Top 10 Most Esteemed Military Colleges and Academies in the U.S

Top 10 Most Esteemed Military Colleges and Academies in the U.S

Education is considered a necessary element to affirm the success of each individual. Therefore, every effort, every effort to achieve a higher level of education will help to accomplish that goal.

However, knowledge does not reflect everything. Integrity, discipline and honor are also commendable points that need to be promoted. However, not all traditional schools incorporate these social standards into their curriculum.

And that is the highlight of military schools – a completely unique environment with discipline, teamwork and goal orientation to train officers with leadership ability to pursue career (military). civil and civil).

Some admission requirements are often much stricter than those of civilian schools, according to Business Insider. Some of the most common requirements are that applicants must be unmarried, have no children…

During the admissions process and after entering the school, students must undergo many other rigorous tests and health assessments. Here are some of America’s top military schools:

Founded in 1802, built at West Point – New York, the academy has been at the forefront of training leaders for the nation since its inception. The slogan is very simple but profound: “Responsibility, Honor, Country”.

For more than 200 years, the school has dedicated itself to training high-quality officers to serve the US military. Because of the extremely high student standards and requirements, West Point is ranked as one of the best schools in the country.

Students of the school are organized according to the Thayer system (Sylvanus Thayer – the father of West Point). The system focuses on small classes – 1:1 interaction, and daily exercises. The idea (with homework) would be to encourage students to take the initiative to take responsibility for their own learning by completing large assignments outside of class time (and discussing the issue in subsequent classes).

Alumni: Douglas MacArthur, 5-star General; George Patton, 5-star General; Dwight D. Eisenhower, US President, 5-star General; Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States, General.

Founded in 1845, the United States Naval Academy is the oldest federal institution after West Point. With more than 4,400 students, the mission of the academy is to educate, train, and develop resources to serve the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

Of course, any image of Annapolis associated with the Navy Brigade, parade or sports appears in white uniform. It was the stony military environment that forced the cadets to adapt to themselves.

As a technology institute with 22 industry stories in 3 groups (engineering and weapons, math and science, humanities and social sciences), students are best equipped to meet the highest demands. of the Navy Brigade.

In fact, not only is it heavy on knowledge, military leadership training or participation in sports, cadets must attend specialized training courses from American warships at sea abroad to schools like Armu’s Jump throughout the semester. vacation.

To be sure, Navy officers are seen not only as a leader of the people but also as a qualified individual. Still, for the US Naval Academy cadets, that was all they expected.

Alumni genealogy tree: 990 elite students, 45 Rhodes Scholars, 16 Marshall Scholars, 50 astronauts, 2 Nobel Prizes and one President.

Founded in 1954, the United States Air Force Academy is one of the five youngest federal academies in the United States. Built in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the academy has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Of course, USAFA’s mission is not tourism. The Academy’s sworn goal is to “Educate, train and inspire men and women to become leading Air Force officers in the service of the country”.

The academy’s curriculum focuses on military training, knowledge, athletics, and character development. While humanities and military studies are a core part of the curriculum, the university is also very demanding on engineering, science and math with many research opportunities. Of course, the basic mission is to train students/cadets to become leading officers in the Air Force; as well as becoming a member of the Cadet Wing (Corps of Cadets).

Like many other military schools, Cadet Wing – an upperclassman – is responsible for solving internal management problems, and has a responsibility to lead with the traditional honorary charter: “We will not lie, no to steal or not to cheat…”

Alumni: Heather Wilson – Rhodes scholar, member of the US House of Representatives.

Founded in 1872 in College Station, Texas, the school’s original mission was “to educate white men on the farm and in military techniques.” Currently, students have the choice of enrolling in a corps or a traditional education program. Texas A & M University is one of three public schools that train full-time students on campus. However, the school has the highest number of students in the country with 1,887 students. It is interesting that students register up to 50,000.

The university grants degrees with more than 150 different research disciplines, including 10 affiliated and 18 research institutions (in 2001, the school successfully cloned the domestic pet – CC cat). The school creates an environment that helps a student / student to have all the necessary equipment to become a successful citizen in society and choose a career whether military or civilian.

Alumni: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas; Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense

The American Merchant Maritime Academy (USMMA) was established in 1943 at Kings Point, New York. Given its rigorous academic program, USMMA requires more credit hours for a bachelor’s degree than any other federal service institute. Academy graduates follow the motto “Acta Non Verba” – actions speak not words, and are leaders who exemplify the concept of service over self.

The Academy is a specialized branch of California State University that offers bachelor’s degrees in international business and logistics, engineering technology, global studies, maritime affairs, aviation engineering and technology. marine, shipping and mechanical engineering. The Academy is the only school on the West Coast and one of only seven marine academies in the United States to be awarded a certificate of merit. Founded in 1929, in 2009 the number of students at the academy was 779.

The United States Police Academy for short, USCGA, was founded in 1876. The United States Police Academy prides itself on educating the leaders of a multidisciplinary, maritime military force.

Commissioned officers on the Coast Guard lead teams of men and women and are constantly called upon to serve their communities, country, and fellow citizens. This is considered the best and most quality police training school in the US.

Police trainees have to practice physical training, learn psychology, force “taste” the feeling of being pepper sprayed to understand and be more careful when using it with people. In the United States, the police academy is a training ground for future law enforcement, both at federal and state levels. Most federal law enforcement agencies will send applicants to a joint training facility, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, which is administered by the Department of Homeland Security.

Founded in 1819, Norwich is one of the six oldest destinations for senior military schools in the United States. In fact, the US Department of Defense identifies Norwich as the “birthplace” of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program.

Norwich employs about 3,400 students. Known as the Military College of Vermont, Norwich trains both academia and civilian students. The school’s goal – “I will try” emphasizes the determination to deliver high standards of cadets in a traditional military environment.

The school has 29 majors divided into 6 groups (the most common being criminal justice). The school will continue its efforts in training and developing the best possible military quality. That’s why there are 138 generals who are alumnus of the Norwich sign.

A notable feature of Norwich is that a large number of its graduates are commissioned to become “armor” officers in the US military. Because Norwich is a private school, students who are cadets are not required to join the army after graduation with a very high rate.

Alumni: Thomas Green Clemson- US Ambassador to Belgium and founder of Clemson University; Bill W – Co-Founder of Alcoholic Anonymous.

The Virginia Military Institute was founded in 1839, making it the country’s oldest state-sponsored military college. Undergraduate programs are available in engineering, social sciences, science, and liberal arts. Aspiring cadets can enroll in ROTC programs for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

All VMI cadets must participate in the United States Armed Forces ROTC program, dubbed the “West Point of the South.” The motto of Virginia Military Institute is “in peace a glorious asset, in war a tower of strength.”

VMI has trained recipients of some of the world’s highest honors over the years. Seven Medal of Honor recipients, thirteen Rhodes Scholars, and numerous officers and public office holders are among its alumni.

Virginia Tech, founded in 1872, enrolls over 4,000 students each year in more than 100 programs. In addition to traditional academic training, enrollees can participate in Army, Naval, Air Force, and citizen-leader ROTC programs.

The public university is ranked 74th overall in U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Colleges in America rankings.

Virginia Tech is also consistently ranked among the “Most Innovative” schools, owing to its Corps of Cadets program.

It is one of only three public universities in the country that has an active corps of cadets as well as a civilian lifestyle on the same campus.

On the main campus in Blacksburg, more than 1,100 cadets live in the cadet barracks.

Air War College abbreviated as AWC was established in 1946, this is the advanced military professional education school of the US Air Force. To fulfill the AWC mission, students demonstrate a mastery of two challenges, advanced learning and professional development. To meet these challenges, the university develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes in its students that are important to the profession of firearms with emphasis on air and space power and its application in general and multinational.

The United StatesAir Force is a branch of the United States Army and one of the United States uniformed forces. Once part of the United States Army, the United States Air Force was established as a separate service on September 18, 1947 under the National Security Act of 1947. The Air Force is the newest service to be established. establishment of the United States Army. In its preamble to its position, the US Air Force states its main goals as follows: “Global vigilance, global reach, and global strength”.

Graduates of the Service Academies are commissioned as officers in the United States Armed Forces and are required to serve for a minimum of five years. Graduates are free to pursue careers in the military or the civilian world after completing their service commitment.

Many service academy graduates go on to have successful military careers, honorably and distinguishedly serving our country.

Others choose to leave the military after completing their service commitment and pursue civilian careers, often at high levels of leadership. Military academy graduates have gone on to become successful business leaders, politicians, and others in the civilian world.

Graduates of the United States military academies have received a top-notch education and training that has prepared them for success in whatever path they choose.

Above is the top of the best military training colleges, universities and colleges in the US and the most disciplined and rigorous schools in the US to train talented defenders for the country loyal to the country. of US citizens.

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