How to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Any Experience

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Any Experience

Virtual assistants are currently in high demand due to the increasing rise of online businesses. Owners and managers realize that they don’t need someone in a specific city or on payroll to do duties, so they’re looking for virtual assistance. That implies you (working from home or wherever you desire) could be an ideal candidate for firms throughout the world.

Providing assistance as a virtual administrative support person entails completing tasks for businesses using internet resources. Many of these are duties and applications that you are already familiar with. Being a virtual assistant does not necessitate an advanced degree or extensive (if any) experience. If it appeals to you, keep reading.

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A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who provides support to businesses and professions. A virtual assistant employs technology to complete activities remotely rather than traveling to a physical site.

There are various reasons that business owners engage virtual assistants, including

Making commercial activities function more smoothly.

Scaling Business Growth

Ensure that duties beyond the business owner’s core expertise areas are completed.

A virtual assistant, for example, can handle administrative work like data entry, email management, and appointment scheduling, allowing a business owner to focus on customer service, product development, and growth strategy.

A virtual assistant is basically someone who can assist with work from a remote place. This means that you will provide clients with day-to-day services as a contractor or self-employed individual. This may include, but is not limited to, email management, article writing, bookkeeping, graphic design, social networking, and more!

Every VA provides unique services. Consider your strengths and tailor your offer accordingly.

The best thing you can do, especially when starting out, is to concentrate in a niche and provide your services to a specific sort of organization.

In the long term, becoming an expert in your specialty will result in higher pay per work.

As you explore starting a virtual assistant career, you may be wondering what income to expect. Your income is determined by the services you provide, the rates you charge, the country you live in, the quantity of clients you serve at any given moment, and your talents and knowledge.

It’s a good idea to examine average virtual assistant wages and hourly rates on the following job sites:

Glassdoor: $41,441 per year in the U.S.

Indeed: $24.75 per hour in the United States

Zip Recruiter: $43,383 per year or $21 per hour in the United States

Another excellent technique for evaluating how much you can earn is to browse virtual assistant profiles on several markets. How much do other VAs charge for their services? Here are some examples of data you can collect:

On Fiverr, you keep 80% of your earnings.

Upwork allows you to set hourly rates as low as $10 per hour and as high as $60 per hour.

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What are the most popular virtual assistant services?

Looking through today’s job advertisements, we discovered that these seven duties and needs are among the most in-demand for freelance virtual assistants and virtual administrative assistants:

Cold calling.

Cold calling is when you phone somebody to try to pique their interest in a product or service. What makes it “cold” is that the folks you call haven’t expressed any interest. You’ve most likely heard the term telemarketing. In these professions, you’ll often make a number of calls each day, stick to a sales script, and have a very clear aim, like’sell product X’ or ‘get them to agree to attend a demo.’

To succeed, a VA must be able to deal with rejection effectively. Working from home can make things a little easier, though.

Accepting customer calls

Many businesses are outsourcing their phone calls as administrative jobs. This means you’ll be given a phone dialer or number and will be responsible for answering any calls that come in. Depending on the company and the call, you may be asked to deliver information to customers or dig up details—such as order information—for callers. After understanding the caller’s request, you often redirect calls to the appropriate individual. This necessitates a thorough awareness of business departments and the capacity to think on your feet.

Email communications

Some businesses have shifted from phone-based sales to email communications since it is now quicker to get some clients to respond to an email than to pick up the phone. Online businesses may not have regular phone lines, therefore email is another option to provide customer care.

Email communications for virtual assistants include a wide range of topics. You may respond to client inquiries and questions. Alternatively, you might develop sales emails to send to customers after a meeting or when they sign up for a newsletter or a promotional discount on your website. Professionalism and a customer-centric mindset can be quite beneficial.

Customer Scheduling

Small business owners frequently recruit newly certified virtual assistants to assist them with day-to-day chores. One of the most crucial tasks is to schedule customer meetings, calls, and follow-ups. For these activities, you’ll often be focused on the timetable and must first check a person’s email. You collect all of the meeting requests from their emails and schedule them on a calendar.

In more advanced positions, you may be required to attend the meeting itself in order to assist in scheduling future meetings. Frequently, you’ll need to contact your employer to discover who has scheduled a follow-up meeting or who needs to set one. Then you’ll be in charge of contacting the consumer by email or phone and attempting to schedule their time.

File management and maintenance

Many businesses require organized individuals to maintain their paperwork and files so that everyone in the firm can find them. Virtual assistants are really useful here because your job will be to swiftly review documents and sort them into the appropriate locations. You may also need to rename the files so that they follow a uniform style. Maintenance of files is going through shared folders or drives, such as OneDrive or Google Drive, to ensure that all files are in the right place and named correctly.

The freedom and flexibility are unquestionably my favorite aspects about being a virtual assistant!

We mean, what’s better than being able to work from anywhere and set my own hours? Flexibility is very important to me as a mother.

Also, the idea that there is an endless revenue potential is incredible!

Being a virtual assistant can seem like a lot of work, but there are just a few steps to getting started and finding your first client. You’ll need to understand the tasks and how to do them before creating your own business information and applying for jobs. It will go quickly, and many freelancers discover that it isn’t as difficult as they previously anticipated.

1. Take training classes

You must prepare to operate as a virtual assistant and establish your own internet business. The best place to start is by looking for online training for virtual assistants. You can currently access a wide range of free and paid courses and skill-building resources. When you locate some that appeal to you, read reviews or ask other VAs for recommendations. Consider joining LinkedIn or other networking organizations and asking virtual administrative assistants about the courses they completed.

Learning from experts is an excellent method to develop the necessary abilities and understand what will be required of you when you begin your first career.

2. Determine what work you enjoy and can do.

After you’ve taken a couple of classes and read a few blogs like this one, it’s time to decide out what VA responsibilities you enjoy and excel at. These are excellent starting points for determining what services you can provide to clients.

Make a list of the chores you’ll complete and observe how they’re related. If there are any tasks you are unable to do, record them as well. It will help you avoid embarking on projects that are unlikely to succeed.

When you initially start off, you’ll be working on a variety of tasks at simultaneously. This will cover your business and internet work, as well as any services you provide to clients. Sticking to your strengths will help you perform better.

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3. Determine the prices to charge.

Pricing and costs for virtual administrative assistants (VAs) vary substantially. How much you earn will vary depending on the jobs you perform and the size of your clientele. The best place to start is to look at how much others are paid.

Visit pages that feature top freelance virtual assistants or promote VA jobs to locate online clients and compare prices. Price your services in line with what you observe on the market so that people are willing to give you a chance and you do not charge too little to keep your business afloat.

Remember that your prices should be high enough to cover your business expenses and overhead, as well as any additional costs such as healthcare. Being a freelancer means no paid vacation or perks, unless you earn enough money to fund those expenses yourself.

4. Establish an internet presence.

After you’ve determined your preferences and price, it’s time to communicate them with everyone. The best place to start is to establish an online portfolio or resume that showcases your previous work experience, relevant professional abilities, and any credentials obtained through training courses. Having a website and a social media presence can help people find you more easily.

There are numerous free options for constructing a website, and your social media presence should include LinkedIn and Facebook. There are other platforms like Upwork that provide you with a standard portfolio, making it easy for clients to evaluate you and see what you can do.

5. Start applying for employment.

Now you need to start seeking for those clients! The first step is to check on job boards for companies in need. Some services, such as Upwork, allow people to engage freelance virtual assistants right away. In other circumstances, you may notice that a corporation wishes to hire an assistant. Instead of applying for the permanent post, email the HR department or hiring manager and offer your services as a virtual assistant. This would allow you to work from home and have more control over your freelance day while still providing the services that the client requires.

Remember to always be professional and responsive. People want you to communicate swiftly and clearly, therefore they will anticipate a prompt response to any phone calls or emails they send.

6. Learn about yourself and your clients.

The final step is to process all of this knowledge as a learning experience. As you begin to work, you will discover that some people, companies, industries, business kinds, and jobs appeal to you while others do not. Use this to help you specialize and market your services. You’ll be ready to do your best work in situations you enjoy, which will result in favorable feedback after you complete their assignments.

This is your business, so focus on what is important to you and you will have the best chance of success.

Finding a virtual assistant job is not difficult. Many companies offer virtual assistant employment, whether you want a full-time or freelance career.

We have compiled a list of the best ones for you!


FlexJobs is an online employment board that offers flexible work-from-home options, such as remote, freelance, and part-time roles. It’s the ideal website for anyone looking to start a remote career. They offer a section where they list all virtual assistant positions.

All employment opportunities are rigorously reviewed and checked for scams before they are accepted, ensuring that all occupations mentioned here are legitimate ways to generate money.

What is the catch? It is not free!

To apply to job listings, you must pay $2.95 for the first 14 days (followed by a monthly cost).

However, if you do not wish to renew your subscription, you may cancel at any time. No questions were asked.


The Fiverr logo is ideal for finding virtual assistant jobs. It allows you to create an online profile and apply for offered projects.

It’s a terrific online platform for gaining experience while you’re just getting started, but there aren’t many high-paying jobs there.

If you put in the effort to build a strong profile, you will be able to land a few entry-level positions. This will allow you to obtain experience.

You can then apply for higher-paying employment through other platforms.

For further information, see my tutorial on


Similar to Fiverr, it is one of the world’s largest freelance websites.

This means that someone is always bidding less for each project, which may lead to you charging far less than you deserve.

It’s an excellent, user-friendly platform that may help you launch your virtual assistant profession, especially if you have no prior experience and are just getting started.

Most of these organizations will promote virtual assistant employment for beginners, so looking through job postings on these websites is a smart place to start if you have little experience.

But, honestly, we feel that identifying potential clients on your own is the best approach to acquire good clients and get paid what you are worth.

How? Many businesses prefer not to pay a third-party platform to find virtual assistants. They prefer to search for VAs themselves or ask for suggestions in Facebook groups.

If you want to work as a virtual assistant for food bloggers, join some Facebook groups and wait for someone to inquire if they know of a good VA.

Be wary of scammers and always follow the group rules.

To be honest, all you need is a computer, stable internet, and a little “figure-it-out-ness” to get started.

If you’re a self-taught learner, you can swiftly grasp concepts through Google searches.Virtual support is an excellent choice for you! You don’t need to know everything right away.

As a virtual assistant, your job is not only to deliver a service, but also to enhance the company’s revenue. You can observe how much you improved for those that hired you by adding as much value as possible. With commercial Virtual Assistants on the rise, it is crucial to remember that you are still accountable for your own business and must learn how to set boundaries and run it in a way that works for you.

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