Top 12 High-Quality Leather Jacket Brands In Europe

Top 12 High-Quality Leather Jacket Brands In Europe

You should be aware that not all suede and leather are created equal, particularly because high-end leather coats can cost as much as a compact vehicle.

While shopping, the type of grain should be your first priority. Grain may be divided into three categories: corrected, top grain, and full grain. The latter is the ideal appearance for a high-end jacket.

Corrected is precisely that—made from skins that have undergone sanding, treating, and buffing to conceal flaws, leaving the jacket with an unappealing, dull patina that doesn’t age well.

Though not as much, top grain is rectified leather as well. Since it is lighter and sometimes more supple than top grain, high-quality top grain will really be quite near to perfection. However, sanding off the top layer of the leather to remove the surface flaws weakens the hide and affects its capacity to develop a patina over time.

Full grain, on the other hand, is flawless right out of the gate and doesn’t require any further polishing before tanning.

You want to search for materials with the nicest nap when it comes to suede. This suggests that the hide is from a young animal, meaning it would be extremely elastic and soft. Lambskin and calfskin are high-end textiles; cow suede and some deer hides are rougher and more resilient.

However, robust hides like pigskin can be ideal if you’re searching for something tougher, like a flight jacket layered with fleece. But generally speaking, softer is preferable.


Naturally, the degree of luxury you’re experiencing corresponds to the craftsman’s competence. Proficiency in hand stitching is essential when dealing with leather, particularly when the jacket includes numerous pockets or other stitch-intensive features.

For indications of extremely excellent work, keep an eye out for precisely straight, uniform stitching throughout or complex stitch details.

Of course, a jacket’s fit is also important, but it can be challenging to determine whether or not a jacket is great quality based just on fit. But as a general rule, well-made coats will typically feature somewhat higher arm holes for a more exact fit.

Hardware and linings

Many mid-tier brands aim to lower the quality of the lining and hardware on their leather jackets in order to offer a high-quality item at a more affordable price.

Cheaper leather jackets are nearly usually lined with flimsy synthetic materials, which negatively affects the hide’s ability to breathe. The linings of luxury jackets are frequently made of silk blends, 100% cotton, or, in the case of flight jackets, shearling.

Another place where brands cut money is in the hardware, where they use less expensive zips. Given the wide range in zip prices, minor variations in expenses might add up for a manufacturer who produces thousands of jackets per season. The most popular kind of zips are YKK, while RiRi zips are smoother, stronger, and shiny. Additionally, they are roughly ten times more expensive, so if the designer has made the extra payment, it’s usually a positive indication.

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A British luxury brand, Belstaff is well-known for its classic leather jackets, especially in the motorcycle clothing market. With a rich history that dates back to 1924, Belstaff has made a name for itself as a top manufacturer of premium leather jackets.

Belstaff is unique because of its dedication to fine craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. The company takes great satisfaction in paying close attention to detail, making sure that each stitch and seam are completed precisely. As a result, a variety of leather jackets that are long-lasting and stylish are produced.

With good cause, renowned Italian leathersmith Alfredo Rifugio is referred to as the “King of handmade leather jackets.”

Rifugio, who started his career at the age of 13, has been a master tailor for more than 50 years, creating exquisite outerwear for a prestigious clientele, including Pope John Paul II, using the best quality hides.

Currently, the firm is still selling gorgeous ready-to-wear and custom Italian leather and suede jackets that are created in Naples using over 18,000 stitches by hand.

One of the few haberdasheries on Madison Avenue, legendary tailor Paul Stuart is still open for business (you can still visit the brick-and-mortar store at its original 1938 site).

Their leather field jackets and suede bomber jackets, which are crafted with the best materials and extraordinary craftsmanship, are examples of their new take on classics and vintage icons.

Though they don’t have a large assortment and are created in Italy rather than New York, it’s still worth looking into for epicureans and fashion historians.

Renowned for its luxurious outerwear and distinctive motorcycle jackets, Matchless London is a British heritage brand. Matchless has a long history dating back to 1899 and is well-known for its fine craftsmanship, high standards of quality, and classic elegance.

The timeless and sophisticated designs of matchless leather jackets are well-known. The brand creates jackets that are both refined and durable by fusing classic motorcycle-inspired components with modern sophistication. Their jackets have a distinct style that is enhanced by trademark elements like quilted panels, asymmetric zippers, and adjustable waist belts.

The high-end clothing company Yves Salomon is well-known for its proficiency in fur and outerwear. The brand, which was established in the 1920s, has a long history in the fur industry of excellence, creativity, and workmanship.

Yves Salomon is renowned for its exquisite fur products, which include accessories, vests, jackets, and coats. The company uses a variety of furs from ethical and ecological sources, such as shearling, fox, rabbit, and mink. The fur pieces of Yves Salomon are distinguished by their opulent textures, vibrant hues, and painstaking attention to detail.

If you’re on a tight budget and you love Italian products, Brunello Cucinelli leather jackets are the best of the best (or whatever the Italian term for that phrase is).

Notable for their exquisite items crafted from the best materials, their soft leather jackets epitomize Italian style and unmatched artistry that, like the nation’s wines, only improve with time.

Even if the price might make you choke on your latte, you’re receiving a master craftsman’s artwork, so think of it as an investment.

Lewis Leathers, the oldest motorcycle apparel firm in Britain, sprang to fame in 1956 with the introduction of the now-iconic Bronx motorcycle jacket.

The company still sells its signature look today in addition to a number of other fiercely stylish motorbike jackets that are all created by hand in the UK.

Additionally, they provide custom ordering, allowing you to have it created to measure and select the material, color, and style.

This British brand is well-liked by people looking for a specific style—the thin fit.

Reiss’s collection of form-fitting motorcycle jackets has a sleek, fitted look that looks great with white T-shirts and your favorite pair of thin black trousers.

Additionally, you’re getting somewhat better quality than some of the lower-end names without having to pay the premium prices associated with luxury labels because they’re on the higher end of the high street.

Muubaa Modern leather jackets are the specialty of London-based fashion brand Muubaa. Focusing on fusing quality, design, and craftsmanship, Muubaa has become known for its distinctive and avant-garde take on leather outerwear.

Muubaa leather jackets are renowned for their cutting-edge, contemporary styles. The brand uses surprising elements, asymmetrical cuts, and different designs to create a distinctive and fashionable look for their coats. Muubaa has a wide variety of alternatives to suit a variety of interests and preferences, ranging from draped styles and large collars to moto-inspired designs with exposed zippers and quilted sections.

The Dutch clothing company Goosecraft specializes in outerwear and leather coats. Goosecraft, which combines style, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship in its leather jackets, is well-known for its modern designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Goosecraft leather jackets are distinguished by their cutting-edge, contemporary style. The brand provides a range of styles, such as bomber jackets, classic biker jackets, and designs influenced by aviators. Their jackets frequently include distinctive details that give them a distinctive and fashionable look, like quilted panels, zipper inserts, and distressed finishes

British fashion label AllSaints is well-known for its edgy and modern designs, and their leather jackets are no different. AllSaints, a brand well-known for their unique rock ‘n’ roll look, provides a selection of leather jackets that blend flair with fine craftsmanship.

AllSaints leather jackets stand out because to their distinctive details and contemporary shapes. Their selection accommodates a range of tastes and preferences, from traditional biker jackets with asymmetric zippers and quilted sections to more avant-garde styles with enormous collars or draped fronts. The brand’s focus on creativity and pushing the envelope is clear in the styles of their leather jackets.

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Another well-known name in French design, the luxury label Louis Vuitton is highly sought-after for its leather goods, which makes it a fantastic choice for stylish leather jackets that are in line with the latest styles.

Even though the costs are high, you’re receiving modern design that will undoubtedly make a statement piece in addition to the craftsmanship and quality you would expect from the LV brand.

Europe is known for its classic style and fine craftsmanship, and there are a few notable brands that stand out when it comes to leather jackets. Most of the most high-quality brands come from Italy. We hope the aforementioned list will be useful to you in choosing the best leather jackets for your needs.

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