Top 13 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

Top 13 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

Australia is still one of the most sought-after places for international students to study. Almost 1.6 million people are currently enrolled in higher education institutions.

While the cost of living in Australia would directly correlate to your place of residence as well as your personal preferences and choices, the cost of studying there is a set amount that must be paid at the beginning of each academic year. Students can apply for education loans and scholarships that will pay all or part of their study abroad expenses, but these opportunities are few and far between, making it unlikely that deserving students will be successful given the volume of applicants for study abroad each year.

One such area where applicants would be able to choose would be the cheapest university in Australia for international students based on their choice of course and university. Candidates should be aware that paying less for college does not always imply that the education being provided to them will be of lower quality.

A high school diploma (for undergraduate studies) or a bachelor’s degree (for master’s or doctoral studies) are prerequisites for studying in Australia. Additionally, you must achieve the minimum English proficiency standard set by your top-choice university.

Yes, given that Australia’s official language is English. You must speak English as your first language, for instance, in order to enroll at the University of Sydney. If not, you’ll need to take the PTE, TOEFL, or IELTS exam. The University of Melbourne has the same requirements, but different schools typically have different cutoff scores.

You must also show that you have the financial means to attend school in Australia and remain there during that time.

When it comes to allowing foreigners and international students to open bank accounts, Australia is less restrictive than many other nations. Australia’s banks use a system known as the 100-point check, where each document you submit is worth a certain number of points, and you can only open an account after accumulating at least 100 points. Providing residency documentation is the main issue that international students encounter when opening an account with conventional banks.

Some Australian cities offer incredibly low cost of living; for instance, Perth’s cost of living is AUD 1,082 and Queensland’s cost of living is AUD 1,091. These two Australian cities have the most affordable living expenses.

Below is a list of affordable universities in Australia. Candidates can visit the universities listed below to learn more about the courses offered, the fee structure, the length of the courses, the admission and eligibility requirements, and much more. will assist you in locating the cheapest colleges and universities in Australia with the lowest cost (updated for the 2024/2025 school year).

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 22,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 23,000 Per Year

Federation University of Australia (FedUni) is a public university based in Ballarat, with branches in Churchill, Horsham, and Berwick. It is Australia’s fourth-oldest higher education institution, having been founded in 1870. The Federation University of Australia is the cheapest university in Australia for international students, with tuition fees starting at AUD 22000 per year.

Humanities, Engineering, Business, Science, Math, Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedicine, Psychology, Performing or Visual Arts, Information Technology, Occupational Health, and Physical Education are all available at FedUni.

FedUni is one of Australia’s top universities, with over 14,500 local students and nearly 9,000 international students.

Compared to larger capital cities, Ballarat and Gippsland have significantly lower living expenses. In a quality setting that is ideal for studying, learning, and experiencing life in Australia, students will benefit from more affordable housing, living, and entertainment costs. Students looking to move to Ballarat or the Gippsland region are given access to a variety of housing options and support services.

Tuition for International students

If you are a temporary Australian resident or a citizen of a nation other than Australia or New Zealand, you are considered an international student. Your program and the year you start the program will determine the tuition you pay. Check 2024 Here!

• Top 200 Young Universities in the World^

• Top 1 in Victoria for social equity, postgraduate learner engagement, undergraduate starting salary and student support

• Top 1 in Victoria for Higher Degree by Research engagement with industry and the community#

• Every student completes work-integrated learning with real industry-lead project opportunities and placements

• Receive high-quality, personalised teaching and outstanding student support

• Live in on-campus accommodation with Fedliving

• Enjoy a quality lifestyle with campuses in regional and city locations

Average tuition fee – AUD 24,950 per year

Specialization- Agriculture and Environment, Business and Commerce, Creative Arts and Media, and more.

Have you given the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) any thought? Well, USQ is a medium-sized university that offers top-notch academic and research opportunities.

One of Australia’s most reasonably priced universities for international students, it offers a wide variety of programs in subjects like law, medicine, engineering, technology, culture, and the arts. You must submit your TOEFL or PEARSON test results and meet all other requirements for an Australia study visa, including obtaining Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC).

Consider the University of Southern Queensland as your top choice for a top-notch education and an unforgettable experience if you’re prepared to apply to an Australian university.

In addition, you can find your perfect UniSQ scholarships!

University of Southern Queensland: Quick Facts

University has been ranked No. 1 in Australia for Graduate Employability by Good Universities Guide, 2017

USQ has 14 fields of research that rated at, or above, world standard

It is one of Australia’s top 3 universities for online study

University offers over 700 professional development courses

USQ gives students access to a personal support network including their own Student Relationship Officer (SRO) which will be with them throughout their USQ journey

Over 80 nationalities are represented across three Australian campuses with more than 25000 students

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 26,760 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 26,000 Per Year


Torrens University is a cheap private university in Australia. It opened in the year 2013, making it one of the youngest universities in Australia.

As the country’s fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia brings a fresh approach to higher education. With employability at the center of everything we do, we offer industry-relevant courses taught by leading experts. Our flexible study options, personalised approach and partnership placements will help you find a career you love.

Torrens University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through its Colleges of Business and Communication, Design, Business, Media Design, Hotel Management, and Hospitality Management.

As of date, Torrens University has 10,000 local and foreign students enrolled in its various schools.

Scholarships available: As part of a global community of learners, Torrens University Australia welcomes students from all over the world to join our industry-focused undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We have many scholarships for new international students available, no matter which area of study you’re interested in. Check more Scholarships!

Torrens University ranked 7th for quality of entire educational experience (QILT, 2022)


Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 25,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 15,000 Per Year

Following the merger of three schools, Charles Darwin University, a public educational institution, was established in 2003. CDU has its main office in Darwin, but it also manages 8 branches there.

CDU, a dual-sector university, provides academic and vocational programs in the fields of business and law, education, engineering and information technology, health and human science, indigenous society, and nursing and midwifery.

Only 6,200 or more students attend CDU, one of Australia’s most reasonably priced universities. Despite the fact that this is the case, 30% of the population is foreign-born.

The costs of your studies at CDU will vary depending on a number of factors, including your study plan and your housing preferences.

Online budget planners can help you create a budget and make sure you are financially ready to move to Australia.We suggest using the Money Smart budget planner as a helpful resource.

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 25,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 25,000 Per Year

In Queensland, Australia, the Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a renowned public university. Following the merger of four institutions, some of which date back to the 1800s, it opened its doors in 1991.

Through its four faculties—Education & Arts, Health Sciences, Law & Business, and Theology & Philosophy—ACU offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

ACU currently has 24,000+ students enrolled across its 7 local branches, 13% of whom are international.

Together with the Catholic University of America, the university has a satellite branch in Rome. The university is not designed for research, but through its intensification program, ACU hopes to increase this activity.

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 26,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 14,000 Per Year

Public university Western Sydney University (WSU) began operations in 1989. Although it also has campuses in Perth, Parramatta, Blacktown, Bankstown, Liverpool, and Hawkesbury, it stays true to its name and serves Western Sydney.

WSU was founded as a result of the merger of two colleges, just like other Australian universities before it. As a result, the university now has a large selection of Schools, including those for business, computing, education, law, medicine, nursing, and midwifery, as well as social science and psychology, science and health, and humanities.

20% of WSU’s 34,750 students are international, representing a comparatively high foreign enrollment rate.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 25,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 14,000 Per Year

In 1996, the University of the Sunshine Coast, also known as USC, first welcomed students. USC has expanded into a large public university with 10,242 students, 18% of whom are international students, from a meager enrollment rate of 624. Despite being relatively new, it has grown into one of Australia’s top universities.

The Fraser Coast, Caboolture, and Gympie campuses of this low-cost Australian university are in addition to the main campus at Sippy Downs. USC students can complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees at these institutions in the following disciplines: business, tourism & information technology, design & communication, creative industry, engineering & science, education, health & sports science.

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 14,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 8,000 Per Year

The University of Wollongong is a public research university with its headquarters in New South Wales, making it one of the most affordable universities in Australia for foreign students. With campuses in Shoalhaven, Sydney, Batemans Bay, Bega, and Moss Vale, it was formerly known as the New South Wales University of Technology.

Business, Engineering & Information Science, Law & Humanities, Science & Medicine, and Social Science are among the many academic disciplines that UOW offers.

Considering how globally oriented UOW is, 29% of its 18,500+ students are from more than 134 different countries.

If you receive a scholarship, moving to Wollongong for school will be much simpler. Based on study area and academic performance, we provide a variety of scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate international students.

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Average tuition fee – AUD 31,596 per academic year

Specialization- Arts, Education and Law, Engineering and Built Environment, Health, Business and Government, Information Technology, Science and Environment

Consider studying in Australia. Let me say that Griffith University might be the best option for you. Located in South East Queensland on Australia’s east coast, this public research university is renowned for its high caliber graduate programs and interdisciplinary research.

Griffith University is renowned for its research-based courses and MBA program in particular. The university has over 200 course options, and more than 50,000 students enroll there each year.

You must obtain an Australia Study Visa, a passport, documentation of your financial support, and health insurance in order to apply to Griffith as an international student and submit your IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE test results.

Griffith University is the ideal option for you if you’re looking to apply to an Australian university and are interested in pursuing higher education and research excellence.

At Griffith, they are dedicated to assisting international students in succeeding by offering top-notch instruction, counseling, and support.

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 60,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 24,000 Per Year

Public university Southern Cross University (SCU) has campuses in Lismore, Coffs Harbour, and Gold Coast. Having only been established in 1994, it is currently one of the best young universities in the world.

The Schools of Art & Social Science, Business & Tourism, Education, Environment & Technology, Health & Human Science, and Law & Justice offer the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs. The College of the Australian Indigenous Peoples is located at SCU.

With 32% of its 10,000+ students coming from outside Australia, SCU has a high foreign student enrollment comparable to that of most universities.

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Undergraduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 27,000 Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From AUD 30,000 Per Year

In Armidale, New South Wales, there is a public university called the University of New England (UNE), which should not be confused with the university in the United States. The New England College of the University of Sydney first opened its doors in 1938. However, it merged with the Northern Rivers College in 1994 to create the current UNE.

This budget-friendly university in Australia is divided into three faculties: humanities, which is in charge of two schools; science, which is in charge of four schools; and medicine and health, which is in charge of three departments.

At the moment, UNE is home to more than 14,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students from Australia and other countries. One of the largest residential institutions in the nation, UNE is home to the majority of its students in its seven colleges.

Average tuition fee – AUD 23,200 per year for bachelor’s programs

Specialization – Business and Information Technology, Creative Industries, Education, Engineering and Science, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Criminology, Tourism, Sport and Events.

A great option is the University of the Sunshine Coast! This prestigious university takes great pride in offering excellent instruction and ensuring student satisfaction.

The university prides itself on having a welcoming and encouraging environment that makes students feel at home. International students must meet USC requirements for English proficiency, which include an academic IELTS score of 6.5 (minimum 6 in each subtest), a TOEFL (PBT) 575 TWE 4, a TOEFL iBT 85 (minimum 21 in writing), or a PTE 58 (no communicative score lower than 50).

Additionally, USC is a popular choice for international students applying to Australian universities because it has some of the most competitive tuition rates for international students.

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Undergraduate: from AUD 79, 200 per year

Graduate: From AUD 54,000 per year

Victoria University, also referred to as VU or VicUni, is an Australian public university that is located in Melbourne. The Footscray Technical School was founded in 1916, and in 1990 it was given university status.

In addition to Sydney, the western region is home to campuses of VU, one of Australia’s top universities. Together, these branches are home to 15,000 students, 28% of whom have international origins.

The College of Art & Education, Business, Engineering & Science, Health & Biomedicine, Law & Justice, or the College of Sports & Exercise Science are all options for students at VU.

If you are an international student at Victoria University (VU), you must pay your tuition in full each semester.

In addition to an application fee for the course, there may be additional materials fees over the course of your studies, depending on the course you select.

Each year, VU award hundreds of scholarships to students at all levels – TAFE (certificates and diplomas), undergraduate (bachelor degrees and honours) and postgraduate. Check VU scholoarships here!

Every international student considers pursuing their studying in Australia at some point. However, the high cost of university and other expenses discourages students from pursuing their dreams and navies them to change their plans.

With your budget-savvy self and our list of cheapest universities in Australia, you are well on your way to organizing your dream study abroad adventure in Australia.

Most universities in Australia are among the top in the world, so you can choose schools located in cities with cheaper living costs.

You can also choose universities with low tuition fees, search for scholarship programs from the Australian government or universities.

Students from around the world have many scholarship opportunities in Australia, including government and university scholarships around the country.

Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students from all over the world. But how do you get a free university …

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