Three Advices of Billionaire Jack Ma for his Son

Three Advices of Billionaire Jack Ma for his Son

The article was shared by billionaire Jack Ma (born 1964 in China). He previously served as the Chairman of Alibaba Group. His total assets are $21.2 billion USD:

My name is Jack Ma, and I believe I am different from everyone else. When I was 12 or 13, I studied English at West Lake. Hangzhou receives a high volume of foreign tourists, so I persisted every morning for 9 years. Whether it’s raining, windy, or snowing, I always take them on a free tour of West Lake. They teach me English, and I share interesting local facts.

I’ve learned a lot of things. What I learned was not the language, but the culture. I discovered that teachers and schools told me about China and the world, but why did foreigners tell me differently? The first time I traveled abroad was in 1985. When I first arrived in Australia, I was astounded by the remarkable progress, despite the fact that my home country was still struggling. I realized that I couldn’t just listen to what others said; I needed to think, verify, and rely on my own judgment to see the problem.

From then on, I developed the habit of observing and examining problems from all angles. I share this with everyone around me and teach it to my son. I believe this will help your child develop excellent judgment and independent thinking skills.

The noisier the world, the more we must think independently. We should not live our lives based on other people’s thoughts and opinions, listen to their words, or follow the crowd. Determine the problem realistically, believe what you should believe, and doubt what you should doubt; this is independent thinking.

Second, I teach my son to always see the future positively and optimistically. Each of us faces numerous, consistent challenges that may become more difficult and stressful over time. As a result, instead of becoming discouraged or giving up, you should consider how to proceed.

When confronted with the same situation, pessimists perceive it as a disaster, while optimists see it as an opportunity. This is the distinction between optimists and pessimists.

Third, I teach my children to always have the courage to tell the truth. You must always be honest in everything; lying is the worst thing. Because you have to make up a lot of lies to hide things. As a result, your spirit is constantly stressed, which has a variety of negative consequences.

Tao Xingzhi, a renowned educator, once said, “There are thousands of words that teach others to seek the truth, and thousands of studies that teach them to become sincere, honest people.” It is critical for children to grow into honest and trustworthy individuals, particularly within their families. That is very important, and parents must set a good example for their children.

Family is a safe haven for children to grow up in; parents must be the most trustworthy people for their children. If children are afraid to tell their parents the truth, how will they be honest in the future and gain the trust of others?

In short, people at all stages of life should strive to develop independent thinking skills, a positive and optimistic attitude, and an honest, trustworthy personality. I passed on my life experiences to my son.

To enhance your chances of good fortune, it is imperative to cultivate personal growth and endeavor to evolve into an improved iteration of yourself.

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