TV Premiere Calendar for Every Month of 2024: Full List And Highlights (Update)

TV Premiere Calendar for Every Month of 2024: Full List And Highlights (Update)

Hundreds of TV series — new and old, scripted and not, on streaming, broadcast and cable outlets — will premiere in the next 12 months of 2024.

The first few months of 2024 will see the return of over 100 beloved TV shows, indicating that TV is finally coming back!

As dozens of dramas, comedies, and reality series return, fans will be able to curl up on their couches at night to take in new adventures with their favorite characters, catch up on reality staples, and laugh for hours.

Of course, it can be difficult to keep track of when your favorite shows are returning, especially with so many finally returning to television. It’s true that the networks are reviving their respective lineups at varying times; some are returning as early as January, while others are put on hold until March or April.

Note: When additional 2024 TV premiere dates are revealed, we’ll be updating this page frequently.

January is coming in hot — perhaps to combat the sure-to-be-freezing weather? — with shows like Echo, Disney+’s highly anticipated Hawekeye spinoff starring Alaqua Cox; HBO’s Jodie Foster-led True Detective: Night Country; and the return of all the Chicago shows, whether you prefer Med, Fire, or P.D. (Or if you like all three, then you’re really set.)

In 2024, a tonne of British and “British-ish” content will be available on Netflix. Fans are eagerly awaiting new seasons of shows like Bridgerton, The Sandman, The Diplomat, The Great British Baking Show, Heartstopper, and Wallace and Gromit, among many other shows that they are already familiar with. I’m using this platform to advocate for Champion, which you may or may not be aware will be available on Netflix in just two weeks. The eight-part BBC musical series, which tells the tale of Champion siblings Bosco (Malcolm Kamulete) and Vita (Déja J Bowens) and their musical rivalry to succeed, is a love letter to British Black music. Jo Martin, Ray Fearon, and Nadine Marshall co-star.

On January 11, 2024, all eight Champion episodes will be available on Netflix in the United States.

This series, which stars Sofia Vergara of Modern Family, centers on Griselda Blanco, the matriarch of one of the most successful cartels in history. Blanco’s deadly combination of charm and unprovoked brutality allowed her to deftly balance work and family obligations in Miami during the 1970s and 1980s, earning her the nickname “the Godmother.”

Masters of the Air, which is based on the same-titled book by Donald L. Miller, follows the men of the 100th Bomb Group, also known as the “Bloody Hundredth,” as they carry out dangerous bombing raids over Nazi Germany and deal with the extreme cold, oxygen shortage, and sheer terror of combat at 25,000 feet in the air. The central theme of Masters of the Air is the psychological and emotional toll these young men took while assisting in the destruction of the horror that was Hitler’s Third Reich.

Some were wounded or killed, while others were shot down and taken prisoner. And a few were fortunate enough to return home. Whatever each person’s outcome, a cost was imposed upon them all.

Jan. 1

90 Day: The Single Life (8/7c on TLC)

2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (8/7c on ABC)

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League (8/7c on NBC)

Celebrity IOU (8/7c on HGTV)

Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once (Netflix)

Jan. 2

A Citizen’s Guide to Preserving Democracy (10/9c on PBS)

American Masters “Hopper: An American Love Story” (9/8c on PBS)

Finding Your Roots Season 10 (PBS)

The Floor (9/8c on Fox)

Good Trouble Season 5 (10/9c on Freeform)

Jan. 3

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 (8/7c on Fox)

We Are Family (9/8c on Fox)

Jan. 4

The Brothers Sun (Netflix)

Daughters of the Cult (Hulu)

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale (Sundance and AMC+)

Society of the Snow (Netflix)

Jan. 5

The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (8/7c on Lifetime)

Jan. 6

The Incredible Pol Farm (Nat Geo/Hulu)

Jan. 7

All Creatures Great and Small (9/8c on PBS)

The Great North Season 4 (9:30/8:30c on Fox)

Funny Woman (8/7c on HGTV)

Grimsburg (TBD on Fox, following NFL coverage)

Home Town (8/7c on HGTV)

Miss Scarlet and The Duke (8/7c on PBS)

Jan. 8

Antiques Roadshow Season 28 (8/7c on PBS)

The Cost of Inheritance: An America Refamed Special (10/9c on PBS)

Jan. 9

La Brea Season 3 (9/8c on NBC)

Jan. 10

Criminal Record (Apple TV+)

Echo (Disney+ and Hulu)

Nature “Big Little Journeys” (PBS)

Jan. 11

Boy Swallows Universe (Netflix)

Champion (Netflix)

Children Ruin Everything (9:30/8:30c on The CW)

Delusional Monthly Magazine (Crunchyroll)

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: Spanish Vacation (9/8c on Fox)

Killer Soup (Netflix)

Press Your Luck (8/7c on ABC)

Skymed Season 2 (Paramount+)

Sonic Prime (Netflix)

Taking the Stand (9/8c on A&E)

Ted (Peacock)

Undercover: Caught on Tape (10/9c on A&E)

The Witch and the Beast (Crunchyroll)

Jan. 12

Bluey Season 3 (Disney+)

Love is Blind: Sweden (Netflix)

Lift (Netflix)

Self Reliance (Hulu)

The Traitors Season 2 (Peacock)

Uninterrupted’s Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers Season 4 (Freevee)

The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash (Crunchyroll)

Jan. 13

2023 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (8/7c on FXX)

BUCCHIGIRI?! (Crunchyroll)

OWN Spotlight: Oprah & Fantasia Barrino (10/9c on OWN)

Jan. 14

2024 Critics Choice Awards (TBD on The CW)

Belgravia: The Next Chapter (9/8c on MGM+)

Chibi Maruko-chan (Crunchyroll)

The Fire Hunter (Crunchyroll)

Meiji Gekken: 1874 (Crunchyroll)

Monsieur Spade (AMC, AMC+ & AcornTV)

True Detective: Night County Trailer (9/8c on HBO, Max)

Jan. 15

75th Primetime Emmy Awards (8/7c on Fox)

Jan. 16

After Midnight (12:37a/11:37c on CBS)

Death and Other Details (Hulu)

June (Paramount+)

Life Below Zero: Next Generation (9/8c on Nat Geo)

Moonshiners: Master Distiller (9/8c on Discovery)

Jan. 17

American Nightmare (Netflix)

Chicago Med Season 9 (8/7c on NBC)

Chicago Fire Season 12 (9/8c on NBC)

Chicago P.D. Season 11 (10/9c on NBC)

End of the Line (Netflix)

Family Law Season 3 (9/8c on The CW)

It Was Always Me (Siempre Fui Yo) (Disney+)

Trafficked With Mariana van Zeller Season 4 (TBD on Nat Geo and Jan. 18 on Hulu)

Wild Cards (8/7c on The CW)

Jan. 18

Botched (10/9c on E!)

Double Cross (ALLBLK)

Eric Andre Live Near Broadway (Midnight on Adult Swim)

Kubra (Netflix)

Law & Order Season 23 (8/7c on NBC)

Law & Order: SVU Season 25 (9/8c on NBC)

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 (10/9c on NBC)

Sort Of Season 3 (Max)

Jan. 19

The Bequeathed (Netflix)

Chad (The Roku Channel)

Dance Life (Prime Video)

Hazbin Hotel (Prime Video)

Hustlers Gamblers Crooks (9/8c on Discovery)

LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland (Prime Video)

Love on the Spectrum U.S. (Netflix)

Real Time with Bill Maher (10/9c on HBO)

Transplant Season 4 (8/7c on NBC)

Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? (Max)

Woman in the Wall (Paramount+)

Zorro (Prime Video)

Jan. 20

Captivating the King (Netflix)

OWN Spotlight: Oprah & Danielle Brooks (10/9c on OWN)

Jan. 21

Love & Translation (10/9c on TLC)

The Way Home Season 2 (9/8c on Hallmark)

Jan. 22

20/20 (10/9c on ABC)

America’s Most Wanted Season 2 (9/8c on Fox)

The Bachelor Season 28 (8/7c on ABC)

Battle on the Mountain (9/8c on HGTV)

Death by Fame (9/8c on ID)

The Impact of New York (9/8c on VH1)

Judy Justice (Prime Video/Freevee)

The Playboy Murders (10/9c on Max)

Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People (Hulu)

TMZ Investigates Season 2 (8/7c on Fox)

Jan. 23

Father Brown (BritBox)

Jacqueline Novak: Get On Your Knees (Netflix)

Kevin James: Irregardless (Prime Video)

Jan. 24

A Real Bug’s Life (Disney+)

Chrissy and Dave Dine Out (10/9c on Freeform)

Queer Eye Season 8 (Netflix)

Rico to the Rescue (9/8c on HGTV)

Tell Me That You Love Me (Hulu)

Jan. 25

Griselda (Netflix)

In the Know (Peacock)

Masters of the Universe: Revolution (Netflix)

Lethally Blonde (10/9c on ID)

Sexy Beast (Paramount+)

Son of a Critch Season 2 (8/7c on The CW)

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits (9/8c on Lifetime)

Jan. 26

Expats (Amazon Prime Video)

Hightown Season 3 (9/8c on Starz)

Masters of the Air (Apple TV+)

Jan. 27

Doctor Slump (Netflix)

Love & Marriage: D.C. (8/7c on OWN)

Jan. 28

The Many Lives of Martha Stewart (CNN)

Next Level Chef Season 3 (10/9c on Fox)

Jan. 29

The Claremont Murders (Acorn TV)

History’s Greatest Mysteries (9/8c on History)

The Irrational mid-season premiere (10/9c on NBC)

Might Bheem’s Playtime (Netflix)

Jan. 30

Jack Whitehall: Settle Down (Netflix)

NASCAR: Full Speed (Netflix)

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 (8/7c on Bravo)

Jan. 31

Alexander: the Making of a God (Netflix)

Baby Bandito (Netflix)

Choir (Disney+)

FEUD: Capote vs. The Swans (10/9c on FX/FXX, streaming next day on Hulu)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Netflix)

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Looking ahead to February, Abbott Elementary finally makes its return, alongside a selection of new shows, including Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, AMC’s latest Walking Dead spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and CBS’ latest Good Wife spinoff, Elsbeth. Even March is already shaping up to be exciting for fans of 9-1-1 and Grey’s Anatomy.

In this adaptation of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, two lonely strangers (Maya Erskine and Donald Glover) get jobs for a shadowy spy organization that promises them a glamorous life filled with travel, wealth, and espionage, as well as a dream Manhattan brownstone.

The drawback? Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Jane Smith are new identities in an arranged marriage. Now married, John and Jane face a new relationship milestone each week in addition to navigating a dangerous mission. When they start to feel genuine feelings for one another, their convoluted cover story gets even more convoluted. Which is riskier, marriage or espionage?

BritBox is the streaming service with the most exciting features planned for 2024. There are new seasons of Sister Boniface, Father Brown, Beyond Paradise, Death in Paradise, Vera, Grace, Karen Pirie, Sherwood, The Bay, The Responder, Time, The Tower, and that’s not even counting the new titles coming out. However, of the new series, I’m most excited about Sir Lenny Henry’s first-ever penned series, Three Little Birds, which is based on his mother’s experience immigrating to the United Kingdom as part of the Windrush Generation. The six-part series features a cast of newcomers and tells one of British history’s untold stories.

Three Little Birds will premiere on BritBox in two parts, with the first three episodes airing on Thursday, February 1, and the remaining three episodes airing on Thursday, February 8, 2024.

In the film, Justin Hartley plays lone-wolf survivalist Colter Shaw, who travels the nation in search of rewards and uses his exceptional tracking abilities to assist law enforcement and private citizens in solving various mysteries while juggling his own broken family. The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver served as the basis for the television series.

In an effort to find solutions to their communication issues, Beth (Amy Schumer) and John (Michael Cera) start to consider getting married and starting a family as their relationship becomes more serious. Is Beth’s painful past with men and the people she relied on in her early years set to happen again? And what’s giving rise to her anxieties?

Almost everything British Paramount+ greenlit in 2022 for the American version of the streamer is about to go somewhere else, so sorry to everyone who is waiting for A Gentleman in Moscow, The Burning Girls, The Doll Factory, The Serial Killer’s Wife… I could continue, but you get the picture. Let’s be grateful for what we have, including Ruth Wilson’s six-part series The Woman In The Wall, which is actually due to Showtime and is still worth watching on occasion, despite Paramount’s best efforts. Based on the horrific Magdalene Laundries practices in Ireland, which were only discovered in the 1990s, this mystery series received rave reviews in 2023.

The Woman in the Wall will premiere on Paramount+ on Friday, January 19, and on Showtime on Sunday, January 21, with a weekly schedule running until the end of February 2024.

Feb. TBD

An Earth Shatteringly Romantic Solar Valentine’s Day Opposites Special (Hulu)

Feb. 1

Bloody Lucky Day (Paramount+)

Chasing Flavor with Carla Hall (Max)

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 (8/7c on Fox)

Genius: MLK/X (9/8c on Fox)

Three Little Birds (BritBox)

Feb. 2

Let’s Talk About Chu (Netflix)

Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez (Hulu)

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (8/7c on Disney)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Prime Video)

Feb. 4

66th Annual Grammy Awards (8/7c on CBS)

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 (10/9c on HBO)

The Harlem Hellfighters (9/8c on History)

Feb. 5

Arctic Ascent with Alex Hannold (Nat Geo)

Below Deck Season 11 (Bravo)

Des & Friends in Oz (Netflix)

Feb. 7

Abbott Elementary Season 3 (9/8c on ABC)

The Connors Season 6 (8/7c on ABC)

Judge Steve Harvey (10/9c on ABC)

Not Dead Yet Season 2 (8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Feb. 8

Couple to Throuple (Peacock)

Halo Season 2 (Paramount+)

I Wasn’t Expecting a Baby! (10/9c on Lifetime)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation (8/7c on MTV)

One Day (Netflix)

Tokyo Vice (Max)

Feb. 9

Gospel Live! Presented by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (9/8c on PBS)

Mama June: Family Crisis (9/8c on WE)

The Silent Service – The Battle of Tokyo Bay (Prime Video)

Feb. 11

Super Bowl LVII (TBD on CBS)

Tracker (TBD on CBS, post-Super Bowl)

Feb. 12

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 (8:30/7:30c on CBS)

NCIS Season 21 (9/8c on CBS)

NCIS: Hawaii Season 3 (10/9c on CBS)

The Neighborhood Season 6 (8/7c on CBS)

Feb. 13

FBI Season 6 (8/7c on CBS)

FBI: International Season 3 (9/8c on CBS)

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 (10/9c on CBS)

Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All (Netflix)

Feb. 14

Good Morning, Veronica (Netflix)

Love Is Blind Season 6 (Netflix)

The New Look (Apple TV+)

Feb. 15

Young Sheldon: Season 7 (2024) 8 p.m., CBS

Ghosts: Season 3 (2024) 8:30 p.m., CBS

So Help Me Todd: Season 2 (2024) 9 p.m., CBS

House of Ninjas: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Next Goal Wins (2023) Hulu [movie]

The Vince Staples Show: Limited Series (2024) Netflix

AlRawabi School for Girls: Season 2 (2024) Netflix

Churchy: Season 1 (2024) BET+

Ready, Set, Love: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Little Nicholas: Life of a Scoundrel: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

She’s Obsessed With My Husband (2024) Lifetime Movie Network [movie]

Vigil: Season 2 (2023) Peacock

The Truth About Jim: Season 1 (2024) Max

Feb. 16

The Dynasty: New England Patriots: Season 1 (2024) Apple TV+

Life & Beth: Season 2 (2024) Hulu

This Is Me… Now: A Love Story (2024) Prime Video [movie]

S.W.A.T.: Season 7 (2024) 8 p.m., CBS

Fire Country: Season 2 (2024) 9 p.m., CBS

Blue Bloods: Season 14 (2024) 10 p.m., CBS

The Abyss (2023) Netflix [movie]

Comedy Chaos: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Einstein and the Bomb (2024) Netflix [movie]

Totally Funny Kids: Season 1 (2024) The CW

Totally Funny Animals: Season 1 (2024) The CW

Feb. 18

American Idol Season 7 (8/7c on ABC)

CSI: Vegas Season 2 (10/9c on CBS)

The Equalizer (8/7c on CBS)

People’s Choice Awards (8/7c on NBC/E!/Peacock)

What Would You Do? (10/9c on ABC)

Monday, Feb. 19

Rhythm + Flow Italy: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Giannis: The Marvelous Journey, Prime Video [movie]

Feb. 20

The Good Doctor (10/9c on ABC)

The Rookie Season 6 (9/8c on ABC)

Will Trent Season 2 (8/7c on ABC)

Feb. 21

Constellation: Season 1 (2024) Apple TV+

Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 3, Disney+

Ripley: Season 1, Netflix

The Family Stallone: Season 2 (2024) Paramount+

Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala (2024) Paramount+ [movie]

Can I Tell You A Secret?: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Feb. 22

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix)

Death in the Dorms (Hulu)

Summer House Season 8 (9/8c on Bravo)

Feb. 23

Pokémon Horizons: The Series: Season 1, Netflix

Through My Window: Looking at You (2024) Netflix [movie]

Mea Culpa (2024) Netflix [movie]

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 6, Netflix

Jenny Slate: Seasoned Professional, Prime Video [special]

Soltos em Salvador: Season 4, Prime Video

Feb. 24

30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (8/7c on Netflix)

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (9/8c on AMC)

Feb. 26

The Voice Season 25 (8/7c on NBC)

Deal or No Deal Island (9:30/8:30c on NBC)

Feb. 27

As We Speak: Rap Music on Trial (2024) Paramount+ [movie]

Shōgun: Limited Series (2024) 10 p.m., FX/Hulu

Feb. 28

Survivor: Season 46 (2024) 8 p.m., CBS

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

The Mire: Millennium: Season 3 (2024) Netflix

Code 8: Part II (2024) Netflix [movie]

Iwájú: Season 1 (2024) Disney+

Iwájú: A Day Ahead, Disney+ [special]

Feb. 29

Me, Hereafter: Season 1 (2024) Hulu

The Tourist: Season 2 (2024) Netflix

Elsbeth: Season 1 (2024) 10 p.m., CBS

A Round of Applause: Season 1, Netflix

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Don’t worry if you finished watching The Gilded Age Season 2 on HBO and are missing hats, cloaks, and ridiculous drama written by Julian Fellowes. Belgravia has come back to life. Belgravia is that strange mid-2010s spin-off of Downton Abbey that aired on the Epix channel and streaming service that you never watched and then promptly forgot about. As a result of Amazon purchasing MGM, it now owns everything related to Epix, which it cleverly rebranded as MGM+ because, at the time, nobody knew what Epix was. Additionally, Belgravia was brought back to life for eight episodes for a new audience. Additionally: cloaks and hats! Horrible Fellowes Scenario!

On Sunday, January 14, Belgravia: The Next Chapter, also known as Belgravia Season 2, makes its MGM+ premiere. It will air every week until March 10, 2024.

At last, a new X-Men program has arrived. The trailer for X-Men ’97, which will debut on Disney+ on March 20, was released by Marvel. Following Professor X’s passing, X-Men characters Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, Morph, Gambit, Bishop, Jubilee, and more pick up the pieces in this continuation of the story from the 1990s television series X-Men: The Animated Series. On March 27, a companion X-Men ’97 comic will also be released, aiding in the transition between the two series.

Friday, Mar. 1

BMF: Season 3 (2024) 8 p.m., Starz

The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin: Season 1 (2024) Apple TV

Sunday, Mar. 3

The Regime: Season 1 (2024) 9 p.m., HBO

Monday, Mar. 4

Queens: Season 1, tbd, Nat Geo

MasterChef Junior, 8 p.m., Fox

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 18 (2024) 9 p.m., Fox

Tuesday, Mar. 5

The Cleaning Lady: Season 3 (2024) 8 p.m., Fox

Alert: Missing Persons Unit: Season 2 (2024) 9 p.m., Fox

Wednesday, Mar. 6

Supersex: Season 1, Netflix

My 600-lb Life: Season 12, 8 p.m., TLC

The Masked Singer: Season 11 (2024) 8 p.m., Fox

Animal Control: Season 2 (2024) 9 p.m., Fox

Family Guy: Season 22 (2023) Part 2, 9:30 p.m., Fox

Thursday, Mar. 7

Ricky Stanicky (2024) Prime Video [movie]

Friday, Mar. 8

Damsel (2024) Netflix [movie]

First Time Female Director (2023) The Roku Channel [movie]

Sunday, Mar. 10

The Academy Awards: Season 96 (2024) 7 p.m., ABC

Tuesday, Mar. 12

7 Little Johnstons: Season 14, 10 p.m., TLC

Wednesday, Mar. 1

The Amazing Race: Season 36 (2024) 9:30 p.m., CBS

Thursday, Mar. 14

Girls5eva: Season 3 (2024) Netflix

9-1-1: Season 7 (2024) 8 p.m., ABC

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 20 (2024) 9 p.m., ABC

Station 19: Season 7 (2024) 10 p.m., ABC

Frida (2024) Prime Video [movie]

Apples Never Fall: Limited Series (2024) Peacock

Friday, Mar. 15

Manhunt: Season 1 (2024) Apple TV+

Saturday, Mar. 16

55th NAACP Image Awards, 8 p.m., CBS/BET

Sunday, Mar. 17

In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon, MGM+

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?: Season 8, 8 p.m. TLC

Nolly, 9 p.m., PBS

Alice & Jack: Season 1 (2023) 10 p.m., PBS

Monday, Mar. 18

Stormy (2024) Peacock [movie]

Wednesday, Mar. 20

Palm Royale: Season 1 (2024) Apple TV+

Thursday, Mar. 21

3 Body Problem: Season 1 (2024) Netflix

Road House (2024) Prime Video [movie]

Friday, Mar. 22

You’ll Never Find Me (2023) Shudder [movie]

Davey & Jonesie’s Locker: Season 1 (2024) Hulu

Monday, Mar. 25

Legally Blonde: Season 1 (2008) 10 p.m., ID

Thursday, Mar. 28

We Were the Lucky Ones: Season 1 (2024) Hulu

Friday, Mar. 29

A Gentleman in Moscow: Season 1, Showtime

Sunday, Mar. 31

Parish: Season 1, AMC

March TBD

The Gentlemen, Netflix [movie]

The Thundermans Return, Paramount+ [movie]

April TBD

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 (Paramount+)

April 3

A Brief History of the Future (PBS)

April 6

Say Yes to the Dress Season 23 (TLC)

April 24

My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? Season 8 (TLC)

Doctor Who has been a mainstay of British television since 1963, when a small blue police telephone box appeared in a junkyard. A few years later, PBS stations began airing the series, and it has since become a fixture in the American television landscape. The introduction of Doctor Who to the American audience has been attributed to numerous networks over the years, including BBC America in the 2010s, NBC Universal’s SyFy in the aughts, and Fox’s 1996 film. Disney’s turn now, and in typical House of Mouse fashion, they are trying to reverse the numbers system, billing Season 14 of 2024 as Season 1 once more. Thank you very much, but I’m going with Season 40 personally. Having the season numbers less closely aligned with the current Doctor and such simplifies things. Furthermore, the new physician Ncuti Gatwa is a welcome change of pace. I would be content to begin at Season 1 if I weren’t already 39 seasons in.

Doctor Who is once again the best show to watch in 2024, regardless of which season you’re watching—Season 1, Season 14, or Season 40. Hey everyone, welcome back to the TARDIS. In May 2024, Doctor Who makes a comeback to the US.

Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire will debut on May 12, according to AMC. In the 2022 season, vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) narrates how he and teenage vampire Claudia (Delainey Hayles) attempted to assassinate Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) in 1940s New Orleans. Louis meets vampire Armand (Assad Zaman) during their flight to Europe in search of Old World vampires and the Theatre Des Vampires. This encounter signals the beginning of a romantic relationship that will eventually have disastrous results.

May 2

The Tattooist of Auschwitz (Peacock)

May 16

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 (Netflix)

Everything I’ve mentioned up until now has been a TV show, but Firebrand is an exception. In contrast to most Henry VIII movies, this one starts with Katherine Parr, the last wife and only survivor of the renowned Six Wives, and ends with her. It also omits Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleeves, and Catherine Howard. The film, which stars Jude Law as the least attractive Henry VIII ever and Alicia Vikander as Parr, had its Cannes premiere in 2023 but wasn’t picked up by an American distributor until December of the same year. It will finally be released in 2024.

Friday, June 21, 2024, will mark the release of Firebrand in theaters.

June 13

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 (Netflix)

Friday, July 26

Olympics Opening Ceremony (NBC/Peacock)

Thursday, Aug. 8

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix, final season)

Thursday, Sept. 26

8 p.m.: People’s Choice Country Awards (NBC/Peacock)

TBD: Yellowstone (Paramount Network, final season), Arcane (Netflix)

After Midnight (CBS)

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire Season 2 (AMC)

The Bear Season 3 (Hulu)

Below Deck Down Under (Bravo)

Below Deck Mediterranean (Bravo)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Bravo)

Celebrations with Lacey Chabert (Hallmark)

Doctor Who (Disney+)

The Jinx Season 2 (HBO/Max)

The Joe Schmo Show (TBS)

Manhunt (Apple TV+)

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo)

Orphan Black: Echoes (AMC/AMC+/BBC America)

Parish (AMC/AMC+)

Photographer (NatGeo)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

SEAL Team Season 7 (Paramount+)

The Spiderwick Chronicles (Roku)

Top Chef (Bravo)

The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep (Netflix)

Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 (Paramount)

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