Ranking: Innocence of the 12 Zodiac Signs: Who is as Honest as a Deer, Cunning as a Fox?

Ranking: Innocence of the 12 Zodiac Signs: Who is as Honest as a Deer, Cunning as a Fox?

In today’s world of many colors and personalities, people’s expressions in each situation have countless nuances.

There are people who try to be clever and flattering in order to please others, and there are people who always appear “innocent with countless sins”; how can they live like that? They are not colorful or fake…

So, when comparing the innocence of the 12 zodiac signs, who is like a young deer and who is like a fox with a lot of plans?

Sagittarius can be considered the most innocent constellation in the zodiac circle. Sagittarius is unconcerned about what others think and always does what she wants, ready to express her emotions at any time. Sagittarius, despite being intelligent, lives a carefree and optimistic lifestyle, so he is unaware of the darker aspects of life.

The Aries zodiac sign is also very naive in life. The strong exterior conceals an extremely sentimental heart. Trangs sheep are curious about adults from a young age, but they are not dangerous enough for parents to be concerned about. This individual’s personality reveals everything.

Leo is naturally arrogant, but he can also be childish, stubborn, and determined at times. Leo appears innocent, but he is actually naive at times. This constellation appears in the east, displaying poise and maturity; when they are with friends or close people, they are enthusiastic.

Capricorn appears mature and strong on the outside, but it is quite naive. If you count the number of times you’ve been taken advantage of in your life, Ket Nhi is not inferior to other stars. When it comes to “dark” topics, Capricorn can be candid, but the more they ask, the more they reveal the innocence hidden beneath their cold, intelligent exterior.

Gemini’s innocence is particularly strong when he pretends to be naive. When Gemini speaks seriously, he instills complete trust in the listener, prompting everyone to nod in agreement. There are times when Gemini behaves like a child, but is extremely cunning, appearing indifferent on the outside but understanding everything on the inside.

Ranking the innocence of the 12 zodiac signs, because they are focused on things in heaven and earth, projects, and social activities, Aquarius’ general knowledge is not limited in any way. Aquarius has many friends with various personalities, so whether light or dark, they can be considered quite knowledgeable.

Others may perceive Scorpio as experienced and potentially dangerous. True, it’s difficult for anyone to talk about a constellation with so many hidden meanings, but he’s not completely naive.

Cancer can deceive you by appearing gentle and innocent, but you should test each other’s rights to see if Cancer is still gentle. This person is not a particularly innocent constellation.

Taurus appears slightly older and thinks more maturely than their peers. In love, he also sets long-term goals, so this constellation takes life seriously. Taurus does not pretend to be a deer; if he knows, he knows, and if he doesn’t, he says no.

In fact, it can be said that innocence is both an impression and an illusion created by Virgo for others. This constellation has a very innocent side and is quite easy to fool. However, when it comes to “dark” things, Virgo is far from naive.

Don’t be subjective with Pisces because they have an extremely high level of “deer”. He may know everything, but he will express it in a way that he only vaguely understands. In reality, it is simply a naive cover designed by Pisces. Only he knows how dark this constellation is.

Thien Binh, who appears innocent, cannot deceive his friends about his danger. People born under this constellation have a youthful, childish appearance, which can lead to them being misunderstood as innocent. However, if you play for a longer period of time, you will discover that Libra is truly “formidable”; don’t be foolish to touch it.

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