Top 10 Best Japanese Backpack (Randoseru) Brands

Top 10 Best Japanese Backpack (Randoseru) Brands

Japan is home to numerous manufacturers of backpacks or randoseru, commonly known as Randoseru, which encompass brands with extensive historical backgrounds and global recognition.

Hence, the task of selecting and presenting the current Top 10 most renowned Japanese backpack brands poses a considerable challenge.

Japanese backpacks have gained global recognition due to their exceptional craftsmanship and stylish aesthetics. In comparison to backpacks manufactured in the United States, United Kingdom, or Europe, Japanese backpacks are also reasonably priced.

Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo


One of the most well-known top Japanese backpack brands is Makavelic trucks. They are renowned for producing backpacks in an avant-garde manner. They produce lightweight gear using only 100% polyester, keeping consumer preferences in mind.

Makavelic trucks backpacks are a good choice if you’re looking for a great, lightweight backpack for your hiking or mountain climbing trip.

The best feature of Makavelic is its hybrid design, which is fashionable enough to be used on city streets but strong and water-resistant enough to be used in the great outdoors without looking out of place. It provides the ideal hybrid daypacks for city and country settings that you can use on a daily basis.on assertion. It is not only robust and waterproof, but also roomy. Because your bag is lightweight, you do not need to be concerned about it being heavy.

It only weighs 0.96 kilograms when empty. There is a double belt zone as well. The fancy Makavelic truck rucksack is available in a variety of colors. It has pockets for your convenience and all the space you require. Any casual outfit will look great with it.

Customers can choose from a variety of options at Makavelic. To prevent the visitor from getting lost in their product list, they even classify backpacks according to their intended use. They have stores in Hong Kong and Japan in addition to an online store with options for international shipping. It is surprising that Makavelic products are not at all more expensive despite having excellent quality. Their cost is actually less than the national average for backpacks in Japan.

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka


Due to the exceptional quality and functionality of its products, the Master-piece brand has gained a following all over the world. This company started manufacturing high-quality backpacks back in 1994. Although you might assume that they have lowered the quality and/or quantity of their offerings, this well-known brand appears to be honoring its commitments.

They are well-known and admired throughout the world for creating handbags and backpacks with high-quality designs suitable for everyday use. Their goods are of excellent quality and suitable for colleges because they feature beautiful and imaginative designs.

A company named Master-piece promotes craftsmanship. They handcraft each item in the country to the highest standard while preserving and advancing the art of Japanese bag making. Customers receive the most aesthetically pleasing backpack on the market that is also incredibly durable thanks to their incorporation of style and beauty into the practical backpack. Backpacks are made from a variety of materials, both natural and man-made, but no matter what they are made of, they are durable and have fire and water resistance. They took good care of the goods.

Founded: 1965

Headquarters: Nishiarai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo


Unquestionably one of the most well-known backpack manufacturers in Japan, Tsuchiya Kaban creates one-of-a-kind bags by constantly advancing leatherworking techniques.

Popular Japanese backpack manufacturer Tsuchiya Kaban is well-known for creating leather backpacks. They only started their business ten years ago, but they have already established themselves. They are renowned for producing durable, high-quality leather bags for students.

Additionally, they use their backpacks for both casual outings and academic settings. Tsuchiya Kaben has got you covered if you’re looking for a dual-purpose backpack appropriate for both formal and informal settings.

It feels soft and comfortable against your back because of the leather used in its manufacture. This bag can accommodate your essentials, including laptops, bottles, and other items.

It features a modern design and a chic leisurely appearance. It is a premium backpack and is offered in both brown and black. Additionally, it has a zipper that enables you to access your laptop with ease from the outside.

In Japan, children typically wear the Randoseru for the first six years of elementary school, and many people still do so today because of its iconic design. With 8 different lengths of adjustable shoulder straps, excellent breathability, and a soft back pad that is suitable for all ages, the Tsuchiya Kaban backpack is designed to be used for a lifetime.

Kunio Tsuchiya, the company’s founder, master, and mentor of Japanese craftsmen, is responsible for Tsuchiya Kaban’s success. He was given the Japan Leather Goods Meister title and is one of the few modern master craftsmen. At the age of 27, he struck out on his own to found the now renowned Tsuchiya Kaban. Despite having three locations outside of Japan and 17 stores inside the country, Tsuchiya Kaban still has to deal with demand from all over the world.

Founded: 1935

Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Japanese company Porter Yoshida Kaban is known for its premium bags and luggage. Kichizo Yoshida established the business on April 1st, 1935. He initially produced backpacks in the military style for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. The company is now renowned for its slick, practical designs that combine the best of old-world Japanese craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials and methods.

The use of premium materials is one of Porter Yoshida Kaban’s distinguishing characteristics. The business imports the finest supplies from all over the world, such as tough nylon, fabric made to withstand moisture, and premium leather. Each bag is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using time-honored methods to guarantee that every stitch is flawless.

Porter Yoshida Kaban works with other companies and designers to produce limited-edition bags and accessories in addition to its main product line. In the past, partnerships have been formed with prominent companies like Adidas, Monocle, and BEAMS as well as with up-and-coming designers from Japan and other countries.

The brand Porter Yoshida Kaban produces bags and luggage that are both fashionable and useful by fusing Japanese craftsmanship, premium materials, and functional design.

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


This company is renowned for making backpacks that are ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. So the And Wander backpack is for you if you’re looking for a brand that focuses more on its specific product.

Two designers, Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, released their collection and wander in 2011. Making “fashion in the nature/mountains just as enjoyable as the everyday fashion” was a shared passion of the two founders, and this brand was the result.

Based on this guiding principle, Wander develops incredibly strong, lightweight products that make it easy for users to carry their backpacks. Through precise techniques and useful design elements that guarantee comfort, they have been producing high-quality items in accordance with their own research and development. Last but not least, the brand’s designers incorporated natural elements into their creations to guarantee that each backpack would blend in flawlessly with the surroundings.

Since the designers of and wander are also experienced hikers, they include features on their backpacks that are very practical and useful. For informational purposes only, Wander backpacks have a two-way waterproof YKK front zipper, a nylon body with a water-repellent coating, and a variety of interior pockets that provide ample storage for EDC items and additional trail snacks. To ensure that the design can satisfy even the most demanding customer, these details are created through a number of trials and errors.

Founded: 2004


Hobo is a Japanese company that was established in 2004 with the goal of developing a line of durable, useful bags that would meet different urban lifestyle demands.

The 19th-century Americans who wandered the country in search of chances and opportunities had an influence on the hobo movement. Only a small bag that has been combined into a hobo design style, carried on their back, contains their entire worldly possessions. Hobo is a leader in Japanese street carry with a huge selection of tough, useful EDC in attractive colors.

Hobo designs are made with the best materials and the sturdiest parts, with an emphasis on utility, texture, form, and unique detail. Five different main materials are available for their backpacks: cotton canvas, cow suede, nylon Oxford, shrink leather, and ultrasuede. One of the most well-known Japanese backpack brands, Hobo offers a wide variety of options.

Beautiful and functional are hobo bags. It has enough room inside for all of your belongings and is comfortable to wear as a backpack all day. Look for that hobo if you’re looking for an urban-style backpack.

Founded: 2011


Toru Saito, the founder of Paago Works, questioned, “Is there anything I can do for the world?” in 2011, as everyone fled their homes to avoid the earthquake. The devastating earthquake gave Toru, an accomplished outdoor product designer, the idea to start a business that makes useful backpacks that people can “Pack and Go” with for both everyday use and emergency situations. That is how the well-known outdoor company Paago Works got its start.

Paago Works spends a lot of time creating the ideal products based on their experience in the great outdoors. Is this the tool they want to use, they ask themselves. The product is only constructed into a prototype, tested, and released onto the market if the response is yes. Each and every Paago Works product is made in Asian factories. They proudly carry out their passion, producing a superior product at a reasonable price while making sure that every backpack meets the highest standards.

The Paago Works backpack is notable for its well-designed construction in addition to being strong, robust, and highly functional. The backpack appears to be extremely light to wear because it lowers the center of gravity relative to the body. In order to optimize the load and provide more room for add-ons, Paago Works even adds a top stabilizer belt.

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Japanese streetwear company Narifuri was established in 2006 by Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida. The Tokyo-based company is well known for its high-quality, practical clothing that fuses modern street style with traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

In order to make riding more comfortable and safe, Narifuri’s design philosophy incorporates elements like breathable fabrics, reflective materials, and strategic ventilation. Clean lines and understated details are highlighted in the brand’s sleek and minimalist design.

Narifuri manufactures a variety of accessories, including hats and socks, in addition to cycling clothing, all of which are created with the same level of care and functionality. The company has grown in popularity both in Japan and abroad and is renowned for its cutting-edge designs and dedication to quality.

Founded: 2010


Another renowned Japanese backpack company, F/CE, is well-known in the fashion sector for producing bags for users across all professions. This company is renowned for using contemporary themes, concepts, and methods to produce excellent, outdoor-worthy bags in addition to offering high-quality goods.

High-end clothing and bags made for urban exploration are produced by their designs, which are influenced by both functionality and global experience.

Your F/CE backpack product gives you a chic and sassy appearance when you wear it. Furthermore, it is a fantastic achievement for both a casual and formal setting. In your backpack, you can carry both your necessities and electronic devices.

F/CE was founded in 2010, with a focus on technical fashion. They make sure the goods are durable, functional, and sustainable in addition to their aesthetic appeal. They use the lifestyles, histories, art, music, and other cultures they encounter while traveling to create a brand-new collection, which has the theme “nation” in its design. A different country serves as the inspiration for each collection, which aims to share and improve people’s daily lives.

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Saitama


Workplace Southern Field Industry is located in Japan’s Saitama prefecture. One of the most well-liked Japanese backpack brands is Southern Field Industry, which is renowned for its classic style and uncompromising attention to detail.

Manabu Okada, a skilled craftsman who founded the company in 2008, learned the value of a good work ethic, the satisfaction of producing high-quality goods, and the value of expert craftsmanship in his father’s factory. Since then, he has guided Southern Field Industry in its quest for the best quality and most exquisite goods.

The idea behind their design is straightforward: to create the elegant backpack from Southern Field Industry, respect the materials’ inherent qualities by making the most of them. Unlike other brands, Southern Field Industry handcrafts each and every one of its products, giving each backpack meticulous attention to every last detail. However, Southern Field Industry does not provide a wide variety of backpacks because they are handmade. Only a few styles and designs are available. Nevertheless, each of them tops the competition.

The user has recently come across a compilation of 10 globally recognized Japanese backpack brands, as curated and presented by, featuring the latest information available.

There exists a plethora of renowned Japanese backpack brands that offer a diverse selection to cater to various user preferences and intended purposes. Japanese backpacks have gained international recognition and consistently maintain their position as best-selling products due to their exceptional craftsmanship, superior quality, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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