14 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Korean Online

14 Best Free Sites and Apps To Learn Korean Online

You want to learn Korean language and sound like native speakers because you are extremely interested in the culture, but are you not happy just showing up to class? Not an issue. For every major operating system, there are numerous useful and cost-free Korean language learning applications accessible.

A mobile application created to help users become fluent in Korean is known as a Korean language learning app. It usually provides possibilities for language practice through a variety of activities, vocabulary-building tasks, grammar tutorials, and interactive classes.

These applications are designed for users of all skill levels and frequently include features like audio pronunciation coaching and cultural insights to improve the learning process.

The importance of multilingualism is growing due to innovation, proficiency, and connectivity.

Why not give learning Korean a shot? There are lots of benefits.

It’s never too late to pick up a new language, even though most kids do it in school.

Adult language learners are becoming more and more prevalent. Even still, the majority of them are too busy for regular classes. In spite of this, learning Korean can be started with little time commitment.

The Korean language is of great importance to people all around the world.

Korean is perceived as mysterious by many due to its extreme differences from other languages. Most linguists concur that learning Korean can be difficult.

Players in the market have realized that learning a language, which can be challenging at times, requires balancing time. They have created software, apps, and web-based tools as a means of assisting individuals in learning Korean.

Using a language app has the benefit of allowing you to customize the pace to fit your needs and learning preferences.

It’s not required to show up to class on a busy or off day. Thus, you won’t overlook any important education. You determine how much and when to study.

The majority of apps have short sessions. In order to conveniently fit them into your calendar. In addition, you can select from a variety of lesson plans covering everything from idioms to greetings, depending on what you require.

Keeping yourself busy in a productive way during the little intervals between schedules could also be beneficial.

If a technique incorporates music, video, and visuals, it might be more effective and convincing. Mobile app developers frequently employ visualization. It’s also possible to commit opening phrases or remarks to memory.

Through games, multiple-choice quizzes, and crossword puzzles, apps can aid in vocabulary review. Talk and role-playing scenarios can help you become fully immersed in the circumstance.

Exercises in speaking and listening are also provided, which are more advantageous than merely teaching speaking.

It is accessible to everyone with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Finding a trainer or enrolling in a language school is not necessary.

Using Korean learning apps is less expensive than enrolling in online or in-person language courses of higher caliber.


Anywhere, at any time, you can learn Korean with the Rosetta Stone app. This is one of the world’s oldest language learning platforms.

This was constructed using a natural process known as dynamic immersion. Rosetta Stone uses solely Korean to teach you the language from the very beginning.

With the exception of the instruction, it never utilizes English. We all learn our mother tongue, or first language, in this way as children. Even while this is advantageous, beginners first struggle to comprehend and acquire context.

One of its special features is TrueAccent voice recognition, which verifies your pronunciation. It is not even close to the quality of the human voice, despite its promise. Receiving input from a real person is far superior.

Rosetta Stone has more failures than successes, despite some obvious advantages. As a result, this loses its cultural significance and becomes obsolete and boring over time. Furthermore, this is inappropriate for learning Korean with honorifics.


Use the Pimsleur Method to surround yourself with Korean whenever and wherever you are.

Online access to the audio-based Pimsleur language learning curriculum is available. It can be accessed by users through a CD, an app, or a website.

This approach allows you to acquire the language practically rather than just by memorization. You will speak in your target language as soon as you start.

A significant portion of Pimsleur’s content is audio. You can also learn new words with the use of games, speaking exercises, flashcards, and brief readings in each session.

Pricing: There are two options: premium, which includes things other than audio, and audio-only. For thirty classes, the premium is $150, and for all three levels (90 tracks), it is $335. Additionally, there is a $14.95 monthly option. Despite the complicated and expensive pricing, I believe it is worthwhile!

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The primary method of teaching the Korean alphabet’s pronunciation through audio and animated mouth and tongue position demonstrations is provided by the beginner-only app Popping Korean.

The program has a pretty small amount of material, but it has really clear and brilliant animations, with a cute monster motif!


Mango Languages is a charming and uncomplicated language learning application designed to teach you useful expressions that you may utilize in your daily life. With clear voice recordings of each word and instructions to repeat and record yourself, the content is primarily auditory.

Grammar and vocabulary training are integrated into sections like “getting around,” “asking opinions,” and related expressions. We adored the ability to download courses offline and the timing element on the quizzes, which gave participants a competitive advantage.

Regretfully, Mango Languages only sells their service to larger educational institutions, such as universities, public libraries, and community centers, therefore in order to sign up, you must have a group subscription. If your local library or public school system is subscribed, you can access more than 70 languages in addition to Korean. Check with them to find out.


With the help of the software Hello Talk, you may connect with native speakers of the language you wish to learn as well as those who are interested in learning it. For instance, you would be paired with a Korean speaker who was also interested in learning English if you were a fluent English speaker who also wanted to learn Korean. A Japanese individual wishing to improve their German would be connected to a German who wants to study Japanese, etc.

It’s an easy enough idea to understand, and it resembles the updated form of the antiquated pen pal services.

Given that the majority of us carry our phones with us at all times, it’s effortless and practical. Additionally, it is non-committal and safe, two qualities that appeal to millennials.


In the realm of language learning, Korean Rocket Languages is yet another renowned company.

This app uses interactive audio lessons to instruct users. The user can follow along and take part in the lesson’s activities while listening to the audio.

You may listen to these lessons on the go as well.


LingQ emphasizes vocabulary development, hearing, and reading.

You read aloud from a text while learning new words, crossing them off as you go.

You have the option to click on unfamiliar words and save them for further examination.

The app also offers news, audio articles, podcasts, novels, and stories in audio format.

Anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary memorization and reading comprehension should use LingQ.


With the help of the virtual messenger software Picka Picka, Korean language learners can practice their language abilities in an engaging environment.

Designed with Korean language learners in mind, Picka offers an assortment of narratives with customizable conclusions.

Learners improve their vocabulary and fluency in conversational Korean by practicing in these entertaining settings.

Picka turns learning a language into a joyful experience, making it the perfect choice for individuals looking for a lighthearted and useful language-learning method.

So take advantage of the chance to engage in a variety of discussions and set out on a language journey with Picka—the ideal travel companion for those who wish to learn Korean.

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9. Memrise


The app Memrise teaches languages with flashcards

Memrise would have been among the first names you would have heard if you had considered using an app to learn Korean aloud.

The user interface (UI) is quite intuitive for users. Additionally, all users get access to fundamental features and science-based learning resources.

Although there are thousands of words, phrases, audio and video clips, and hundreds of courses, there are no grammar classes available. You can so thoroughly examine every facet of the language.

You may monitor how much time you spend studying and how often you get the answer right or wrong with Memrise. After that, you’ll be asked questions utilizing a spaced repetition method (SRS) so you can practice and retain all you’ve learned.


With its cutting-edge and enjoyable learning methodology, LingoDeer will have you speaking from day one and gradually advancing to fluency.

The lessons are designed to be simple at first, using a building block method, so that you can feel your development and improvement with each lesson. Additionally, unlike many other programs, LingoDeer’s well-rounded lessons blend vocabulary, sentences, and culture organically, allowing you to employ your newly acquired skills in everyday situations.

To keep things interesting and entertaining, LingoDeer offers a range of lesson and quiz styles. However, language applications are only useful if you genuinely want to use them. Additionally, you can accumulate achievement trophies to record your progress and accomplishments.


Would you be interested in viewing movies to learn Korean?

I mean, it makes sense? Watching engaging dramas, documentaries, and K-movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime is a great way to learn Korean.

This is made possible by Lingopie. You can learn Korean with the website’s many entertaining videos.

Numerous varieties are available with a range of interests and difficulty levels. New releases, K-dramas for beginners, the top 10 Korean thriller movies, family and friends, romantic comedies for beginners, must-see documentaries, etc. are a few examples.

Begin by making an account and selecting a film or television program from the thousands of options. After that, you can watch dual-subtitled Korean movies to pick up the language. Clicking on an unfamiliar word will also bring up an instant translation.


Mondly are well-known for teaching people how to learn languages, including Korean. With the help of this program, users may learn Korean writing, reading, and speaking in an enjoyable manner.

Gamification allows it to impart hundreds of brief lessons. Here you will find everyday sentences, short phrases, and greetings.

Since Korean is an honorific language centered on characters, it requires a great deal of focus and concentration. With Mondly, students may practice without getting bored.


A well-known app called Naver Series provides a huge selection of Korean webtoons that suit a range of tastes and genres. Be careful not to confuse this app with the English version of Naver Webtoon; it just supports English, but this one offers the complete tales with Korean dialogue.

Because it offers interesting material for reading comprehension and exposure to real conversations, it’s perfect for Korean language learners.

Subscribers can establish a habit of regularly exposing themselves to the language by signing up for series. Furthermore, by using visual storytelling to reinforce words and sentences, the program supports learning.

With its combination of audio and visual components, Naver Webtoon is a useful resource for students looking for an immersive learning experience that complements the fundamentals of language learning in Korean.


The Papago App is a language-learning resource that is appropriate for both novice and advanced users because it is made for learners of all skill levels.

This software provides free speaking, reading, and writing courses using audio recordings. With practice and progress monitoring, users can improve their language abilities over time.

Because of its thorough approach and user-friendly layout, it is well-liked among Korean language learners.

Papago is unique in that it offers a tailored learning experience by storing searched terms. For students encountering new words and phrases, this function is priceless. Papago’s phrasebook is also a goldmine of common terms that offer useful language support in everyday circumstances. With the extensive coverage of frequent phrases in the phrasebook, learners may communicate more successfully in Korean.

Papago’s voice function, which serves as both a translation tool and a tool to help you pronounce Korean words more accurately, is another amazing feature. Learners can practice and improve their spoken Korean by speaking into the app and listening to the right pronunciation, which will improve their speaking abilities.

Numerous apps for learning Korean are made for learners of all ability levels, from absolute beginners to experts. Personalized learning is ensured via apps such as Talk to Me in Korean, LingoDeer, and Drops, which provide courses tailored to varying competence levels.

Speaking and listening practice are provided by the majority of the best Korean language learning applications. You can get better at speaking Korean by using apps like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and Babbel, which offer interactive courses that emphasize conversational skills and pronunciation.

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