Top 10 Biggest Lubricant Companies/Brands In Europe By Market Cap

Top 10 Biggest Lubricant Companies/Brands In Europe By Market Cap

The Europe Automotive Lubricants Market was worth 2.93 billion liters. It is expected to grow at a rate of 2.49 percent per year until it reaches 3.32 billion liters in 2026.

Within Europe in 2020, passenger vehicles made up 78.28% of all vehicles on the road. Commercial vehicles came in second with 12.27%, and motorcycles came in third with 9.44%. The country that uses the most lubricant for cars is Russia, followed by Germany and France.

Market Cap: 254.141B

Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is also known as ExxonMobil, is an international oil and gas company with its main office in Irving, Texas. It was made when Exxon and Mobil merged on November 30, 1999. It is the closest parent company to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

The company is known for having the world’s largest selection of lubricants for its customers. Oil, grease, and chemicals are sold all over the world by ExxonMobil under the brands Esso, Exxon, Mobil, and ExxonMobil.


It was started in 1929 and has its main office in Munich, Germany. Specialty lubricants are designed, made, and sold by Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG. Most industries use Klüber Lubrication’s products and services, such as the automotive, rail, glass manufacturing and processing, rubber and plastics, wood, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceuticals, marine, metalworking and processing, mining, oil and gas, steel, textiles, corrugated cardboard production, wind power industry, and cement industries. The business provides a range of lubricants and tribological solutions, as well as PFPE, lubricant sprays, oils, greases, pastes, NSF H1, lubricant dispensers, tribometry, lubricating greases, lubricating oils, lubricants, and MOSH MOAH.

People can do business with the company in North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Market Cap: 32.27 billion pounds

BP P.L.C. (CASTROL), which was founded in 1908 and has its main office in London, U.K., makes refined petroleum products and sells fuels and provides retail services. There are three types of business that the company runs: upstream, downstream, and rosneft.

The business has locations in Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

Market Cap: 6.055B

It was started in 1931 and has its main office in Mannheim, Germany. It is the job of FUCHS PETROLUB SE to make lubricants and other related products. The business refines and makes lubricants for cars and factories. Biodegradable oils are also made by the company. There are more than 10,000 products and services in the FUCHS product program. These are divided into six main groups: industrial lubricants, lubricating greases, metal processing lubricants, special application lubricants, and services.

People can do business with the company in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Market Cap: 223,211.85M

It was started in 1907 and has its main office in The Hague, Netherlands. Exploration, production, refining, and marketing of oil and natural gas are all things that Shell International B.V. does. The company also makes and sells chemicals. Royal Dutch Shell plc owns Shell International B.V. Its business is split into upstream, integrated gas and new energies, and downstream segments.

North America, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and Africa are all places where the company has offices.

Market Cap: 218.986B

Chevron is an international oil company. It has been around since 1984 and is now the third-biggest oil company in the United States. The main office of the business is in San Ramon, California.

Chevron has been on the list of the best lubricant companies for cars for a long time. The company’s goal is to help people improve their lives and make modern society better.

Market Cap: 105.198B

Gazprom is a global energy company that finds oil and gas, transports and stores them, processes them, and sells them. They also make heat and electricity and sell them.

Gazprom wants to make sure that customers have a steady, efficient, and fair supply of natural gas, other energy sources, and related products.

Market Cap: 48.364B

Oil and gas company Eni S.p.A. is based in Rome, Italy, but does business all over the world. It was one of the seven “supermajor” oil companies in the world as of December 31, 2020. It did business in 66 countries and was worth US$36.08 billion on the stock market. The Italian government has a 30.33 percent stake in the company. The state treasury has a 4.37 percent stake, and the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has a 25.96 percent stake. The company is part of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Everything they think and do is driven by their enthusiasm. Thanks to their hard work, ideas, and passion, more than 1,000 employees have made LIQUI MOLY what it is today: a world-famous company that makes high-quality lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair tools, service products, glues, and sealants. People are crazy about a global brand that stands for quality. Brand known all over the world, made in Germany.

Market Cap: 68.487 Billion USD

Petrobras is a Brazilian company with more than 40,000 employees whose goal is to make as much money as possible for its shareholders and society as a whole. They focus on oil and gas, safety, and taking care of the environment.

As its name suggests, Petrobras is a Brazilian oil and gas company that explores, produces, refines, generates energy, and does business. Since Brazil’s offshore basins have been developed over the past 50 years, they have a large proven reserve base and a lot of experience with deep and ultra-deepwater exploration and production. This makes them the world leaders in this field.

The Europe Automotive Lubricants Market is moderately concentrated, with 49.73% of the market owned by the top five companies. LUKOIL, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, ExxonMobil Corporation, and TotalEnergies are the other big names in this market.

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