Top 10 Best Security And Bodyguard Services In The U.S

Top 10 Best Security And Bodyguard Services In The U.S


Since its inception in 1986, ISA has emerged as one of the world’s most regarded independent dignitary protection services. The International Security organization (ISA) was founded as a global security enforcement organization, with the primary goal of providing executive security both overseas and domestically. As they reached their third decade of operation, they retained their position as a worldwide security leader, and they are known throughout the industry for their dynamic approach, use of superior methods, proven approaches, and effective outcomes.


Allied Universal has been in business for over 60 years and has opportunities available in nearly every state. Depending on the state in where you operate, you are responsible for maintaining your license current. Allied Universal is a fantastic alternative for those who are new to the security guard field, as many jobs do not require extensive expertise.

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American Hawk Security, headquartered in Colorado, specializes in event security, warehouse security, clinic and hospital security, bodyguard services, and, most importantly, medicinal marijuana security. Employees go through a regular background check and are known for providing excellent customer service.


Prosegur has been in business for almost 45 years, serving over 26 countries with over 150,000 personnel. Their mission is to hire the greatest security specialists in the industry and make the globe a safer place. They provide opportunities both nationally and internationally, as well as a full range of benefits, competitive compensation, and intriguing business resources.


To work for Brinks, you must have at least one year of experience as an armed guard, a military background, or protective service experience. Most roles with this company are armed, and employees must receive the necessary licenses. Brinks takes pride in its culture and provides employee training as well as attractive wages.


Eagle Eye International Protective Services is a strategic level security management group with highly experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, including industrial security, financial services, law enforcement, military special operations, and intelligence.

Furthermore, Eagle Eye International Protective Services constantly prioritizes careful screening and methodical training of skilled professionals who are motivated and dedicated to performing their best.


PIPM is a private security company based in Toronto, Ontario, that offers security guard services, private investigator and bodyguard services, and security training courses to private and corporate clients. PIPM was formed to provide bodyguard and private investigation services to clients in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and other parts of Ontario. Today, PIPM is a top security company in Toronto and across Canada.

PIPM’s workforce includes former members of the special forces, highly qualified security specialists, and expert technicians. As a result, PIPM is proud to be recognized as one of the best security guard companies in Toronto, and it aims to give only the highest quality services.


Global Guardian is a company that provides security solutions that are tailored to the client’s specific needs, assisting clients in identifying and mitigating the dangers associated with international and domestic travel and business.

Global Guardian has the most comprehensive due diligence process in the industry, which includes strict insurance and employee screening requirements, initial and ongoing operational readiness, capability testing, extensive sustainment training, bilingual speakers, and 24-hour operational capabilities, among other things.


GardaWorld provides services in the United States as well as 45 other countries worldwide. They are the world’s largest privately held integrated security and risk management firm, with over 102,000 security experts and 300 branches.


Academi was an American private military organization founded on December 26, 1996, as Blackwater by former Navy SEAL commander Erik Prince. It was rebranded Xe Services in 2009 and renamed Academi in 2011 after a consortium of private investors purchased the company.

In 2007, a gang of its personnel slaughtered 17 Iraqi residents and injured 20 others in Nisour Square, Baghdad, and four guards were convicted in the United States, but President Donald Trump pardoned them on December 22, 2020.


A former senior Soviet navy officer formed International Security Services. ISS swiftly established a reputation as one of the most dependable security services and training institutions in the private security market.

Founded in 1999, International Security Services (ISS) is a dependable, full-service provider of security-related services to clients. ISS has evolved and expanded its offerings to cover a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality, dependable security services delivered by the industry’s best-trained personnel.

In the United States, choosing the best bodyguard for hire requires careful consideration and a thorough evaluation process. To find a qualified bodyguard, follow the steps below:

Evaluate your security needs

Consider your security requirements first. Determine the appropriate level of security, whether for executive protection, event security, personal security, or any other specific situation. Recognize the hazards and threats you may face in order to determine the skills and experience required for a bodyguard.

Research and Gather Recommendations

Conduct a comprehensive search for reputable bodyguard services in the United States. Seek advice from trusted sources, such as friends, family, coworkers, or security professionals. You can also seek suggestions from law enforcement agencies, private investigation firms, or security industry associations.

Verify licensing and certification

Ensure that the bodyguard you hire has the permits and qualifications required by the state or jurisdiction. Consult your state’s specific licensing requirements to learn about the restrictions that apply in your area. Valid certifications such as Certified Protection Professional (CPP) or Certified Executive Protection Specialist (CEPS) demonstrate a bodyguard’s expertise and dedication to their profession.

Review Experience and Expertise

Evaluate the Assess the bodyguard’s qualifications and experience. Consider their experience in the military, law enforcement, or other relevant security roles. Look for people who have effectively managed security jobs related to your needs in the past. Check to discover if they are familiar with the specific locations or places where you require protection.

Conduct interviews to assess fit.

Interview potential bodyguard applicants to determine their suitability. During interviews, assess the candidates’ demeanor, professionalism, and communication skills. Discuss your security concerns, and analyze their ability to understand and meet your specific needs. Learn how they approach risk analysis, emergency preparedness, and conflict resolution.

Request references.

Request references from previous customers or employers from the bodyguard. Consult these references to understand more about the bodyguard’s trustworthiness, expertise, and professionalism. Ask them about their encounters with the bodyguard and whether they would recommend them.

Assess training and specializations.

Inquire about the bodyguard’s education and any particular skills they may possess. A trustworthy bodyguard should have received extensive training in close protection techniques, defensive driving, first aid, threat assessment, and tactical armament. Examine their training background and any other certifications they may possess.

Assess professionalism and discretion.

A bodyguard must be professional and discreet. Make sure the bodyguard respects your privacy, maintains confidentiality, and is confident in your appearance. Examine their ability to adapt to varied environments while being attentive and receptive to potential security threats.

Request a security plan.

Request a comprehensive security plan from the bodyguard that is tailored to your needs. This strategy should contain measures for risk mitigation, safety precautions, and crisis management. Consider the viability and efficiency of the security solutions being proposed.

Consider Cost and Contract Terms

Finally, discuss the financial aspects, such as the bodyguard’s wages, payment schedule, and contract terms. Make sure you understand the services covered in the contract, as well as any potential additional costs.

When hiring a bodyguard, keep in mind the importance of communication and trust. It is vital to establish confidence and ensure that the bodyguard is aware of your expectations and concerns. Using these strategies and conducting thorough due research, you can choose a qualified and trustworthy bodyguard in the United States to meet your security requirements.

Crime can strike at any time, and the police may not always respond on time. To keep your home, business, and property safe, you must hire the best security firms in the world. Finding the right security services can be tough, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Take note of the items above for additional information as needed.

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