Wrist Lines Revealing Your Destiny: Happiness or Suffering, Wealth or Poverty Based on Physiognomy

Wrist Lines Revealing Your Destiny: Happiness or Suffering, Wealth or Poverty Based on Physiognomy

Wrist veins, also known as wrist lines, are horizontal lines located beneath the wrist that separate the palm of the hand from the rest of the arm.

According to physiognomy, the lines on a person’s wrist can tell a lot about their future, personality, and overall health.

According to Eastern physiognomy, the number of wrist ridges corresponds to a person’s lifespan. The number of ridges determines your life expectancy. If the first ridge is clear and continuous, you will live for at least 23-28 years, while the following lines correspond to 46-56 years, 69-84 years, and more than 84 years.

Only a few people have four lines on their wrists. Most people have only two or three options. The first ridge is regarded as the most important because it contains more information than the other lines.

This line represents human health and vitality.

If this line is long, straight, and bold, it indicates that you have a healthy body, a successful career, and a happy, long life. On the contrary, if this line is short, unclear, or interrupted, it indicates that your health is poor and you are dealing with a number of difficult issues.

For women, curved, facing the palm, or unclear lines indicate gynecological disease, which can cause difficulty conceiving, irregular or late menstruation. Similarly, men will experience prostate and reproductive tract issues.

As a result, you must change your lifestyle, keep your mind relaxed, and consume more nutritious foods in order to maintain good health and have the energy to overcome challenges.

This line is frequently interpreted as predicting each individual’s destiny. It represents your success and satisfaction in life.

If you have a clear, sharp, and unbroken second line, you will always be happy, lucky, and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

However, if this line has cracks, you will face financial difficulties. Please work hard to resolve this situation.

The third wrist line represents career and fame. If this line is clear, you will have a successful career and possibly become famous.

Furthermore, this line demonstrates that you have made numerous accomplishments in your life and that you have a significant impact on those around you. The more seamless the mark on the ridge, the better your chances of success. People will always remember you.

This ridge represents longevity and fertility.

The fourth wrist Wrist Line is extremely rare, and not everyone has it.

If these lines are clear and sharp, you will live a long life and leave many descendants.

At the same time, the fourth Wrist Line carries the same meaning as the third. Those who are fortunate enough to have this line will see their fortune and career increase many times over. Everything in life goes smoothly, and my wish has been granted.

However, you should not be concerned even if this ridge is bent or broken. The presence of this ridge indicates that you have great control over your life and consistently make positive changes in yourself.

We used to be told that the hand’s palm line had a deep significance. My palm line is not the only thing with significance. The wrist line has a profound significance of its own.

According to physiognomy experts, you can predict your future based on the number of wrist lines. This indicates that the number of lines on your wrist indicates your age.

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