10 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Spanish Online

10 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Spanish Online

So you want to study Spanish but aren’t sure where to start? That’s very logical given the vast number of language learning applications and online programs available today, many claiming to be the best. Fortunately, our team (which included a linguist and a polyglot) purchased, utilized, and thoroughly tested each program, providing full reviews and ratings. This guide includes the top ten of the dozen or so Spanish apps we tested and reviewed.

If your main objective is to improve your Spanish speaking skills, the best app for you is one that focuses on speaking and pronunciation, such as Cudu, Busuu, Speechling, or Pimsleur.

Duolingo is probably the greatest free program for learning Spanish. There is an option to upgrade, but most people find that the free version is sufficient. You can also finish the Duolingo course for free.

For beginners, we recommend using a resource with an organized path, such as Duolingo, Busuu, or LingoDeer, or resources that expose you to native content and voice right away, such as FluentU and Pimsleur.

Finally, the ideal Spanish software for beginners is one that you will use on a regular basis.


Anyone looking for the finest apps to learn Spanish should carefully examine the well-known Pimsleur service.

Pimsleur is an old-school education that started before apps existed.

My favorite feature of the Pimsleur app is that it starts you speaking Spanish right immediately. The sessions mostly focus on listening and speaking rather than written language and grammar.

This means that Pimsleur’s courses will almost surely help students acquire oral language abilities faster than alternative resources. Given that most people studying Spanish want to be able to utilize it in discussions straight quickly, it’s an intriguing prospect.


Duolingo makes language learning feel like a game, and its popularity stems from this gamified approach to language learning. It provides a thorough curriculum in a variety of languages, including Spanish.

If you wish to learn Spanish for free as a pleasant hobby, Duolingo is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, Duolingo offers interactive lessons, personalized learning routes, and a focus on vocabulary building, grammar explanations, and pronunciation via listening exercises.

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Are you a movie or television series fan? You may learn Spanish by viewing videos on Lingopie. This software emphasizes immersion learning through Spanish-language TV series and movies, providing a unique approach to language education.

The app is a good fit for you if you are an intermediate or advanced learner looking to improve your listening skills, cultural understanding, and comprehension through authentic Spanish content with interactive subtitles, translations, and vocabulary explanations, fostering a deeper understanding of colloquial expressions and cultural nuances.


FluentU is a language learning platform that focuses on developing language abilities through entertaining and authentic video material. It supports a variety of languages, including Spanish. It focuses on contextual learning through real-world films.

This program caters to Spanish speakers at all levels and provides real-world video content that is engaging, relevant, and great for language learners looking to improve their listening skills.

Cudu offers regular Spanish daily conversation practice in text format.

This software allows you to chat, listen, read, and study through dialogue-based classes.

This method can surely help with retention and learning in context.

It helps to have some basic Spanish knowledge for this one, but there are over 100 themes to pick from after you get started.

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6. ClozeMaster


This software is primarily focused on reading comprehension and game-based learning.

This program is based on cloze exams, in which words are removed from a passage and the test-taker must fill them in to assess reading comprehension.

This app is excellent for vocabulary acquisition in Spanish because it requires thorough reading and attention to context.


Rosetta Stone stands out among the other applications since it teaches everything in Spanish. You learn words in context, using audio and pictures that mimic everyday scenarios. This immersion can be demanding, especially at first, but it is the most effective approach to learn a language, just like you did as a child!


SpanishPod101 could perhaps fall under the general courses category because it provides practice in a range of abilities. I’ve included it here because the lessons are largely audio and the course format is not strictly sequential.

The program has a ton of content, with approximately 2000 lessons ranging from absolute beginner to advanced levels, while the majority of the content is geared for learners at a lower level.

Lessons are delivered in a podcast-style format. Two hosts debate and translate a discussion, including grammar and cultural details. There is a lot of English used at the early levels, but this fades as you go to more advanced topics.

Home Screen

Ouino earned its spot as one of the top apps for learning Spanish after we reviewed it, specifically the Spanish version.

Ouino is a software application and mobile app that provides over 500 courses and 1,000 activities in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. It follows a curriculum and takes an intellectual approach. It covers the fundamentals of vocabulary and pronunciation, but it can also help you enhance your conversation skills and understand verb tenses.

Ouino is ideal if you want to resume speaking a language after a long absence, if you enjoy structure, or if you want to get a lot of practice. It could also be a useful resource for language students looking to keep their skills strong in between semesters.


This language study app employs an algorithm that utilizes artificial intelligence to accelerate your Spanish learning. The platform is ad-free and works well on both smartphones and desktops. The most appealing aspect of Lingvist is its simplicity, ease of use, and clean design.

Lingvist differs from traditional approaches in that it allows you to learn Spanish by starting with the vocabulary that is most commonly used in real-life conversations. This method will help you learn the Spanish vocabulary you’ll need to navigate any conversation with fluent speakers.

Are language apps useful for learning Spanish? Of course, the answer to this question depends on the app you’re using. Some of the finest programs allow you to start speaking conversationally in as little as two or three months. Try out the apps listed above to see how fantastic learning Spanish is!

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