Top 20 Most Expensive US High Schools for Wealthy Families in 2024-2025

Top 20 Most Expensive US High Schools for Wealthy Families in 2024-2025

In the United States, ninth through twelfth grades make up high school, the final stage of secondary education. High school education in the United States typically lasts four years and culminates in the award of a High School Diploma, representing successful completion of the secondary school curriculum.

In the United States, there are both required and elective courses that must be taken during high school. All of the classes are taught in English. All students must take the following required courses: English, Math, Science, History, and PE. There are also electives added that students can pick and choose from based on their future academic interests.

Traditionally, each American boarding school has its own unique list of available electives. Some examples of these fields of study include the arts, agriculture, business, journalism, languages, etc. The average American high school student spends four years learning the equivalent of between 20 and 25 credits and 100 hours of classroom instruction across seven to eight subjects. Traditionally, both the student and the institution’s administration have kept track of these indicators.

The high schools in the US are divided into two types:

State schools

Although attending state-run schools in the United States is free, the quality varies greatly depending on the institution. In the United States, only a small percentage of foreign students attend public high schools.

Only foreign nationals who have immigrated permanently to the country with additional family members are eligible to enroll in these schools, along with Americans. The student is also unable to select a school on his own; rather, he must attend the educational facility that is closest to his residence.

All other foreign students are only permitted to attend US public schools for a maximum of one year and only as part of exclusive exchange programs and selective, competitive programs.

Private schools

The US’s prestigious high schools are known for their large numbers of international students, excellent instruction, and focus on preparing pupils for college. Many American institutions have their own campuses and housing for students, making them more like American colleges. There are currently 34,576 schools in America, all different in size and focus. In addition, there are more exclusive boarding schools for boys or girls as well as coeducational schools among them. The educational procedure is specifically tailored for international students since they are more likely to be approved and given extra attention.

Grades 9–12 are offered at most high schools, and student body sizes can range from a few hundred to several thousand. Private and even some public high schools (though not all) tend to focus on a particular subject area, whether it be college preparation, the arts, the sciences, technology, military life, or religious studies.

Typical costs:

Public high schools do not charge tuition, but they may charge $5 to $200 or more per item for books, supplies, physical education, clubs, yearbooks, technology, or taking part in sports or other extracurricular activities. A school year’s worth of fees may range from $100 to $700 or more. (Fee waivers are often given for families who are homeless or in economic need.) For instance, the Illinois district 202 of Plainfield Community Consolidated School charges $170 for textbooks, $9 to $40 for consumable workbooks, $30 for extracurricular activities, $200 to $250 for driver’s education, $129 for competitive sports, $24 for non-competitive sports, $24 for chess club, $74 for choir, $63 for speech team, and $106 for band.

-Private high school tuition can range from $6,000 to $35,000 or more, depending on the school’s concentration, its nonsectarian or religious nature, the number of teachers to students, its location, and its reputation. Schools with a religious focus are often less expensive than schools without such a focus.

Students are required to wear a school uniform to private institutions and some public schools. Depending on the needs of the school, these can range from $25 to $500 each outfit.

Low-income children who attend public schools are often given free bus service, but other students may have to pay an annual bus pass of $100 to $400 or more, depending on the distance traveled. A high school bus pass costs $303 per year from Northampton Public Schools in Massachusetts.

For on-campus student parking, some public schools charge between $50 and $400 or more year. The annual student parking charge at Newton, Massachusetts’ South High School is $360.

Transportation to a private school may be provided by the parent, or it may cost $300 to $2,000 or more. Depending on the student’s location, Ravenscroft in Raleigh, NC, charges annual bus costs between $360 and $1,750.

Top 20 Most Expensive High Schools In The US in 2023/2024

In this list, the schools are listed in the order of being the most expensive to less expensive depening on their tuition.

Annual Tuition: $86,250

Location: New York, New York

Enrollment: 50

Who is a typical Lang student?

Regardless of how traditionally productive a student has been in previous academic settings, intellectual or creative involvement is essential to a student’s fit at Lang. Our students frequently lack the motivation to push themselves in more traditional programs. Before they enter our doors, these high potential learners may complain that school is uninteresting, their teachers may think they are underachieving or “lazy,” and these pupils may oppose or even refuse to attend classes or school. The typical Lang School student is able to benefit from our tailored interventions, groupings of affinity and ability peers, and differentiated classroom-based learning with the help of staff, parents, and outside/previous providers.

Annual Tution: $85,000

Location: Milton, New Hampshire

Enrollment: 42

Shortridge Academy was established, describing itself as a rehabilitative institution. Shortridge Academy is a residential school that boarded its pupils for the academic year, like many of the most expensive high schools. Shortridge Academy is coeducational (or “coed”), which means it educates males and females in the same courses, in contrast to certain private institutions.

In addition to academic programs with a focus on college preparation, Shortridge School is renowned as a therapeutic institution. This boarding school in frigid New Hampshire is also the most upscale modern institution of its kind in the country, charging families of students $112,500 in tuition year, not adding enrollment, technology, and other expenses amounting to thousands more.

In addition to this, students can participate in numerous creative arts and music programs, as well as sports like jiu jitsu, weightlifting, and mountaineering. Several of these kids continue on to one of their top-choice institutions after graduating from Shortridge.

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Annual Tuition: $82,000

Location: Westbrook, Connecticut

Enrollment: 48

The cost of attending The Oxford Academy is roughly $82,000 for private students and $12,000 for summer interns. What percentage of applicants does The Oxford Academy accept? The Oxford Academy’s admission rate is 70%, which is higher than the 68% national average.

For that amount, this school promises its 48 pupils “individualized one-on-one classes” that are “an alternative to the usual classroom format”. Some students take advantage of their proximity to the ocean outside of the classroom by joining the sailing club at their school. Others benefit from the school’s overseas excursions, such its regular eight-day visit of Italy.

Annual Tuition: $79,250

Location: New York

Number of students: 113

The Quad Preparatory School, which is located in Manhattan’s financial district, specializes in instructing youngsters who are regarded as gifted students. A high school student at The Quad might attend advanced math or language classes on a typical day in addition to the obligatory foreign language course, counseling, and health and wellness classes. Also, there are electives taught by students, including cooking or broadcasting video news.

The Quad School is committed to placing its students in the top universities in the nation. Between the eleventh and twelfth grades, every student is required to go to weekly individual college counseling sessions and biweekly check-ins with academic advisors. That seems to be a lot of strain. It makes sense that the school’s grounds include a “Zen Zone” area.

Annual Tuition: $78,600

Location: Litchfield, Connecticut

Enrollment: 230

The Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut, specializes in serving adolescents with ADD and ADHD and offers courses that are thought to provide them with the skills necessary for success as they head toward college. The annual tuition for those “college keys” is $78,600, which is more than some institutions themselves cost.

The 125-acre rural campus has a large dining hall, a robotics lab, many dorms, tennis fields, and athletic facilities. The majority of the food served on campus is produced locally, and the Lion’s Den Cafe offers cooking lessons so that even lunch may be informative. Many pupils have the option of skipping a sport in favor of working in the school kitchen six days per week.

With information on more than 24,000 public high schools in the US, US News provides a thorough ranking system for American high schools. Based on statistics such as high school graduation rates and other variables, they ranked roughly 18,000 schools. The top-ranked Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology has a 100% graduation rate and a score of 100 for college preparedness.

Annual Tuition: $77,500

Location: Bethlehem, Connecticut

Enrollment: 42

Unique Characteristics:

Only 42 pupils, 10,000 square feet of athletic space, a 200-seat theater, a STEAM lab, and a greenhouse in a wooded setting. Our Communications Program is what sets us apart. Students get the chance to hone their abilities of self-reflection and self-expression while maintaining accountability through the Communications Program. The program consists of the Adviser Program, School Forum, Committee for Accountability, and Communications Groups. Based on the institution’s three basic values of compassion, integrity, and respect, students and adult mentors collaborate to create a positive campus climate. Students enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal understanding through first-hand experience, strengthening their capacity to relate to and respect the perspective of others.

Discounts are made on a first-come, first served basis, so timely application is important.

Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Annual tuition: $73,220

Number of students: 832

Many cutting-edge facilities at The Lawrenceville School may suit a wide range of academic and extracurricular interests. These include the Bunn Library (63,000 books, CDs, 200 current periodicals, individual carrels, and study rooms), the Juliet Lyell Staunton Clark Music Center (2 recital halls, a piano lab, practice rooms, and 15 grand pianos), the F.M. Kirby Science Center (12 separate labs, a greenhouse, and 8 lab/classroom combinations), the Al Rashid Strength and Conditioning Center and the Lavino Field House athletic facilities, the Gruss Center of Visual Arts, and more.

Moreover, the institution has 18 “Houses,” or dorms, that are arranged according to the “House System” of the school. The Lower, Circle, and Crescent Houses, as well as the Fifth Form Houses, are all part of the greater School community. The Houses are separated by levels and gender. Housemasters and assistant housemasters work to serve each House. Each house has its own dining space in the Irwin Dining Center, and during the year, they compete for awards in athletics, academics, and community service to develop a feeling of community, tradition, and individuality.

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Location: Kent, Connecticut

Annual tuition: $69,950

Number of students: 570

Kent School is an independent college preparatory boarding school serving grades 9-12, with a Post Graduate option, located in Kent, CT.

Kent’s motto was established when the School was founded more than 100 years ago. These timeless principles address our focus on what is essential.

Simplicity of Life

Directness of Purpose


Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Annual tuition: $64,900

Number of students: 450

This boarding school offers a unique education to the student body based in a commitment to personal honor, ethical leadership, and spiritual growth. The school claims to offer an innovative approach to curriculum and program that takes advantage of the global connections of Washington, D.C.

Out of all students aged 16 to 24 who graduated in 2021, 1.7 million enrolled in college. Unfortunately, the enrollment rate is down by 0.9% compared to 2020.

Annual Tuition: $64,200

Location: Sheffield, Massachusetts

Number of students: 425

Northeastern United States co-ed, boarding and day college preparatory institution Berkshire School offers a demanding academic curriculum. Modern academic, artistic, and athletic facilities are available at our Massachusetts campus, which is situated on a beautiful 400-acre site in the Berkshires.

The School has magnificent white buildings and emerald green quads. On its 400-acre site, Nike has some of the best sports facilities in New England, so it makes sense that they choose to host their annual Running Camp there each year.

This institution has “acres of unspoiled forest lined with pathways that rise behind the school,” “tastefully proportioned ivy-covered buildings,” and has been dubbed “one of the loveliest campuses in Massachusetts, if not anywhere” by The Boston Globe. Students can participate in after-school activities like a croquet club, a dog walking club, a bagpipes group, and more on that spotless campus.

Location: New York City, New York

Annual tuition: $62,700

Enrollment: 1,914

Avenues The World School has a unique vision, connecting multiple campuses intentionally in key global cities. No matter the campus, the academics are supported by a common mission and curriculum, as well as world-class technology, and an expert faculty.

Avenues the World School is the 23rd largest private high school in New York and the 89th largest nationally.

The New York campus opened in 2012.

Annual Tuition: $62,300 Yearly Tuition

Location: Mount Pleasant, Utah

Number of students: 300

“America’s boarding school for Generation Z,” claims Wasatch School. Also, this school in Utah offers an after-school ski club, equestrian club, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, and mountain biking in order to cater to this particular demographic. The site also features state-of-the-art classrooms, as well as lovely and welcoming theaters and art studios.

Every student has a mentor who offers intellectual, interpersonal, and social support. You learn about yourself, your skills, and the places you’ll go as you develop academically and socially. Dorm parents who work full-time frequently impart knowledge on character development, maintaining health, and making intelligent, safe judgments. Outdoor Experiment We have access to outdoor adventure thanks to the location of Wasatch Academy in central Utah. Camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more!

Annual Tuition: $62,280

Location: Middletown, Delaware

Enrollment: 318

All 300+ students at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware, are obligated to board and reside on campus. This school is situated on a 2,200-acre property, so there is space for everyone. A scene from an episode of The West Wing featured the campus, which was portrayed as the boarding school attended by young President Bartlet, in addition to being enormous and evocative of a New England boarding school.

A six-lane crew course, a boathouse, 14 tennis courts, five soccer fields, four lacrosse fields, an indoor rowing facility, and nine regulation squash courts are all located on the St. Andrew’s campus. Erin Burnett, a CNN host, and singer Maggie Rogers are notable St. Andrew’s School alums. They join a group of graduates that also includes Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, ambassadors from the United States, professional athletes, and gold medalists from the Olympics.

Annual Tuition: $62,280

Location: Pawling, New York

Enrollment: 300

The all-boys boarding school Trinity-Pawling School, located 60 miles north of New York City, prides itself on being “where lads find their greatness.” Yet, success also has a hefty $62,000 annual tuition cost. The 400-seat theater, greenhouse, contemporary arts center, and numerous sporting fields are all available to the 300 students for that price. Trinity-Pawling University

Students at Trinity-Pawling School must also follow a rigid dress code. The “Blues and Grays” uniform for males consists of a Trinity-Pawling navy blue blazer, gray dress slacks, a white button-down shirt, and a blue and gold tie, typically in the shape of a bow tie.

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Annual tuition: $62,000

Enrollment: 530

Since its inception in 1856, St. Paul’s School has placed a strong emphasis on academic performance. With a number of amenities and services, including the Lindsay Center for Mathematics and Science, an athletic and fitness center, indoor rowing tanks, a boathouse, ice rinks, indoor squash and tennis courts, nine athletic fields, and more, this pastoral campus in the woods of New Hampshire serves about 535 students.

Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Annual tuition: $61,410

Enrollment: 544

For pupils in grades 9 through 12, there is a private boarding and day school called The Hill School. This small town places a strong emphasis on education with a liberal arts orientation. Family-style meals, family nights in the dorms, and weekly chapel services are just a few examples of the “family-like” environments that students and professors are encouraged to cultivate. Whatever things are true is the school’s slogan.

Annual Tuition: $61,000 Yearly Tuition

Location: Connecticut

Enrollment: 311

Anyone who wants to attend Salisbury School in Connecticut will have to pay $61,000 a year to do so. The private, all-boys, 725-acre institution has a gymnasium that is 110,000 square feet in size. Isn’t it not enough? How about a hockey rink the size of the Olympic Stadium? Moreover, there are two basketball courts, eight squash courts, a wrestling room, two gyms, and a 500-seat turf field arena.

The academic program of Salisbury School covers a wide range of topics, from digital media and entrepreneurship studies to boat building and the design and construction of tiny houses. Students visit the dining hall after a long day of classes to take advantage of Milkshake Mondays, farm-to-table alternatives, a “Asian Pho bar,” cookouts, and themed dinners.

Location: New York City, New York

Annual tuition: $60,880

Number of students: 736

The Spence School is a well-rated private, girls school for students in grades K-12. Classrooms have a student-teacher ratio of 5 to 1. The school has a great reputation for promoting students to four year colleges.

Location: Bronx, New York

Annual Tuition: $60,595

Enrollment: 1,700

The Culture of Ethics Pre-K through 12th grade students can attend Fieldston School’s two campuses in Manhattan and the Bronx. The practice of ethics among students and in society at large is at the heart of the school’s goal. They take pride in encouraging children to question, think, and discover.

Annual Tuition: $60,900 Yearly Tuition

Number of students: 800

Location: Alexandria, VA

We wouldn’t be surprised if someone mistook Episcopal High School for a college campus after seeing it. Virginia’s first high school covers 130 beautifully landscaped acres and has elegant brick buildings and pathways. At the school’s cutting-edge classrooms, enormous gyms, squash courts, or on-campus chapel, pupils can be found.

What this institution offers outside of its campus is also exceptionally unique. Every student participates in the “Washington Program,” which takes them to nearby Washington, D.C., and requires all seniors to complete an on-site internship there.

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