Physiognomy: Which People Are Luckier with Long or Short Hair?

Physiognomy: Which People Are Luckier with Long or Short Hair?

Some people believe that there are two methods for determining which hairstyle best suits your face. One method is to use the hour, day, month, and year of birth to determine whether you should wear short or long hair. Second, you can use the arrangement of the five senses of the face to find a hairstyle that will attract luck.

On the face, the five parts correspond to the five elements as follows:

• The nose belongs to the Earth element

• Feathers and hair belong to the Wood element

• The mouth and ears belong to the Water element

• The cheekbones (cheekbones) belong to the Metal element

• Eyes belong to the Fire element

According to facial physiognomy, when the five senses on the face are symmetrical and there is a balance in the five elements, the owner will have a lovely face, leading to many luck and blessings.

Based on the principle that Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, Water generates Wood to balance the length of the hair.

Some people may feel better eating and healthier after cutting their hair because longer hair means stronger wood. Wood has overcome Earth, and the spleen belongs to Earth, so eating and drinking will be harmful.

Additionally, people with small mouths or ears should avoid wearing long hair. The mouth is an energy source linked to health and wealth. According to the five-element relationship, the mouth and ears are Water. Water is already weak, but it gives birth to Wood (hair), which weakens even further, affecting a person’s health and fortune.

Looking at the hairstyle that best suits the face, modern medicine believes that hair absorbs a significant amount of nutrition from the body. The more hair, the more nutrition it requires. If the body consumes nutrients to grow long hair, other parts may not receive adequate nutrition.

Over time, the body will become weak and even ill. As a result, women in general should avoid having their hair grow too long in order to maintain good health.

To determine hair length, we must consider the relationship between the five senses and the five elements on the face. The path to wealth and good health will be smooth if the five elements are in harmony and contain favorable elements.

In physiognomy, the nose symbolizes fortune. People with large noses are often thought to be wealthy. When they are not wealthy in their youth, their future fortunes will be prosperous, and they will enjoy a prosperous life.

However, in reality, many people with large noses are not wealthy because their five senses do not work well together. For example, a person with a large nose but small cheekbones cannot stand out.

The explanation for this issue is as follows: Because cheekbones are associated with metal, low cheekbones indicate poor metal, little money, and a lack of fortune. Because Metal is too weak to consume Earth, it affects this person’s temperament, making him overly strong and hot-tempered, constantly self-centered and unconcerned about those around him.

As a result, if you have long hair (Wood) to counteract the power of Earth, you can achieve balance, bringing good fortune from the five elements.

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