Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24, 2024): Best Astrological Prediction for 12 Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope for March 18 – 24, 2024): Best Astrological Prediction for 12 Zodiac Signs

Use our weekly horoscope to get insights about the good and bad things that are coming your way this week. Take our astrologer’s advice if necessary to get through the problems and make the most of your week. This week, be sure to check your horoscope so you know all the highlights ahead of time!

On the 20th, as we celebrate the spring equinox, the sun enters the endearingly hotheaded sign of Aries. Although Aries is all about taking decisive, audacious action, on the 15th, Mercury, the planet of expression and communication, enters idealistic, dreamy Pisces, so we’re not exactly blowing the place down just yet.

Many artists and poets—lovers rather than fighters—from Heath Ledger to Kurt Cobain to Nina Simone have Mercury in Pisces on their charts. This week is about letting go of winter and honoring our goals while also practicing compassion.

This week marks the official arrival of your season, Aries—it’s the most amazing time of the year! However, for some reason, everything seems complicated these days, as though you’re never fully informed. Why is that?

Your supervisor assigns you some extremely tedious data entry work on the sixteenth, which would irritate even the most enthusiastic intern. Even though you manage to save the project entirely, was it really worth feeling inferior? Where are the awards you deserve? On the 20th, the sun enters your sign, reminding you that you can, at the very least, celebrate who you are.

Sometimes a farmer must stop plowing a field in order to remove a rock from the ground. This week, Taurus, the field appears to be full of rocks. On the other hand, you might be devoted to your boss or enjoy the people you work with. You might be conflicted about changing.

Additionally, you might be working from home and won’t have the chance to meet in person, which would only serve to complicate matters further. However, there’s just enough annoyance about this that makes you want to find a fix. By the way, today is a difficult day to do an interview if you’re looking for work. Try to reschedule the interview for a later time.

Everything in your life is returning to work as Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Pisces on the 15th and joins the sun and Venus in your career sector. You’re under a lot of pressure to take the lead, but you want to be a boss that is cool instead of just a regular boss! The 20th marks the start of Aries season, which emphasizes the value of forging close bonds with coworkers. You get to eat lunch this week! Invest your all in making everyone around you feel special and remarkable.

When you are a water sign, you can move past obstructions. This week, Cancer, let little annoyances roll off of you like raindrops. Your beliefs are being questioned today, and not in a polite or thoughtful manner. It’s possible that someone will confront you today and tell you that you’re incorrect. It would also be a good idea to check in with yourself to see if there is any truth to anything they say, rather than dismissing them out of hand.

since you are aware that developing oneself is more crucial than obstinately adhering to traditional beliefs. This is particularly valid if it relates to your self-perception. Your “costume” is meant to keep you safe. Actually, though, all you really need is the lovely soul that resides within the costume.

The sun enters your fellow fire sign of Aries on the 20th, signaling the start of Aries season and a return to your true self. Where would you like to go when the world is all your oyster? It’s time to start looking forward to your upcoming travel and study schedule.

On the sixteenth, the sun forms a beneficial conjunction with transformative Pluto, allowing you to take stock of the instruments and resources at your disposal to realize your aspirations. Make use of this enthusiasm to research flight deals, stipends, and scholarships so that you can afford what you want.

Irritations are the mother of invention this week. Virgo, you can start your creative process by using the things that impede you. You want very much to break the rules these days, but it’s not that simple. Coloring outside the lines is not only inconvenient these days, but there are repercussions as well. Thus, take into account your desires and the possibility that your love life may not work out today. Put off pursuing it till another day. Give it another day if you’re waiting for a text from someone you recently met.

Now that spring has arrived and Aries season is approaching, you’re prepared for a new relationship to take over your life. You’re back on the dating apps, pleading with your pals to arrange for you to go on a Zoom date with any single, suitable man they know. Really, though, the question should be: Have you cleaned your room before getting all romantic?

On the 18th, Pluto, the planet that can change your life, aligns with your ruling planet Venus, encouraging you to dust off some real and mental cobwebs. You can concentrate on finding “the one” once the mess has been cleared and a candle has been lit for good luck.

This week’s events may have you searching for something more profound. This week, Scorpio, acknowledge that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Your current life could be described as all work and no play. Even though this energy is fleeting, it irritates me a lot right now.

These two factors may make you feel as though all you do is labor. You might feel that there is an uneven distribution of household chores if you have a family. Today, it’s simple to become agitated. Sadly, it is ineffective. Hold off on speaking until this energy has subsided on a different day.

Even though Pisces season has brought with it a period of rest, relaxation, and family-oriented activities, you’re itching to get wild. We’re back in your element of fire with the arrival of the Aries season and the spring equinox on the 20th! It’s time to show off your creativity and flirt! You’re also more in touch with your feelings and more inclined to express them than usual when Mercury is in Pisces (from the 15th). With your significant other, pen a poem, create a painting, or finally attempt baking that elegant cake you saw on The Great British Baking Show.

An unstable foundation can cause a building to collapse. This week, Capricorn, spend some time making sure your foundation is strong. You may be ready to make a big investment that you know will transform your life. And now the road is obstructed and interrupted. However, now is not the ideal moment to take a risk.

Rather, take a position at the brink and survey the options. This is an excellent day to hear people’s concerns and evaluate them regarding what you’re planning. Take other people’s cautions into account and make plans appropriately. It doesn’t follow that you can’t proceed. It implies that, just in case, you need an escape route.

The beginning of Aries season is at the end of this week, specifically on the 20th. For you, the sun entering the sign of the audacious and gregarious ram means that you need to learn to balance your expectations and your schedule. Many are about to emerge from the shadows, vying for your valuable time. Your sister blowing up your texts and your inbox filling up are probably signs of this already. Take advantage of the final lovely days of Pisces season to spend time by yourself. Even just five minutes of silent meditation can yield significant benefits!

There might be miscommunications and confusion this week. Pisces, stay on course by being mindful in the mist. You may not feel good about yourself today. Alternatively, you have developed the habit of self-blame and are now fully conscious of it. It’s a great day to adopt a new self-talk strategy.

Be kind, understanding, and compassionate to yourself. You provide for other people in this way. Because you will be supporting the one who cares about your goals the most—you—this will assist you in reaching your objectives. It’s ideal to do both visualization and affirmations; the former is beneficial.

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