Top 13 Countries with the World’s Most Valuable Brands 2024

Top 13 Countries with the World’s Most Valuable Brands 2024

The 100 most valuable brands in the world are listed below, according to Brand Finance’s (UK) 2024 Global 500 annual ranking.

Brands are important in increasing shareholder value, but determining their value is difficult. Investing in a brand can help businesses reap long-term rewards, but because this financial benefit is difficult to quantify, most authorities around the world prohibit businesses from displaying their commercial assets. Signal on the balance sheet.

Consider the case of the American technology company Apple: “Defected Apple” has a brand value of 516.6 billion USD, but this value is not reflected in the balance sheet.

In general, the value of a brand is calculated using the amount of profit it generates for the company. Brand Finance evaluates each company and its subsidiaries.

Apple tops the list, with a 217 billion USD increase in brand value over the previous year’s ranking. As iPhone sales stabilized, Apple expanded its product offerings from wearables to Apple TV. According to a Brand Finance survey, more than half of respondents believe that Apple products are worthwhile, despite their high cost.

On the contrary, Tesla’s brand value fell by 58.3%, dropping the American automaker out of the top ten in this year’s ranking. The reason is partly due to competition from new and less expensive electric vehicle brands, such as China’s BYD. BYD will become the world’s best-selling electric vehicle company in 2023 as a result of strong demand in China.

In terms of brand value growth, Nvidia tops the chart. The American technology company’s brand value increased by nearly 163% from 2022 to 44.5 billion USD, moving it up 87 places in the rankings. Last year, investors flocked to stocks involving artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the high demand for memory chips contributes to Nvidia’s sharp increase in brand value.

By country and territory, the United States accounts for more than half of the top 100, with a total brand value of 3.2 trillion USD. China ranked second with 19 representatives and a total brand value of nearly $830 billion USD.

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