Top 7 Largest Shopping Malls In Europe By Number of Stores

Top 7 Largest Shopping Malls In Europe By Number of Stores

When it comes to malls, Europe has a long history of being on the cutting edge of fashion and new ideas. Shopping trips that you can only have in Europe can be found all over the continent, from Spain to the UK. Asia and the US may have bigger malls, but Europe still has some great ones with stores, restaurants, and fun things to do.

Some of the biggest retail economies in the world are in Europe. In 2016, there was almost 1.5 trillion euros worth of retail trade in the top three European countries: Germany, the UK, and France. Even though online shopping is growing quickly across the continent, stores still need to be in real life, and shopping centers are important places for retail real estate. In Europe, there are more than 9,500 shopping malls. In 2016, these shopping centers brought in 125.8 billion euros, 110.4 billion euros, and 77.3 billion euros in retail sales in France, the UK, and Germany, respectively.

Along with having the most shopping centers, the UK and France are also the countries with the most retail sales. There are 1,522 and 1,253 shopping centers in those two countries, respectively. Italy comes in second with 860 shopping centers. Nordic and Benelux countries, on the other hand, have a lot more shopping centers than Western European countries. For example, there are about 857 square meters of shopping center space for every 1,000 people in Norway, but only 286 square meters for every 1,000 people in France. With 725 square meters per 1,000 people, Estonia has the most shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s almost as many as Norway. Slovenia, Lithuania, and Latvia are next, with 625 square meters each.

Here is a list of the 7 largest malls in Europe based on the number of stores they have for people who love shopping.

Location: London, United Kingdom

In Western Singapore, Westgate is the best family-friendly shopping mall. It is conveniently located in Jurong Gateway, which is Singapore’s new second central business district. The shopping mall is close to the Jurong East subway and bus interchange, as well as helpful places like Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

People can enjoy shopping in cities that have lots of well-known brands. Westgate also has all-inclusive shopping options with unique features like a courtyard that lets in natural light and air flow, places to eat outside, and a themed playground. Westgate, IMM, and JCube are working together to make a mega mall that is three things in one: lifestyle, value, and entertainment.

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Cevahir is in a key spot in Istanbul, which is the capital of Turkey. It includes well-known brands from around the world, like Zara, LCW, Koctaş, Teknosa, Boyner, Marks & Spencer, and Migros. It is a big part of the organized retail industry.

The Istanbul Cevahir building has 34 fast food restaurants and 14 high-end restaurants spread out over six floors. Some stores in this mall are the first in the country to carry certain international brands. There is a big stage for performances, 12 movie theaters (including private and kids’ theaters), bowling alleys, miniature roller coasters, and other fun things to do. The second-largest clock in the world is on top of this mall’s glass roof. You should go to this mall in Istanbul.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

The largest shopping center in Bulgaria is Paradise Center. It is also the largest shopping center in Central and Eastern Europe. The name comes from the shopping center, which makes you feel like you’re in heaven. The interior design of Paradise Center is split into 4 areas: Boulevard, Canyon, Terrace, and Garden. Each has its own style and idea. People feel like they’re in a different place when they see the waterfalls, lakes with bridges over them, well-lit gardens, sidewalks, trees, trendy shops, banks, and pharmacies.

Location: Moscow

There are stores, entertainment areas, and restaurants for all kinds of people at Russia’s biggest shopping center. There are many well-known hypermarkets, stores that sell electronics and appliances, sporting goods, the Crazy Park entertainment center, the Cosmic Bowling and Billiards Club, a 15-screen movie theater, and a children’s world.

There are 14 MEGA centers in Russia right now. Three are in Moscow, two are in Saint Petersburg, and one is in each of Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, RostovonDon, Adygea (near Krasnodar), Samara, Ufa, and Omsk. MEGA Belaya Dacha is the largest shopping center outside of Moscow and one of the biggest in Europe. It is the second-biggest shopping center in Russia and the biggest one outside of Moscow.

Location: Greater Manchester, England

The second-biggest shopping center in the UK, this one is very big and has lots of stores and entertainment options. There are beautiful details inside the shopping center that make the inside look amazing. With marble in shades of pink, gold, and white, like ivory, caramel, and jade, the Trafford Center looks great. People think that the middle dome is bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral. The effect as a whole is fancy and rich.

The four main parts of Trafford Centre are the Orient, Regent Crescent, Peel Avenue, and the Dome. At the mall, there are fun things to do like the ODEAN movie theater and Laser Quest. The Oriental Food Hall is beautiful to look at and is based on a steam ship theme. The coffee shops, restaurants, and food cafés are in the Orient and the Great Hall.

Location: Moscow, Russia

The Russian shopping center chain MEGA Family Shopping Center is owned and run by IKEA. Each MEGA has more than 150 tenants who offer a wide range of goods and services. Anchor tenants include IKEA stores, big box stores, and do-it-yourself stores.

Russia has 14 MEGA centers right now. Three are in Moscow, two are in St. Petersburg, and one is in each of Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Adygea (near Krasnodar), Samara, Ufa, and Omsk. The second largest shopping center in Russia is MEGA Belaya Dacha in Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki, Moscow Region. It is also the largest shopping center outside of Moscow and one of the largest in Europe.

Location: : Greece, Thessaloniki

One of the biggest places to shop and have fun in the Balkans is the Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center. There are more than 200 stores, including a movie theater with 11 screens, many electronics and clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, an amphitheater with 400 to 4,444 seats, and an Eastern Orthodox Church.

For shopping and fun, it’s also the biggest place in Southeast Europe. Every day, a lot of people come to Mediterranean Cosmos to shop for clothes and electronics. There are also cafés, restaurants, bars, an 11-screen movie theater, a supermarket, a 400-seat amphitheater, and an Eastern Orthodox church.

These European shopping malls are the biggest and have the most stores. They also cover a lot of space. In terms of space, they are also the biggest shopping malls in Europe. Feel free to go to those places and enjoy shopping for the holiday season!

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