Answered at Last! Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Answered at Last! Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

When it comes to this question, there are usually two camps: some say the egg came first, while others say the chicken came first. In short, there are no conclusive results.

If we list the most controversial “classic” questions, the “brain hack” question cannot be left out. Which came first—the chicken or the egg? Until now, whether the chicken or the egg came first appears reasonable, but there is no definitive answer.

If the chicken came before the egg, who “gave birth” to it? If the egg arrives before the chicken, who lays it? For centuries, philosophers and scientists all over the world have struggled to answer this question. For a long time, many people believed that the egg came first because eggs were present before chickens. However, science has proven the opposite: the chicken came first.

Scientists have finally solved the puzzle.

According to research, a biologist from the United Kingdom discovered that, after a thorough examination of the world, chickens came before eggs.

Because biologists discovered that eggs contain a unique protein that promotes egg formation. Without this protein, eggs will become mushy and crack easily. This protein is only found in the ovaries of hens around the world.

Scientists from the University of Sheffield and Warwick University (UK) explained this answer a few years ago, claiming to have discovered an important protein that makes up chicken egg shells using the HECToR supercomputer. However, it can only be found in hens’ ovaries.

Recently, scientists were able to conclude that chickens came before eggs

While researching the substances found in chicken eggshells, a group of scientists from Sheffield and Warwick universities in the United Kingdom discovered a protein known as ovocledidin-17. This protein, which forms the eggshell, can only be found in the hen’s ovaries. As a result, they concluded that the chicken came before the egg, because an egg requires the protein ovocledin-17.

This unique protein is known by the scientific name ovocledin-17 (OC-17). It converts calcium carbonate to calcite crystals, which act as a catalyst to accelerate eggshell formation. This is similar to a solid, sturdy “house” that will protect the egg yolk or chicks in the future.

Dr. Colin Freeman, one of the researchers at the University of Sheffield, told the British media: “For a long time, many people believed that the egg came first. However, we now have scientific evidence to show that the chicken came before the egg.”

Despite scientific research, many netizens find it “unconvincing”. They posed the question, “If there are no eggs, how can there be chickens?”; “After reading it, I’m still confused because I don’t understand how the chicken fell from the sky?”; “Let’s simply think that chickens evolved from a certain species and then they laid eggs” …

Although calcite is abundant in eggs and animal bones, chickens produce it much faster than other species. Every 24 hours, each hen can produce 6 grams of calcite in their eggshell.

In the chicken-egg relationship, only the chicken and the egg understand what comes before, what comes after, and what causes what. The general concept of Chicken and Egg is simply one that humans come up with during their cognitive processes. With these broad concepts, nothing hatches or gives birth to anything (like a specific chicken and egg in life), and nothing causes or effects anything. The materialist dialectical perspective on the chicken-egg relationship can be applied to a variety of other relationships in daily life.

That also means that, in order to exist outside of the environment, the egg must first be inside the chicken’s body.

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