March 2024 Australia Calendar: Full List of Holidays and Celebrations

March 2024 Australia Calendar: Full List of Holidays and Celebrations

Even though public holidays are announced by each state and territory, they are a mix of holidays that are celebrated across the country and holidays that are only celebrated in that jurisdiction.

Public holidays are days when people don’t have to work, and they usually get full paid leave on top of their annual leave. People who have to work on public holidays are paid less than usual. Most of the time, public holidays are moved to the following Monday when they fall on a weekend.

Australia has seven national public holidays and more than twenty state and territory public holidays. Most of the time, holidays that happen on weekends are celebrated on the Monday after.

03 March: Clean Up Australia Day

08 March: International Women’s Day

10 March: First Day of Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is a holy month for Muslims, who fast, pray, and think about their lives. Even though many people celebrate Ramadan, most countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK, do not observe it as a public holiday. This means that stores and businesses will be open as normal.

11 March: Canberra Day and Adelaide Cup Day HOLIDAY

14 March: White Day

White Day is on March 14, which is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. White Day will be held on the second Tuesday of March 2023.

It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day, but most people in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea enjoy it. White Day is like a “reply day” to all the love, food, and gifts you get on Valentine’s Day. The Japanese call March 14th “White Day” because the color white is linked to harmless teen love, and love and relationships are both pure.

17 March: Saint Patrick’s Day

The custom of wearing “green” is one of the most well-known ones that has stuck around for a long time. As per this custom, everyone needs to wear at least one green piece of clothing.

Corned beef and cabbage are the classic foods of the United States on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people think that Irish immigrants to America in the 1800s brought corned beef with them instead of bacon.

This was done because corned beef was a cheap alternative to bacon, and cabbage was a cheap veggie that went with it.

A lot of people drink during the parties. Pubs and bars are places where people from all over the country go to party with other people.

To mark the holiday, pubs, bars, and restaurants often throw parties with special deals and use traditional decorations like shamrocks, snakes, and leprechauns.

20 March: Autumnal Equinox (Australia)

International Day of Happiness

All over the world, March 20 is marked as the International Day of Happiness. Its goal as a world movement is to bring attention to how important happiness, freedom, and health are.

The United Nations made the day happen in 2012. The UN says that every country should try to make its people happy, free, and healthy. Though it’s International Day of Happiness, companies and schools are still open.

Jayme Illien, CEO of Illien Global Public Benefit Corporation, went to the UN in 2011 with the idea of a new holiday. He wanted to support happiness by making the world’s economy more stable.

That’s right, this brand-new global day was also meant to honor how important happiness is for everyone.

All UN member states agreed to and signed resolution 66/281 on June 28, 2012. It was written by Illien. The following year, on March 20, 2013, the first International Day of Happiness was held.

21 March: World Poetry Day and Harmony Day

23 March: National Chip and Dip Day and National Eucalypt Day

24 March: Palm Sunday

25 March: Holi

26 March: Purple Day

On March 26, people all over the world celebrate Purple Day to bring attention to Epilepsy. There is still a lot of false information and shame about this brain disease, even though it affects about 50 million people around the world and 3.5 million in the US.

There is a day called Purple Day to tell people the truth about epilepsy and let people who have it know that they are not alone. This makes them want to get involved in their community and push for better epilepsy education, with the help of the many local groups working for this cause.

29 March: Good Friday

Good Friday will be on March 29, 2024.

Good Friday, which is also called Holy Friday, is the Friday before Easter. It remembers when Jesus Christ was crucified.

On this day, churches all over the world are quiet, and many people remember Jesus’s trip, his pain, and the ultimate sacrifice he made for all people.

Today is a chance to rethink what it means to be humble and think about how our words and actions can affect other people. Good Friday makes us think about the deeper meanings and ideals of life in a way that goes beyond religion. We can do this through prayer, reflection, or just being still for a while.

Eleven states have a break today. Stock markets, businesses, schools, and colleges are all closed, even though it’s not a real holiday in the US. Only necessary services are open.

31 March: Easter Sunday

Some people disagree, but most believe that Easter comes from the goddess Eostre or Eostrae. The ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped her at spring fertility festivals. People think that Christians got the name for their celebrations and the idea for the holidays from these spring equinox celebrations.

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