Top 11 Most Popular Ice Cream Brands In Europe

Top 11 Most Popular Ice Cream Brands In Europe

Over the next five years, the ice cream market in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.87%.

All around Europe, people are looking for ice creams that aren’t loaded with fat, manufactured with natural ingredients, and nevertheless taste delicious. The two largest ice cream markets in Europe are located in Russia and Germany. A combination of factors, including consumers’ penchant for ice cream as a leisure product and the introduction of novel flavors by established brands, has contributed to the market’s steady expansion over the past few years.

The trend of raising the price of ice cream is all the rage in Europe. Because of their unique flavors and generous serving sizes, premium ice creams are popular in Europe. A higher butterfat percentage and a lower air-to-ice ratio are hallmarks of premium ice cream. As a result of the dairy industry’s technological advancements and the continent’s fast urbanization, the demand for ice cream desserts, both regular and premium varieties, is increasing dramatically in the European market. Novel components including whole milk, skim milk, and sweeteners and flavoring agents are the main reasons for the increase in the yearly sales of the European ice cream industry.

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Which European nation makes more ice cream than any other?

In sum: 620,000,000 liters per year

According to Eurostat, Germany produced almost 620 million liters of ice cream last year, making it the leading manufacturer in Europe. At an average of €1.5/liter, its ice cream was the most affordable in the bloc.

Overall: 591,000,000 liters

Second place on the list was France, which produced 591 million liters of ice cream last year. On average, a liter of French ice cream cost €1.9.

Overall: 571 million liters

In 2022, Italy’s renowned “gelato” ranked third with an output of 571 million liters. Eurostat reported that a liter of Italian ice cream cost an average of €2.3.

Production: 321 million liters total.

According to Eurostat, Spain produced 321 million liters of ice cream last year, putting them in fourth place.

A total of 198,000,000 liters

According to Eurostat, Belgium produced 198 million liters of ice cream last year, putting them in the fifth spot.

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Traveling to Denmark at any time of year or in any region of the country will almost surely lead you to a little booth or camp adorned with a vibrant “Ice Cream” sign. The reason Denmark has been a common tourist site is because of ice cream, which is popularly considered the dessert king in Denmark all year round. The “original home of ice cream advertising” is a common perception of this picturesque nation.

Ice Cream Factory is still the leading ice cream maker in Spain, according to Alimarket, the country’s main financial information content developer. Their triumph is assured for the second consecutive year. For the second year running, Ice Cream Factory has been recognized as Spain’s premier ice cream manufacturer. Additionally, it is worth noting that no other company has shown such a dramatic increase in both quantity and income.

When it comes to ice cream, Unilever is unrivaled. Around the world, it has 150,000 employees. The corporation sells its wares in over 190 countries and operates in 54 countries under over 400 different brand names.

A number of Unilever ice cream brands feature designs inspired by hearts, and the majority of these products are distributed by the company’s Heartbrand division. The following brands are part of this category: Algida Ice Cream, Good Humor, Kwality Wall’s, Bresler, Miko, Eskimo, Cargills, and Lusso. They aren’t the only ice cream brands offered by the company. Talenti Gelato is just one of several brands. Others include Klondike, Breyers, Popsicle, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Founded in Spain and with headquarters in Paris, Danone S.A. is a French food product firm. With locations in China, Africa, Russia, India, and other parts of the world, the company’s broad worldwide operations base employs over 100,000 people. The Oikos brand of ice cream contributed $24 billion to the company’s bottom line last year.

Grocery store company The Kroger Co. (NYSE:KR) also sells ice cream, branded as Deluxe and Private Selection. It is the parent company of several ice cream brands, including Turkey Hill. Dairies owned by The Kroger Co. (NYSE:KR) in Cincinnati and Indianapolis are responsible for making the company’s ice cream. In 2021, the company made $137 billion.

Nestle was established in the mid-1800s. 6. Nestlé S.A. After many years in business, it has grown into the number two ice cream company in the world.

Across 86 countries, Nestle’s nearly 418 factories produce food for people’s bodies. There are an estimated 339,000 people working for the company, according to various sources within the industry. In addition to its growing fan base, the company has established 17 research and development (R&D) testing facilities globally. The sheer number of brand names under which Nestle distributes its ice cream is staggering. Some of these brands include Extreme, Movenpick, Dreyer’s, Nestle Ice Cream, and Extreme.

When people think of famous companies, General Mills is usually at the top of the list. Its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol GIS. This company has a commanding position in food markets around the world, thanks to its enormous annual sales of almost $13 billion (US Dollars). General Mills is never content with its present success and always has an eye on the future of development in underdeveloped nations. The business claims to have other expansion plans in the works.

Le Mars, Iowa is home to Wells Enterprise, a privately held corporation. Owning brands like Bomb Pop, Blue Bunny, and 2nd Street Creamery, the corporation ranks as the top private ice cream producer in the United States. As part of the media surrounding his firm’s acquisition by the Ferrero Group in December 2022, Wells Enterprise’s chief executive officer, Mr. Mike Wells, offered an estimate of the revenue for 2021. Mr. Wells said that his company made over $1 billion last year, but he did not reveal an exact amount.

The ice cream brand Movenpick hails from Switzerland and is known for its sumptuous, velvety texture, which is achieved by blending Swiss precision with premium ingredients. Craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are at the heart of the ice cream experience offered by Movenpick.

Ben & Jerry’s may have started out in America, but they’ve made quite a name for themselves in Europe. A popular ice cream business in Europe, Ben & Jerry’s is known for its creative flavors and commitment to environmental and social problems. Many more brands of European ice cream exist, and these are just a handful of them. Whatever your ice cream craving—classic Italian gelato, decadent Swiss ice cream, or something completely new—you can get it on the European market. Make sure to credit the following:

Magnum is a well-known European brand that sells a variety of frozen desserts. Magnum has become a byword for high-end ice cream because to its distinctive chocolate shell and decadent flavors.

As a dessert, ice cream is just milk or cream in a frozen state. The Mughal Emperors of India had ice cream delivered to their court by mounted riders from the Hindu Kush Mountains because of the delectable treat’s immense popularity.

No horses are used in the ice cream industry nowadays. The reality, though, is that a handful of megacorporations control the vast majority of the brands and peddle them globally.

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