The Facial Features Reveal Your Short Lifespan or Longevity, According to Physiognomy/Science

The Facial Features Reveal Your Short Lifespan or Longevity, According to Physiognomy/Science

Although birth, aging, illness, and death are natural laws in Asian culture, everyone’s lifespan varies. After centuries of research and practice, Eastern physiognomy has identified the facial characteristics of both long and short-lived people.

Insiders also realized that modern science has conclusions and survey research results on the facial characteristics of people who live long or short lives, in addition to physiognomy (which continues to be a mystery and is always controversial).

KnowInsiders identifies facial features that can indicate whether you have a short or long lifespan:

An old man’s eyebrows are not gray, but rather black and shiny, indicating that all bodily functions are still normal and healthy.

On the contrary, if your brows turn gray, fall out, or become sparse, it is most likely a sign of organ dysfunction and should be examined immediately.

Bright eyes and clear vision are more likely to help older people live longer lives. Because when you encounter a threat, you can react quickly and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Bright, clear eyes are one of the facial characteristics that indicate longevity.

There is a link between dental health and vital organs in the human body. When a person’s body functions properly, their teeth will always be strong, indicating a long life.

Strong teeth, even at an advanced age, demonstrate that adequate nutrition in their daily diet is always guaranteed. While everyone understands that good nutrition is the foundation for a long life.

The research of Eastern physiognomists is somewhat in line with modern science.

According to a research report presented at the 2018 European Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting, people with more forehead wrinkles than usual may struggle to live a long life.

The reason for this is that these people are more likely than others of their age to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Researchers believe that forehead wrinkles are linked to arteriosclerosis. This wrinkle is also an early indicator of vascular aging.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, men with baldness and hair loss are more likely to develop heart disease. Men who go bald or lose their hair before the age of 60 are more likely to die young.

Physiognomy studies have also found that middle-aged and elderly men with baldness and hair loss are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This is the cause of the short life expectancy.

Purple lips may be caused by anemia or a lack of oxygen in the blood.

However, pale, purple lips can indicate that the body is predisposed to lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and a high risk of stroke. If this condition persists, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to rule out the cause.

Normal people’s earlobes should be round and smooth, but patients with coronary heart disease frequently have tumors on their earlobe.

According to a survey conducted in Copenhagen (Denmark), 60% of people with wrinkled earlobes suffer from coronary heart disease.

This is because people with atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease have a large number of small blood vessels surrounding their ears. Dyslipidemia impairs the flow of blood and oxygen to the earlobe’s small blood vessels, resulting in wrinkle-like folds. This is also an indication that a person has a short lifespan.

You have just gone over three facial features or signs that indicate a longer lifespan and four features that indicate a shorter lifespan. While physiognomy remains mysterious and controversial, modern scientific research in Western countries yields similar results.

Please read the article above from KnowInsiders carefully and identify your facial features so that you can make the necessary changes to maintain a healthy body and a refreshing mind, thereby extending your life.

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