SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24: Predictions of Love, Money, Career and Health

SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24: Predictions of Love, Money, Career and Health

Circumstances this week could have you looking for deeper meaning. Scorpio, this week realize that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The week begins on Monday, March 15, with a pair of aspects starting with the sun in Pisces in your house of adventure, making a semi-square to Saturn in your house of family.

At the same time, Venus in Pisces makes a semi-square to Uranus in your house of balance. All work and no play, that could describe your life right now. And while this energy is temporary, it feels quite irritating today. This pair of aspects can give you the impression that all you do is drudgery.

If you have a family at home, you may feel that chores are divided unequally. It’s easy to get irritated today. Unfortunately, it does no good. Wait to have your say until this energy clears on another day.

You’re not used to being so hesitant when making a decision regarding your love life, but your instincts are refusing to weigh in at the beginning of the week. Could it be that you just need more information?

According to Sun Signs, from Wednesday through Friday, you don’t need much of anything — life’s handing you all sorts of sweet stuff unasked, and you have love power galore. Work that magnetism. This weekend, though, the stars say to calm down and hold off on any romantic risks — for now, at least. There will be plenty of time to go out on that limb later if you still feel like it.

Decisions don’t come easily on the first day of the week. Call on your colleagues to help you weigh the pros and cons of whatever it is you’re facing. You are more aware than ever of the power of group thinking. And your interest in other people’s ideas will have a better effect than you realize:

In the middle of the week, coworkers are starting to refer to you as the star of the office. Your professional rebirth is underway. This is exciting stuff. At the end of the week, your head is crammed with big thoughts about your future. Be philosophical and forward-thinking.

Your financial prospects may remain normal this week. Though you tend to spend more on luxuries, you would gain enough and maintain a balance on all the things. Focus and pay keen attention while executing your work. It is not said to be a very favorable time for investments through speculative schemes.

Think twice before making any decision. Additionally, it is very important for you to keep track of your expenses and earnings to ensure a balance in your financial life. There are chances that you may lose money while traveling. However, with preventive measures, you can ensure safety.

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You may see general improvement leading to happiness and good health this week, but you need to take proper care. Therefore, make sure your health is quite strong. Due to challenges at work, you may suffer from some digestive disorders. But with due precautions, you can guard yourself against these disorders.

Avoid spicy and oily food, in order to maintain your health. Follow a strict healthy diet and do some exercise regularly. Try not to be over-excited for things, especially if you are suffering from heart ailments.

This week the 9 of Pentacles is inviting you to savor the fruits of your labor. You’ve been putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your goals, and you are now seeing deserved success as a result of your efforts, Tarot cites. This is the time to take advantage of the material comfort you’ve created for yourself. So, go ahead and honor this success by buying that little luxury you’ve been eyeing for a while. You’ve more than earned the right to splurge!

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