone is saying or doing.

Work was done in black and white last week. Color this week. Bright, exciting color. What a transformation a weekend can bring, huh? Your tasks suddenly seem enjoyable and manageable. It’s inevitable that your enthusiasm will wane a little as the week goes on.

Wednesday will most likely be a psychic low point, marked by coworker jealously and passion. It’s wise of you to stay away from people on Thursday and Friday and to focus on money matters. Getting involved in politics at work never pays off. Travel arrangements are best made on Saturday and Sunday, which are also excellent personal days.

In terms of finances and money, this week is probably going to be favorable. You are backed by some celebrity power. There is a good chance that your work will bring in money in the near future. This week, according to Ganesha Speaks, you might receive wise counsel from a professional that could result in financial gain.

You might get the desired returns from new business-related investment plans. Additionally, there’s a chance that your previous investments will yield a healthy profit. Travels for business or religion may incur costs. So make an effort to limit wasteful spending. Acquiring knowledge of occult science or religious texts could incur financial costs. Making any significant investments at this time is not recommended. Consult a professional before making any investment decisions.

You might experience a few minor health problems this week. Nonetheless, by this week’s end, health should be better. Overwork may have a detrimental effect on your health. You might have problems with your eyes and teeth.

Aim for a regular check-up. Steer clear of addiction to unhealthy behaviors that compromise your health. You must exercise some caution and abide by traffic laws when traveling. Wear sunglasses when you go outside, if at all possible. Maintaining a strict healthy diet, avoiding junk food, and getting regular exercise will all help to strengthen your immune system.

The Emperor is pushing you to fully embrace your actual power! Tarot notes that you have gained invaluable wisdom and insight from your life experiences.

How can you benefit from this for yourself? How can you assist others with this? Someone close to you may ask for counsel or direction this week; don’t be afraid to ask.

Alternatively, you might have to make a challenging choice for yourself. You now possess the knowledge and perspective necessary to effectively navigate both of these scenarios, so don’t worry.

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