How Many Special Days for Women In A Year, Including Women’s Day

How Many Special Days for Women In A Year, Including Women’s Day

It’s time to rejoice for being such strong, influential people. There’s no better time to break out your balloons, wine glasses, and party hats than now, with all the unusual and inspiring holidays for women—many of which you’ve never heard of. Let’s throw a party!

These are a few of the most wonderful, unusual, and motivational holidays that ladies can enjoy.

The day of National Girl Child Day is January 24. The Ministry of Women and Child Development observed the day with the intention of promoting girls’ empowerment and equal opportunity. In addition to raising awareness of the declining sex ratio, the goal was to eliminate bias against girl children and reduce female foeticides. Equal educational opportunities for girls are also demanded.

The UN General Assembly established the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2015, and it is observed on February 11. It seeks to encourage women and girls to pursue careers in science since achieving development goals depends on gender equality. The Commission on the Status of Women reached a consensus in 2011 during its 55th session regarding women’s and girls’ engagement in science, technology, education, and training, as well as the advancement of women’s equal access to full employment and dignified labor. A resolution on the use of science, technology, and innovation for development was adopted by the General Assembly in 2013.

March 8 is designated as Global Day of Peace in observance of women’s political, cultural, and socioeconomic achievements. The day raises awareness to a number of concerns, including violence against women, gender equality, and reproductive rights. The Socialist Party of America claims that the first commemoration took place in New York in 1909. International Women’s Day became a worldwide holiday in 1977 after the UN proclaimed it. This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BreakTheBias, which aims to create a world devoid of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes and equitable for all genders.

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On May 24, we commemorate the work of women towards disarmament and peace by celebrating the International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament. The message is to reject violence as a means of resolving global issues and instead work toward an equitable and peaceful society. The Women Peacemakers Programme has been commemorating the day for over 20 years.

Every year on the second Sunday in May, people around the world commemorate Mother’s Day. The tradition of spending the fourth Sunday of Lent visiting one’s moms and homes dates back to the Middle Ages. This became Mother’s Day since it was chosen as the Mothering Sunday in Britain. Mother’s Day is attributed to Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia. On May 12, 1907, in West Virginia, she had arranged a memorial service for her mother, who had organized women’s organizations to advance sisterhood. State by state, they began to observe the day. But in the final years of her life, Jarvis started working to have the holiday abolished after realizing how commercialized the day had become.

Take out your oversized wine glasses, give a call to the special women in your life, and pop open a bottle or two. Take a tour of a winery, throw a wine tasting, or just spend time with your loved ones. Additionally, February 18th is National Drink Wine Day, so don’t forget to mark that on your calendar.

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7. National Sister’s Day

Make a call to your sister or your sister-like girlfriends and join us in celebrating this fantastic occasion on August 6th. It’s an unofficial holiday that celebrates the special relationship that sisters have, and since it falls in the middle of summer, it’s ideal for a beach outing with the girls!

Women should be respected and viewed as equals, and they should be paid equally to men and women. So, remember to commemorate Women’s Equality Day on August 26th by marking it on your calendar. It’s time to stop getting paid 79 cents for a job that a male is paid $1 for!

Daughter’s Day, as the name implies, honors daughters and is observed on the fourth Sunday in September. The day honors girls and spreads the word about equality in a patriarchal society. Daughter’s Day is another step in the right direction, since governments from many nations are working hard to close the gender gap.

Life would be difficult if ladies didn’t have their friendships. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the women in our lives, and we should set out a day to honor this special relationship. Unfortunately, there is! National Women’s Friendship Day is September 17.

This particular women’s holiday originated in the late 1940s, a time when women were encouraged and allowed to leave the home and enter the job. It is a period of women’s freedom as they have emerged from the customs of the house.

This unusual women’s holiday honors the value of stay-at-home mothers and spouses. Today, women have the option to choose to do so rather than being forced to, so it’s a worthy celebration honoring the kind, resilient, and influential women who carry out the heavy lifting.

Indeed, there is a holiday dedicated to honoring your roof. It’s appropriate to celebrate the insulating, cozy, and safeguarding qualities of owning a house on December 3rd. Since not everyone in the world is as fortunate as you are, it’s always a good idea to give thanks and take stock of your roof over your head.

All year long, women continue to leave their imprint. Thus, enjoy these special occasions just for ladies and inspire your loved ones to do the same. Women ought to be honored!

We assume you now know the answer to the query: How many days are set aside just for women each year? Make a note of every day on your calendar and enjoy the festivities with the women you love!

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