Physiognomy: Styles to Hold a Smartphone Reveals Your Personality

Physiognomy: Styles to Hold a Smartphone Reveals Your Personality

If you scroll through your smartphone using only one hand to tap and type, you are extremely confident. You are someone who is willing to take risks, but when done wisely, they help you achieve your goals.

In terms of relationships, however, you are diametrically opposed. You want enough time to determine whether or not you need this person in your life before deciding to start a relationship. As a result, others may perceive you as being isolated and reserved.

This method of holding your smartphone demonstrates your wisdom. You possess intuition, intelligence, wisdom, reason, and caution. Before making your first move, you plan out your actions several steps in advance. You tend to reason through everything in your life, making it difficult for you to deceive yourself.

However, you cannot be considered wise in matters of love. You make quick and rash decisions, which can sometimes harm your relationships. Furthermore, you are extremely judgmental about love.

Using both hands to hold your smartphone indicates that you enjoy speed. You are quick, efficient, and prepared to make decisions on the spot. You can easily adapt to rapidly changing environments and perform effectively under new circumstances.

When it comes to love, you do not perform well. It actually does the opposite: it disappears. Your assertiveness often prevents you from getting close to the person you like, which can turn off your potential partner.

This method of holding a smartphone displays creativity. You have a lot of great ideas that you try to put into action in your life, and you do a good job. You enjoy being alone to collect your thoughts and create another masterpiece that will astound the world. Whether it’s a new project, a painting, or a book, your work is frequently a big hit.

In romantic relationships, your creativity transforms into shyness, which frequently prevents you from starting new relationships. However, once someone gets to know you better, they will undoubtedly be surprised by your personality.

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