30+ Best Online Sites Where You Can Get Paid By Completing Surveys

30+ Best Online Sites Where You Can Get Paid By Completing Surveys

Businesses use market research firms to learn what customers think of their goods and services so they can enhance or create new ones.

Market research firms pay a group of panelists to express their opinions and experiences on these goods and services through online and offline panels.

Focus groups are definitely something you’ve heard of. Online questionnaires and forms are used to complete surveys, although the process is quite similar.

Anything, really, that can assist the target company in improving an existing product or creating a brand-new, improved one.

Data is crucial in the corporate world.

Ultimately, how can you create products that your customers will purchase if you have no idea what they want?

Although survey questions span a wide range of subjects, understanding consumers and creating items they desire to purchase are usually the main objectives.

They might include as many details or just be a yes-or-no question.

To give you an idea, let’s say we are surveying users about PayPal, the online platform that makes it simple and quick to send and receive money.

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Why do they pay people to do questionnaires?

Since no one like working for free!

Because individuals require a reason to divert their attention from their hectic schedules in order to provide answers to queries that will further benefit and enrich large enterprises.

MR companies need to provide incentives to individuals so they will take the time to answer these questions and complete the surveys. They pay you, then!

from organizations and firms that compensate them for carrying out these polls.

businesses and manufacturers have to pay MR businesses to conduct surveys on their behalf in order to obtain the data that they so much need and seek.

Now, not every survey website pays or functions in the same manner.

In general, there are three methods of payment:

Cash, made with a check or through PayPal

Points: they can be exchanged for rewards and gift cards.

Enter to win cash and prizes through sweepstakes entries.

However, in addition to offering sweepstakes entries, nearly all survey websites now accept or are going toward gift cards and cash payouts.

PineConeResearch.com is the official website

$3 is the minimum to cash out.

Methods of payment: Direct deposit to Visa gift cards, checks

PineCone is one of the most exclusive online survey panels.

Because you can only participate if invited, it is exclusive. There isn’t a signup form or link on pineconeresearch.com. The “login” tab is the only one!

They don’t accept members year-round; they only do so through invite URLs that they send to certain affiliates. They have quotas that they must meet before they can take on any more members until the following round.

Since MoneyPantry is one of those affiliates, fortunately, we receive the invite link as soon as they open, which we then share with our visitors.

Please take note that if you click the aforementioned link and the registration is closed, we will refresh the URL, so be sure to bookmark this page and return sometimes.

You should join this website for sure, not only because it is exclusive but also because they pay rather well for surveys.

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Every survey you completed used to earn you a one-time $3 payment from them. There was no need for you to wait or ask for payment. There was no minimum amount needed to be cashed out. Every time you finished a survey, they would automatically mail you a $3 check. This is the only paid survey site that I am aware of that offers this function.

However, they recently switched to a point system and included a new feature that most users would find preferable (more on that later.)

Completing surveys earns you points. Every point has a value of roughly $0.01.

Thus, three points are worth $3.

You can request a check in the amount of $3, $5, or $15, or you can use your points to redeem prizes.

It’s crucial to remember that you can instantly redeem your first 300 points for a $3 check. In order to “establish your profile and account,” PineCone accomplishes that.

Their prepaid Visa Card feature is the new feature I previously highlighted. In essence, you can load your survey earnings onto this card. Thus, it’s similar to receiving cash that you can spend online at any location where Visa cards are accepted.

Update: Pinecone Research no longer uses PayPal to send payments to you; instead, they now use direct electronic bank transactions.


Website in its entirety: Parentspeak.com

$10 is the minimum to cash out.

This is a very new survey panel that focuses on parenting and is quite targeted. Considering that many of our readers are also parents, I felt it would be beneficial to bring this up.

The panel is sponsored by C+R Research, a marketing research firm with its headquarters in Chicago.

This is not only a place for surveys. Parents can interact and talk about many topics in this online community.

Of course, their distinctive survey panel is what draws us in.

As you might expect, the subjects and goods they cover in their surveys (which include almost any category of things, including food, entertainment, apparel, gadgets, and so on) are tied to parenting.

Here, the majority of polls have a $1 fixed reward.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

There are follow-up questions in many of their polls that pay $20 to $50. Thus, there is a chance to profit handsomely from this.

Website in its entirety: Kidzeyes.com

$10 is the minimum to cash out.

Use PayPal or a check to make payment.

We discussed the special survey panel for parents, so it seems only right to provide one for children as well.

C+R Research, a marketing research firm with offices in Chicago, is also the parent company of KidzEyes.

Their polls, naturally enough, are focused on things used by children: toys, electronics, games, TV series, music, clothes, etc.

You must be a US resident and between the ages of 6 and 12 to enter.

They perform surveys for well-known producers and businesses to help them get youngster input for better and more advanced product development. On the other hand, as a parent, you can occasionally be requested to take part in a survey as well.

The official Teenseyes website

$10 is the minimum to cash out.

Now that we have discussed parents and children under the age of twelve, it is appropriate to discuss a panel that targets teenagers.

It should come as no surprise that TeensEyes is produced by the same company as ParentSpeack and KidzEyes.

They only let teenagers that are 13 to 18 years old.

It is a panel dedicated to studying products and services used by teenagers, such as snacks, video games, apps, TV series, music, movies, clothes, and so on, as you might imagine.

Receiving Compensation

You can receive points ranging from several hundred to several thousand for each completed survey.

Points are worth one-half each. Thus you can earn anywhere from $2 to $20 for each survey. Of course, some have higher or lower compensation.

You will receive a cheque for at least 1000 points ($10), which is required to pay out.

This panel is peculiar in one very peculiar way, which I’ll let them explain:

Over 60,000 points cannot be accumulated by any member in a single calendar year.

They don’t explain why, but I figure it has something to do with taxation. You know, if you give someone $600 in a year, you have to record that income to the government and give them a tax form at the end of the year. I imagine they have that rule in place so they don’t have to deal with all that paperwork come tax time, as 60,000 equals $600.

Website in its entirety: Lifepoints.com

5550 points are the minimum to cash out ($5)

Pay with PayPal, gift cards, merchandise, or charitable donations.

One of the products of the well-known market research firm LightspeedResearch, which works with some of the biggest brands in the world, is LifePoints.

You can get rewards with LifePoints by taking part in online surveys, product tests, and diaries. It’s true that product testing pays!

In 2014 alone, they disbursed over $32 million to their global membership!

Website in its entirety: ValuedOpinions.com

$20 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with: Instantaneous Amazon gift cards

Research Now LLC, a large research firm that collaborates with institutions such as MRII (Market Research Institute International), is the sponsor of the Valued Opinions panel.

Since its creation in 2004, the panel has gradually expanded to rank among the best online survey panels.

A vast range of subjects are covered in their surveys, including food, apparel, gadgets, and even films and TV series.

Every survey you complete earns you credits that you can exchange for gift cards from well-known retailers like Macy’s, Target, Amazon.com, and others.

This website’s gift vouchers are mailed to you instantly, which is something I like. You can request a gift card as soon as your account balance reaches $20, and the code—for example, an Amazon gift certificate code—is quickly sent to your email.

Official website: usability.microsoft.com

Cash out minimum: none

Pay with a gift card, free software, and games.

This is Microsoft’s internal survey panel, used to collect opinions on all of the company’s current and upcoming products. You are able to try out new games, software, and other products that the company produces.

Their studies often take an hour or so.

As a thank you for your involvement, Microsoft items and free software are given to you.

The official iPsosisay website

500 point minimum to cash out

Pay with a Visa gift card, PayPal, or retail gift cards.

One of the top worldwide market research firms, Ipsos, was established in 1975 and powers i-Say.

The organization claims to have conducted more than 70 million interviews (focus groups, surveys, etc.) annually for more than 5,000 clients spread across more than 100 countries.

That ought to demonstrate the size of this business and the seriousness with which they handle their online survey panel.

You gain i-Say points here. The length of the survey determines how many points you receive; generally, lengthier surveys yield higher scores.

One benefit of this one is that, in contrast to some websites, where you have to wait days or even weeks to receive credit after completing the survey, this one credits your account right away.

Web: Toluna.com

Cash out minimum: 50 points

Pay with: Prizes or gift cards

You guessed it—Toluna is a division of Toluna Group, a massive international market research company.

Additionally, there are many different polls available that award points. You can receive anything from 3000 to 6000 points for each survey.

When you have at least 30,000 points in your account, you can exchange your points for gifts and cash.

Although that may seem excessive, you should realize that it wouldn’t take long to meet the minimal requirement given that the average survey pays between 3000 and 6000 points, that you receive 500 points simply for signing up, several thousand points for finishing various profile sections, and hundreds of points for referring friends.

Presently, in order to receive prizes and gift cards, 30,000 points are needed.

Website in its entirety: HarrisPoll.com

Cash out minimum: 1250 points ($10)

Pay with: instantaneous e-gift cards

Another reliable panel that receives the Seal of Integrity from CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) is HarrisPoll, one of the few.

You can earn points on this website as well, called “HIpoints,” which can be exchanged for digital gift cards.

Along with these points, you also enter their biweekly and quarterly Harris Panel Sweepstakes for a chance to win goodies!

You can get anything from 75 to 200 points for each survey. You’ll need 1250 points, or $10, in order to cash out.

You’ll also receive the prizes right away because they are electronic gift cards. Here, too, there’s no waiting!

One of the things I particularly enjoy about HP is that it is one of the few websites that offers you something, an entry into the HarrisPoll Sweepstakes, even if you aren’t eligible for a survey.

However, that’s not all.

You also receive 15 extra HIpoints from them.

Not many points, however when you are rejected from a survey, most websites don’t offer you anything.

ipoll.com is the official website.

$25 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay using PayPal, iTunes gift cards, or Amazon.com e-vouchers.

One of the few survey providers on our list that offers online polling outside of the United States and a few other western nations is iPoll.

India, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, Pakistan, China, and many other countries have panels for it.

The creators of one of the most well-known panels, Gozing, which reportedly paid its users over $5,000,000 between 1999 and 2005, founded iPoll back in 2008 as SurveyHead. Greenfield Online purchased Gozing for $30 million in 2005.

The best thing about iPoll is that in addition to being free to sign up, you also get a $5 sign-up bonus simply for doing so.

In addition to taking surveys, you might occasionally be assigned to go mystery shopping or participate in product testing. They also have a lot of teen surveys, which is why anyone who is 17 years old and older can register.

Receiving compensation

Regarding the incentives, this does not use a point system. It’s cash only. You can expect to earn $1 to $5 every survey on average.

To cash out, you must meet a minimum requirement of $25. That may seem expensive, but it’s not too bad given that you receive the first $5 promptly and for free.

There are several ways to cash out after you reach $25:

PayPal transactions

Amazon.com digital coupons

iTunes gift cards

In addition to receiving payment for completing surveys, members are also eligible to participate in quarterly $10,000 sweepstakes draws, which is quite nice considering they get four opportunities to win year.

The iPoll application

It would be remiss to discuss iPoll without bringing up their fantastic app.

Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the iPoll app is free.

Links to download the app:

iPoll for Android

Apple iPoll

This survey software is unique because, in addition to offering you the opportunity to complete additional surveys while on the road, it also allows you to get paid for completing other little jobs. Think of it as a similar service to TaskRabbit or other websites and applications that pay you for brief tasks.

These “assignments” are given to you according to your demographics and region.

These chores include things like visiting a particular business, scheduling a reservation, snapping a picture of a product, etc.

The finest aspect?

You immediately receive cash payment!

Website in its entirety: OpinionOutpost.com

$50 in minimum points needed to cash out

Pay with PayPal, iTunes gift cards, or Amazon gift cards.

Survey Sampling International, LLC (SSI), another titan in the market research sector, supports Opinion Outpost.

This reward system is point-based, thus you get points for finishing the various surveys.

Your points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, iTunes credits, or cash (via PayPal).

This panel is great because, in addition to earning predetermined incentives, you can enter their quarterly prize draw for a chance to win $10,000.

That is merely the cherry on top!

Website in its entirety: Swagbucks.com

$1 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with gift cards or PayPal.

Despite not technically being an online survey panel, Swagbucks is one of the greatest websites for making extra money online, therefore it merits a place on this list.

Making a profit

There are a ton of alternatives available to you when it comes to cashing out.

From PayPal payments, charitable donations, and gift cards from hundreds of retailers, like Amazon, Target, Macy’s, and others.

To get compensated, there isn’t actually a minimal criterion. Even if your account just has $1 in it, you can still cash out.

The best part is that, as of right now, enrolling also earns you a free $5 sign-up bonus.

Inboxdollars.com is the official website.

$30 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with a check

Swagbucks and InboxDollar are quite similar. You get paid to answer surveys, play games, shop, watch videos, and fulfill offers.

This one has a very long history. The ABC program Good Morning America has even mentioned it.

To date, they have disbursed more than $43 million to their members. That should reveal something about its validity!

The only thing about it that bothers me is that their $30 minimum cashout requirement is kind of steep.

You do, however, receive a $5 bonus simply for signing up, and you do be paid a little extra for completing your profile. It is likely that you will be able to make the first $10 within the first several days.

You can get a check after you have thirty dollars.

Yougov.com is the official website.

$50 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with: Gift Cards (for a variety of online and physical retailers), Prizes (t-shirts, tote bags, etc.)

Interesting subjects such politics, public affairs, goods, brands, and current events are frequently the focus of their polls.

zthe official website, nicequest.com/us

$5 is the minimum to cash out.

Payment options include: merchandise, gift cards from stores, movie passes, restaurant gift cards, charitable donations, and sweepstakes entries.

This fantastic panel also provides surveys for teens and Hippocampi, in addition to surveys that you can complete on your phone using their survey app.

They offer well-paying surveys. It is therefore quite well-liked.

However, there is a drawback.

The only way to enter is by an invitation. These invitation codes are available on their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as through their internet advertising initiatives.

With every survey, you receive points, or “Shells.” One Shell is about equal to ten.

When it comes to using your earnings to redeem prizes, NiceQuest offers one of the widest ranges available. You may choose from rewards like toys, electronics, and gift cards for a ton of online and physical retailers, as well as gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters, as well as charitable donations.

I truly enjoy NiceQuest because, in contrast to most other websites, you can still accrue points even if you don’t meet the requirements and finish the survey.

This makes the website a must-join!

http://www.datatelligence.net is the official website.

Cash out minimum: 1000 points

Pay with Prizes via PayPal

The majority of their polls take about ten minutes. Regretfully, there aren’t many surveys accessible. 1-2 surveys could be sent to you each month.

Certain surveys provide you cash, while others give you the chance to enter sweepstakes or gain Datatelligence points.

Website in its entirety: http://www.fusioncash.net/

$25 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with a check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

FusionCash and CashCrate are comparable in that they aren’t solely survey panels managed by MRP firms. Additionally, you can earn money by purchasing, completing offers on different websites, and participating in surveys. Additionally, you receive a $5 sign-up incentive.

https://engagestudies.com/participate/ is the official website.

$50 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with a check

Some of the highest paying surveys, ranging from $50 to $250, are available from Engage Studies. The drawback, though, is that not many surveys are offered all year round. However, it’s a useful website to have in your collection of websites that pay for surveys.

https://www.hcdsurveys.com/panel/index.cfm is the official webpage.

$10 is the minimum to cash out.

You will often receive between 100 ($1) and 500 ($5) points, or $1 and $5, for completing each survey.

I dislike that you can wait up to 4-6 weeks to receive your payment from this website. Given how time-consuming it is to process checks for businesses that size, I suppose it makes sense. Since PayPal is simple to use and allows you to get your payment promptly, I wish they would all switch.

http://www.pandaresearch.com is the official website.

$50 is the minimum to cash out.

Make a payment using PayPal.

You can also get paid to read emails with Panda. Every paid email is worth 3¢ to 25¢. As soon as you register, you also receive a $3 bonus.

Website in its entirety: https://village.gongos.com

$5 is the minimum to cash out.

Use gift cards to make payments.

Their controlled surveys are the one feature that distinguishes CV from other panels. They feature “moderated” surveys in addition to the standard ones where you respond to questions and discuss the subject with other panelists under the guidance of a moderator.

the official website, pollsurveys.com.

$5 is the minimum to cash out.

Pay with gift cards or PayPal.

One of the first survey panels that has established itself as a reliable source of income is ePoll.

Website in its entirety: http://cashcrate.com/

$20 is the minimum to cash out.

Make a payment using PayPal.

There are more ways to earn money with CashCrate besides taking surveys. In addition, you can get money by purchasing, completing deals, and even sending friends and relatives to the website. For advice on how to increase your revenue using CashCrate, see our evaluation of the website.

https://www.ncponline.com/panel/US/EN/Login.htm is the official webpage.

Cash out minimum: 8,000 points

Method of payment: Prepaid Visa Gift Card

Here, you scan your purchase receipts and respond to a few brief questions about the items you recently purchased, rather than rating TV shows. This is an exclusive panel from the well-known Nielsen corporation—yes, the same firm that produces Nielsen TV Rating.

http://us.myopinionnow.com is the official website.

Cash out minimum: $20 ($20,000) or 20,000 Points.

Pay with a check

Every survey you complete here earns you RewardPoints. You gain more RP the longer the survey is.

Website in its entirety: https://paidviewpoint.com

$15 is the minimum to cash out.

Make a payment using PayPal.

The speedy payouts for Paid View points are something I really enjoy about them. PayPal payments are often received in less than 72 hours.

https://www.springboardamerica.com/ is the official website.

$20 minimum cash out amount for 5000 points

Pay with gift cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and PayPal or with a prepaid Visa.

Here, you receive points for each survey you complete, which are added to your account quite rapidly (often within a day or two of finishing the survey).

http://www.acop.com/ is the official webpage.

Cash out minimum: 1000 points

Pay with Hyperwallet or PayPal.

Decision Analyst, Inc., one of the leading market research companies in the nation, runs the American Consumer Opinion panel. They have a long history and have established themselves as a reliable survey provider—more significantly, though.

Website in its entirety: https://www.oneopinion.com

Cash out minimum: $25,000 or 25,000 points

Pay using Prepaid Visa or PayPal.

OneOpinion provides occasional product testing in addition to surveys.

https://community.panelpolls.com/ is the official website.

Cash out minimum: $20 ($20,000 / 20,000 points)

Pay with a check

Many of their surveys are directed towards families. You can also take part in their paid focus groups.

https://community.panelpolls.com/kids_projects.php is the official webpage.

Cash out minimum: $11 or 1000 points

Pay with a check

In reality, Kids Opinions is a component of PanelPolls. Your children may engage in their kid-friendly surveys with your consent.

With any luck, this article and the directory of survey websites will enable you to earn a little additional money with surveys without falling victim to frauds.

Don’t forget to save this article. If there’s enough interest, I’ll make this website function more like a directory where we can add and edit surveys all the time.

Recall that while doing surveys won’t make you wealthy, you can utilize your spare time to earn a little more cash and contribute to the creation of goods and services that you use on a daily basis.

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