The World’s 15 Best Underwear Brands for Gentlemen

The World’s 15 Best Underwear Brands for Gentlemen

Young men and gentlemen alike are always on the lookout for the finest lingerie the world has to offer to improve their underwear game. The best lingerie brand, say industry insiders, should be both stylish and practical.

However, these words have a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. Lifting and supporting underwear may be more comfortable for some men, while others may feel more at ease with looser garments. Additionally, many new men’s underwear brands have emerged in the last decade, many of which sell directly to customers.

Founded: 1901

Founder: John Wesley Hanes

Nation: USA


Hanes is ranked first on the list of the best underwear companies for men.

Few companies, let alone those in the underwear industry, can say that they have a century of experience in their particular industry. Hanes, however, isn’t just any old company.

Few businesses, if any, can boast a century of experience in their industry, much less in underwear. Hanes isn’t your typical brand, though.

For all intents and purposes, Hanes invented modern underwear when it was founded in 1900. Love them or hate them, it would be difficult for us to deny that we have a deep appreciation for this brand of underwear.

The brand has since expanded into other product categories, but its underwear remains its crown jewel. You might swear by their infamously tagless T-shirts. Hanes underwear is frequently sold in bulk, which is almost comical given how long they typically last between uses.

Hanes now offers dozens of variations of every style of boxer, brief, and boxer brief imaginable. Everything is offered, from the brand’s iconic cotton to cutting-edge synthetic athletic materials. This is a venerable brand that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Additionally, despite being some of the most affordable underwear available, a five-pack still costs less than a single pair from one of the well-known direct-to-consumer companies on our list. They come with the new Total Support Pouch and FreshIQ odor-reduction technology, which give them some of the qualities of more contemporary brands without the high price.

Founded: 2011

Founder: Jonathan Shokrian & Barak Diskin

Nation: USA


The simplest way to spice up your underwear drawer is with MeUndies. Although you can purchase items separately, the subscription model helps you save money and makes it simple to amass a collection of colorful and fun underwear.

You can purchase one pair of underwear for $16 per month. You have the option to select your preferred size, style, and whether or not you want designs that are Bold, Classic, or Adventurous. Additionally, you can find the same patterns and colors in a variety of other styles if you and your partner want to match.

The best way to save money on MeUndies loungewear is to subscribe, as subscribers also get early access and discounts on other items. MeUndies isn’t the most creative brand in terms of material and fit options, but the choices are really comfortable. Your MeUndies will be made of a super-soft MicroModal material with a non-rolling waistband regardless of the style of briefs you select.

MeUndies aren’t the most flexible underwear available, but they are comfortable enough. This is advantageous because MeUndies is one of the most size-inclusive brands available and offers a much wider selection of items, both small and large. Men’s sizes small through 4XL and women’s sizes XS through 4XL are both offered in underwear.

Founded: 1968

Founder: Calvin Richard Klein

Nation: USA


An upstart American label was the first to put its name on a pair of briefs, causing a seismic upheaval in the men’s knickers industry, before Calvin Klein became a billboard-dominating global superbrand. Even after all these years, buying a pair of boxers with the iconic Futura typeface still feels like a modest luxury, a treat only for you, your knicker drawer, and a select few others. If you’re looking for undergarments with a real cultural history, start with Calvin Klein.

Since its introduction in 1982, Calvin Klein underwear has become the ultimate representation of sensuality, bravery, and progressive values. Anyone who thinks boldly, from cultural icons like Tom Hintinaus and Kate Moss to your everyday dynamo, wears Calvin Klein designer underwear. It is the American embodiment of modern, body conscious, and sensual style. All of the products are supported by thoughtful design, excellent craftsmanship, and the elimination of any unnecessary features.

In the world of underwear, Calvin Klein is unstoppable. Calvin Klein has carved out a distinct market for itself by putting itself in the middle of a luxury underwear and a daily wear brand. Many of the most recognizable men’s pants in the world are produced by Calvin Klein. Numerous print and video articles have highlighted their waistlines, and millions upon millions of men own Calvin Klein underwear.

Founded: 2008

Founder: Tom Patterson (born February 12, 1979) is an American entrepreneur, who founded the Tommy John company in 2008)

Nation: USA


When it comes to functional and comfortable men’s underwear, Tommy John has it nailed.

Chafing and “riding-up” are a thing of the past with the 6″ inseam option on their Second Skin line. This inseam is slightly longer than average, giving you the coverage you need without sacrificing any comfort.

The company’s founders set out in 2008 to revolutionize underwear by adding high-tech features for maximum comfort. Tommy John is the best underwear I’ve ever worn, and I’ve tried a lot of brands.

The fantastic fit is the main reason we love Tommy John so much. My go-to pair of briefs is a pair of Tommy John boxer briefs, and their inseam is just a hair longer than average. Neither riding up nor chafing will be an issue anymore. All the necessary space and support are conveniently located.

Tommy John also sells briefs, boxers, and trunks in a variety of cuts and styles. Sport leggings, which are basically long underwear, are also available. In comparison to less expensive brands, Tommy John underwear can withstand more washes and dryer cycles before showing signs of wear and tear.

Tommy John’s are some of the best underwear for daily use because they are made from the best materials for men’s underwear and have a non-rolling waistband.

Founded: 1876

Founder: Samuel T. Cooper

Nation: USA


The American company Jockey International, Inc. manufactures and sells pants for men, women, and children as well as sportswear and sleepwear. Kenosha, Wisconsin serves as the company’s headquarters.

Like Hanes, Jockey has existed in some capacity for a very long time.

Jockey, a brand with roots in the late 1800s and a name derived from the support provided by jockstraps at the time, is widely credited with creating the classic Y-front brief. This invention served as a model for underwear designs that still rule the market today. When you’re in desperate need of no-frills underwear made with the same attention to detail—and nearly indestructibility—that first made the company famous, Jockey is still the brand to turn to.

Jockey creates and develops unique products that are produced through a carefully controlled virtual manufacturing network with a focus on Asia and Central America. The business continues to be a vocal advocate for efforts to enhance international working conditions for apparel workers. Through a network of distributor and licensee partners, products bearing the Jockey brand are accessible everywhere. Canadian and European customers can purchase directly from Jockey.

Through its Direct to Consumer division, Jockey operates about 100 retail outlet stores in the United States in addition to a sizable catalog and e-commerce business. Leading department store chains in the United States that carry Jockey underwear include Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Belk, JCPenney, and Kohl’s. Similar to this, Jockey has sizable market shares in partner countries like South Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and India.

Founded: 1884

Founder: Albert Hanschin &Carl Ronus

Naition: Switzerland


Hanro has what you need if you’re looking for top-notch pants made by a master of the trade. The Swiss brand has been creating luxurious loungewear for the world’s most discerning dressers for more than 150 years, and its exquisite selection of undergarments is no exception. It is also among the top brands of underwear for men.

It may seem absurd to praise the craftsmanship of a basic pair of boxer briefs. But as soon as you put on a pair from Hanro, you’ll see the difference. These not-so-basics are worth buying due to the brand’s strong design capabilities and history of technological innovation.

For more than 130 years, Hanro has produced premium daywear, nightwear, and loungewear. The business was established in 1884 in the Swiss village of Liestal by Albert HANdschin and Carl ROnus, and ever since, it has come to symbolize exquisite understatement, superior quality, and classic elegance. Thanks to decades of heritage, cutting-edge technology, and timeless design, Hamro is a recognizable brand.

Hanro products stand out for their superior quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to every last detail. As a result, distinctive, superior, and durable underwear designs that exude grace and beauty in every fiber are produced for discriminating men and women around the world.

Founded: 2006

Founder: Trent Kitsch

Nation: Canada


Saxx Underwear excels at combining both comfort and fun patterns, in contrast to other underwear companies that tend to favor one over the other.

Every pair features Saxx’s exclusive BallPark Pouch technology, which refers to the hammock-shaped pocket that gives its underwear its distinctive support. All-day comfort is guaranteed by breathable mesh panels, an ergonomic nine-panel structure, and flat out seams, which promise to prevent chafing and that distinctive shimmy we’ve all felt when something gets trapped where it shouldn’t.

The BallPark Pouch is the brand’s standout piece of comfort technology because it provides support, prevents chafing, lessens moisture buildup, and eliminates the need for constant self-adjustment. For the majority of men, there isn’t much more they can ask for in underwear. There are simple solid colors available as well as fascinating patterns, vibrant colors, and themes. There are many options for you to stock your drawer with if you enjoy having fun with your pants.

This 3D pouch in the form of a hammock is designed to hold everything in place while reducing skin-on-skin friction. Each style begins with a nine-panel construction that is ergonomically designed to provide 3D support for the glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings. Each panel’s seams are positioned carefully to prevent chafing at potential friction points. This entails motion without resistance at all angles.

Founded: 1860

Founder: Thomas Arthur Hill

Country: United Kingdom


Although undies are about as simple as it gets, the entire genre need not feel that way. Whether you have a taste for the finer things in life or want to upgrade from those flimsy multi-pack alternatives you buy by the dozen, Sunspel’s distinctively luxurious underpinnings will sooth your most delicate parts in a way appropriate for their position. The British brand has been making boxers for almost 150 years and offers access to some of the most luxurious materials available along with top-notch craftsmanship.

Since 1860, Sunspel has been making high-end pants. With constant use of the finest cotton materials available, Sunspel has improved the collection over time to offer a style to suit every preference. For a man to be healthy and comfortable, the right pants are crucial. Sunspel offers a unique item that is both comfortable and stylish.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of Sunspel underwear to offer support and breathability. Therefore, it’s a great option for active men who want to feel cozy and supported all day. Additionally, Sunspel knickers come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the tastes of any man. Whether you want a basic pair of briefs or something a little fancier, Sunspel has the ideal pair of underwear for you.

Founded: 2016

Founder: Christian Larson & Andreas Palm

Nation: Sweden


As practical as they must be, the perfect pair of pants should do more than just keep you warm; they should also make you feel hot. The CDLP briefs are made of a silky, stretchy material that hugs the body in all the right places, making you feel good about the guy you see in the mirror.

The entire line is made from lyocell, a natural silk substitute that is even smoother, more breathable, and sweat-wicking than real silk.

Lyocell is used to create each pair because it is a sustainable fabric that can be produced with less water, land, and chemicals than cotton. The fabric is lightweight, airy, antimicrobial, wicks away sweat, and dries quickly, giving it a silky feel.

CDLP underwear lasts longer than cotton underwear in terms of both shape retention and quality. CDLP’s high-quality basics are anti-mass-production in that they are conceived in Stockholm and then produced with care across Europe. Each garment is produced using methods and materials that are gentler on the planet.

Founded: 2011

Founder: Brian Berger & Michael Isaacman

Country: United States


Mack Weldon, a late entrant to the pants industry, built a successful company by meticulously considering every last detail. In theory, that could be a recipe for disaster. This translates to trunks that dry quickly and resist odor, whether you’re in the middle of a rigorous workout or an equally rigorous workday.

You can rest assured that your pants are more than up to the task at hand, even if your day entails nothing more than six hours of smooth-brain Netflix and trying not to get Cheetos dust all over the couch.

Pima cotton, Silver XT2, and Lycra are just a few of the premium materials that went into making the Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs. Soft and comfortable clothing often features materials like Supima cotton and Lycra, but the addition of pure silver is essential. Silver’s inherent antimicrobial properties make it useful for eliminating bacteria, including the smelly ones. Here you can read up on the XT2 system.

You may not have to wear your pants as long as an astronaut does in space, but you can still get a lot of mileage out of them in the real world. Whether you work long hours, participate in strenuous physical activities, or are on a camping or hunting trip with limited access to showers, you will make it through without smelling like a skunk. The no-roll waistband of the Silver Boxer Briefs prevents them from digging into the skin, and the mesh panels at strategic locations keep you cool and dry.

Founded: 1967

Founder: Ralph Lauren

Nation: UK/USA


Founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Corporation is a publicly traded American fashion company. In May 2021, Ralph Lauren Corporation announced it would sell its Club Monaco brand to private equity firm Regent LP.

The New York City-based corporation creates goods for both the middle and upper classes. Their four main product lines that they market and distribute are clothing, housewares, accessories, and perfume.

Have you ever pondered the motivations behind someone’s fanatical brand loyalty, to the point where they won’t even consider purchasing an item unless it bears the brand’s logo? In other words, you’ve never met a true ‘Lo Head. It would be almost cruel to deny Ralph Lauren’s most devoted customers the opportunity to wear the brand’s underwear, because they love the company so much. You don’t need to know the difference between Purple Label and P Wing to appreciate the quality of the brand’s briefs.

Founded: 2017

Founder: Daniel Charbonnet

Nation: NA


All Citizens is a great option when shopping for men’s underwear. Citizens are collectively aware that waist size is only one factor to consider when shopping for casual pants. All Citizens, perhaps aptly named given its inclusion, stock a wide range of sizes and styles of underwear. Although I am relatively petite, I opted for the longer length because I absolutely cannot stand it when my underwear rides up.

Paradise Pocket is another way that All Citizens prioritizes its community. Citizens may have the most cutting-edge method of keeping your business afloat, though this is a field in which many underwear companies are showing a great deal of interest. The Paradise Pocket is a comfortable enclosure that prevents you from swinging around, unlike most pouch designs, which are essentially just two extra pieces of fabric.

All Citizens puts its money into high-quality performance textiles, thoughtful design, and built-to-move construction so that its products can be the most comfortable in their respective categories. It scoured the globe for the most comfortable, lightweight, high-performance materials available. As a result, the company began developing advanced exercise apparel that could be worn with the rest of your wardrobe without sacrificing performance.

At $18, they’re less expensive than comparable high-end underwear without sacrificing comfort or support.

Founded: 2016

Founder: Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinge

Country: New Zealand/USA


The popular wool shoe startup Allbirds has just released underwear, which is both unexpected and welcome. The Allbirds Trino Boxer Briefs are constructed from a combination of eucalyptus tree material and merino wool, making them breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. You shouldn’t have any itching issues unless you have a severe allergy to wool, as they aren’t at all like a typical wool material.

The Allbirds Trino Boxer Briefs are one of the more reasonably priced options, coming in at just $24. Despite the fact that I wore them with great pleasure, they aren’t revolutionary enough to unseat Tommy John or cheap enough to replace Hanes.

Allbirds is a good option if you’re looking for something more luxurious than a cheap 6-pack of underwear but don’t want to spend more than $30 per pair. They’re also an excellent option if ethical production practices are important to you.

Allbirds, Inc. is a New Zealand and American company that sells footwear and apparel.

Founded: 1998

Founder: Chip Wilson

Country: Canada


Lululemon has established its reputation in the activewear industry more than any other brand on this list.

Lululemon has made a great fitting pair of performance-oriented underwear that men will love by creating a pair of underwear made for men on the go.

Lululemon’s line of men’s underwear is the ideal set of underwear for active men who want the best performance possible. It features an optional 5′′ inseam and an added support pocket.

Lululemon has made sure that you are getting a great fitting, flexible pair of underwear that wicks moisture and removes odor with some of the best materials available, even though they are on the more expensive side of men’s underwear.

Canadian company lululemon athletica inc. is incorporated in the U.S. state of Delaware but has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally established in 1998 to sell yoga pants and related items, the company has since broadened its product offerings to include other types of activewear, casualwear, and even accessories and personal care items. The corporation operates 574 outlets across the globe and also sells via the internet.

Founded: 2013

Founder: Randy Goldberg and David Heath

Country: USA


Bombas, a company best known for its line of well-known socks, has made a name for itself in the underwear sector by extending the same level of comfort and performance to its line of underwear.

This underwear brand has a great fit and plenty of room, and it also has a special diagonal fly that provides the same comfort men are used to without sacrificing the support you want.

Bombas has the ideal pair for you, whether you want a pair of performance underwear that wicks away moisture or a pair of cotton modal underwear that is incredibly breathable and comfortable.

Since they were first introduced, Bombas underwear has maintained their reputation as some of the best underwear in the business.

The underwear, which is made of a cotton and modal blend, is incredibly smooth and soft, giving it a cozy next-to-skin feeling. Given how much we enjoy wearing them, the combination of materials also makes them sturdy for repeated washings and wearing.

The underwear has very few seams, so there aren’t many places where it could bunch up or dig into your skin and cause you pain. The diagonal fly is one of the most intriguing characteristics. Compared to other designs, it is much simpler to access while still being secure.

For all fashion tastes, Bombas offers Boxer Briefs, Trunks, and Briefs.

Bombas is a clothing company. In 2019, the company started selling T-shirts after initially selling socks. For each item purchased, a piece of clothing is given to a charity that works to end homelessness or a shelter for the homeless.

You have now tried on and learned about the world’s best underwear brands for men.

Buying underwear now requires less deliberation than it once did because of its status as a closet staple. You’re missing out on comfort if your lingerie drawer is full of discount brands.

When a gentleman or young man invests in high-quality underwear, he instantly feels more at ease, more stylish, and more like a confident nobleman. Not only are the lingerie brands mentioned above some of the best, but they are also affordable.

Select a brand of underwear that suits your individual tastes and requirements.

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