CANCER Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24: Astrological Predictions and Tarot Reading

CANCER Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24: Astrological Predictions and Tarot Reading

When you are a water sign, you can move past obstructions. This week, Cancer, let little annoyances trickle off of you like drops of rain. On Monday, March 15, the sun is in Pisces, your house of beliefs, and forms a semi-square with Saturn, your house of regeneration. This is how the week starts. Venus in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus form a semi-square at the same moment. To be honest, the combination of these two elements will annoy you. According to Astrology, your beliefs are tested today—and not in a nice, considerate way.

It would also be a good idea to check in with yourself to see if there is any truth to anything they say, rather than dismissing them out of hand. since you are aware that developing oneself is more crucial than obstinately adhering to traditional beliefs. This is particularly valid if it relates to your self-perception. Your “costume” is meant to keep you safe. Actually, though, all you really need is the lovely soul that resides within the costume.

At the start of the week, couples would be well advised to be cautious around their partner, and singles should carefully consider (and reconsider) any romantic opportunities. It is best to proceed cautiously with any new endeavors or connections.

Any decisions, particularly those pertaining to your romantic life, seem incredibly difficult to make around Thursday. Don’t put any pressure on yourself, and don’t allow anyone else to put any on you. This weekend, set aside some time for yourself so that you can unwind, take in everything that has happened, and rejuvenate your heart.

You may decide not to go to work on Monday at all because you have so much work to do at home at the beginning of the week. If so, it will be difficult to divert your attention from those problems at home. To be honest, so will all the problems at work. You will undoubtedly face challenges this week, but you are resilient enough to overcome them.

There’s a cloud of uncertainty and turmoil on Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Thursday you’re running low on energy. You find yourself conflicted on Friday once more regarding something unrelated to your job. Go it alone this coming weekend. Allow your thoughts to wander.

This week is probably going to present you with some excellent opportunities to increase your earning and saving capacity. Additionally, the planetary influences might continue to be in your favor to strengthen your finances. The positive planetary influences could, however, also make you impulsive and ambitious, which could lead to issues.

As such, it might call for rigorous discipline and careful planning. The latter part of this week could offer some excellent earning opportunities due to the favorable planetary transit. This could be a good moment to make significant financial decisions.

According to Ganesha Speaks, your health may continue to be mediocre and you could develop seasonal illnesses. Working too much may sometimes force you to put your health last or give your fitness less thought. Eating at the wrong time can exacerbate the issue and lead to certain medical conditions.

Thus, it is recommended that you avoid unhealthy food and take all necessary precautions in this regard. Consuming nutrient-rich food and adhering to medical advice may expedite your return to full health. Additionally, regular participation in easy physical activities can help you stay in good health.

This week, you’re going to ride the positive energy wave! According to Tarot, the Ace of Cups portends a period when positive emotional energy—such as love, happiness, creativity, and compassion—is abundant. It also represents the capacity to fortify your current bonds with others and possibly make new friends or romantic partners! It’s time to open your heart and let the love and peace you deserve in if you’ve been feeling closed off lately. Drink up, for this is your moment to take a sip from the cup of deep spiritual fulfillment!

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