DAILY HOROSCOPE for January 22, 2024: Lucky Number/Color of 12 Zodiac Signs

DAILY HOROSCOPE for January 22, 2024: Lucky Number/Color of 12 Zodiac Signs

Today is the first day of the Year of the Dragon (January 22, 2024 according to the Western calendar), with 12 zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces) welcoming the new year 2024 according to the lunar calendar.

For each of the 12 zodiac signs, Knowinsiders.com provides unique astrological predictions to help you make the most of your new beginning in terms of relationships, career, finances, health, etc.

January 22, 2024, is a day full of emotions as it marks the start of the lunar year according to the daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs.

The Aquarian New Moon causes the zodiac signs to think more selfishly. Perhaps a hint of envy or anxiety at the start of the year, as though we’re not prepared for a fresh start.

Despite their gregarious nature, the 12 zodiac signs harbor a deep sense of loneliness. Most people have extremely large egos or at the very least “self-defense mechanisms,” so you will generally try to stand out from the crowd as much as you can.

In the afternoon on January 22, 2024, the zodiac signs have a very fortunate day at work. The constellations will work with greater ferocity and strength and will succeed in their own right. It is best to make major task decisions during the day.

The New Moon enters Aquarius at 4:54 a.m.

We gain organizational skills, a sense of accountability, and a sense of responsibility during the New Moon transit. We carefully and thoughtfully work toward our objectives. We are able to finish a decent, responsible job.

Moon conjugate Jupiter at 9:08 a.m.

This phenomenon perfectly aligns with astrology. It can benefit us materially as well as socially. We enjoy our notoriety, are sincere, and have a positive outlook on life.

Moon trine Mars at 16:05

The triad endows us with great resolve, bravery, pragmatism, inventiveness, activity, love of truth, and transparency.

Money: It can be seen that Aries loves all aspects of money. Both on an individual level as well as in the broader sense for everyone. Aries can work long hours to prove their financial confidence.

Career: The work is going smoothly and smoothly. Aries doesn’t have to do anything to save history at a young age, but never stop striving for the long and wide future ahead. Be bold to try yourself in areas you have never been before, if you fall, you will know where you need to get up.

Love: Love luck is easy to encounter. The conflicts in love are not only unresolved but also more acute. Along with the heartless words of the opponent, this constellation will bear heavy and unforgettable injuries.

Health: There is no problem with your body condition today.

Mood: This constellation is dreamy, idealized about the way to go.

Lucky color: Red

Zodiac compatibility: Cancer

Lucky number: 2, 30

Money: Many astrologers go insane when they try to match the behavioral functions of the New Moon with the manifestations of Aquarius energy. It causes Taurus to start slashing about his money.

Career: Career progression is quite easy. Enthusiasm helps this sign to finish their work quickly and have plenty of time to support colleagues. Thanks to their kind and friendly personality, this constellation always has someone to help out when in trouble.

Love: The love story of the couple has many fluctuations. Taurus when in love always puts reason first, so it rarely sees your tragic situation. However, imposing your own thoughts and forcing others to behave the way you want them to indirectly push the relationship between the two of you into a bad mood.

Health: The general health situation is not a concern, it is the result of a process of eating right, science and hard exercise.

Mood: Taurus nostalgic for things past, far away whenever they encounter familiar things again.

Lucky Color: Purple

Zodiac compatibility: Aquarius

Lucky number: 3, 8

Money: It can be seen that Gemini loves all aspects of money. Both on an individual level as well as in the broader sense for everyone. Gemini can work long hours to prove their financial confidence.

Career: The career progression is easy. This is the right time for this constellation to embark on the implementation of long-cherished plans. Capacity and strategic vision, creativity are promoted at the right time to help you have highly appreciated ideas.

Love: The love story has many opposites. This constellation spends a lot of sincerity, loves wholeheartedly, but only ends up receiving the superficiality of the other side. According to trithuctot.com, it’s time for Gemini to reconsider this unrequited love.

Health: The habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs to be developed through a process that takes a long time, not a day or two.

Mood: The mood is optimistic, happy and has many positive directions in the future.

Lucky color: Green

Zodiac compatibility: Gemini

Lucky numbers: 6, 7

Money: You often appear to be more reasonable than love, afraid of voting results rather than sweet words of affection. So for Cancer, spending is something that needs to be rational and proactive. You always have your own financial plan.

Career: The progress of work shows signs of delay. The power and strength of this constellation are not fully promoted because you do not have much ambition to pursue. The lack of specific, invisible goals makes Cancer feel like they are going without knowing where their destination is.

Love: The couple’s love story is still well reconciled. This constellation, in any situation, can control their emotions. That is also the reason for them to be able to cultivate and preserve their current feelings.

Health: You are displaying a sluggish appearance, your health is declining due to prolonged work pressure.

Mood: Lack of enthusiasm, excitement and daily dynamism.

Lucky color: Gold

Zodiac compatibility: Sagittarius

Lucky numbers: 5, 6

Money: You are willing to choose paths that no one dares to take, even if no one has ever thought of. This shows that Leo is a courageous person and dares to invest heavily in his circulating money. If stronger, your fortune will have a new breakthrough.

Career: There are many bad omens in the work process. Leo stubbornly follows the path, the ideal that you have chosen, but you do not realize the potential dangers in it. This constellation needs to learn to listen and absorb opinions from others to realize what limitations they still have.

Love: The love story is extremely bright. After the fatigue and pressure in work and life, Leo is still very lucky to have a life partner by his side to comfort him. Your partner always finds ways to help you lift your spirits, and at the same time seeks all possible support to help Leo overcome the current difficult situation.

Health: The state of health is relatively stable, but you should not be subjective to abnormal changes in the body.

Mood: You are wasting your time on useless games and personal interests.

Lucky Color: Purple

Compatible Zodiac: Aries

Lucky number: 7, 12

Money: This astrological passage represents personality traits that are, after all, commonplace. It means that Virgo is quite empty in terms of money. It is very easy to lose money during this time.

Career: The career progression takes place fiercely interwoven. This constellation has the capacity and rich experience, but the limited working attitude inadvertently hinders you on the way to progress. If you do not know how to listen and immediately reject the opinions of others, it is difficult to make progress.

Love: The process of love has many problems. Single Virgo still does not want to change their current life because they are busy making money, partly because of past hurts. Only when you get rid of that heart wound can you comfortably accept new love.

Health: The habit of staying up late for a long time is easy to cause excessive nervous tension.

Mood: Easily angered and behaves unwisely in all aspects of life.

Lucky color: Orange

Zodiac compatibility: Pisces

Lucky number: 8, 13

Money: You often appear to be more reasonable than love, afraid of voting results rather than sweet words of affection. So with Libra, spending is something that needs to be rational and proactive. You always have your own financial plan.

Career: The workflow is going smoothly. Libra feels lucky to have good colleagues by her side. They do not care about their interests but are ready to reach out to help this constellation whenever they encounter misfortune in the process of working.

Love: The love story of the couple is not as expected. Libra is not brave enough to face the other half when the relationship arose. But if you keep keeping this silent attitude, it will not be possible to resolve the misunderstanding forever.

Health: Heavy pressure at work can easily lead to a decline in resistance and is the cause of many serious pathogens.

Mood: You feel tired, lethargic and lifeless today.

Lucky color: White

Zodiac compatibility: Libra

Lucky numbers: 14, 30

Money: You often appear to be more reasonable than love, afraid of voting results rather than sweet words of affection. So for Scorpio, spending is something that needs to be rational and proactive. You always have your own financial plan.

Career: The work process achieves certain steps. This constellation is making good use of its intelligence and sensitivity to handle the problems that are set before them. But this does not allow you to be subjective and arrogant because the road ahead is still long and wide.

Love: The love story gradually loses its inherent harmony. You do not understand why the relationship has come to an impasse like it is now, and there is no way not to let yourself stop being blind. If the other person does not have serious intentions in this romantic relationship, then Scorpio does not need to be attached.

Health: This is the time when your body needs to be relaxed and properly rested, with healthy entertainment.

Mood: Unstable, quick-tempered, and outwardly agitated.

Lucky color: Pink

Zodiac compatibility: Leo

Lucky number: 1.28

Money: An emotional planet, fond of attachment, closeness, and heavy with the past, combined with a famous zodiac sign that is rational, worships independence. So Sagittarius is an active person in money but also easily cheated by others.

Career: Work has not had a positive change. Sagittarius is advised to work hard, be enthusiastic and contribute more in a team work environment. That is the criterion for superiors and colleagues to evaluate the performance of this constellation.

Love: The emotional process is extremely sublime. If you have feelings for someone, Sagittarius, boldly express your feelings because the other person also has feelings for you. The couple’s feelings are gradually reconnected by dissolving the previous animosities.

Health: The weather changes erratically, so you need to pay attention to keeping important parts of the body warm such as chest, abdomen, head and limbs.

Mood: Relaxed mood, nothing seems to bother you.

Lucky color: Black

Zodiac compatibility: Taurus

Lucky number: 6, 23

Money: That independence will bring freedom: Freedom in how to see, how to think, how to live. So Capricorn is always proactive and not tied in his money luck.

Career: The work progress is favorable. This zodiac sign skillfully uses specialized skills as well as rich experience to complete assigned tasks. However, you should improve your communication skills to limit obstacles in the process of expanding social relationships.

Love: Poor emotional performance. Single Capricorn is still gnawing on loneliness when everyone around has found love for them. But you should not be sad because of the good predestined sooner or later smiling at people who believe in love.

Health: Health issues are not really good because this sign is busy making money and neglects to take care of his body.

Mood: Capricorn is clearly mature and mature in thought.

Lucky color: Gray

Zodiac compatibility: Scorpio

Lucky number: 9, 10

Money: This transit makes the money fortune of Aquarius go up and down quite erratically. You are creative but sometimes impractical so making money becomes quite difficult.

Career: Career progression is not easy. Aquarius does everything alone, not wanting anyone to interfere in what you are doing is easy to mislead your colleagues that you are arrogant. The uncomfortable collective working environment easily inhibits the development of this very constellation.

Love: The love story suddenly met with turbulence. Jealousy, jealousy and suspicion of the other’s faithfulness can easily cause this relationship to fall into a deadlock. If there is a problem in your heart, Aquarius should frankly face the other half to find the most suitable solution.

Health: Health is improving step by step thanks to your regular eating habits, diligent exercise.

Mood: Aquarius is prone to short-tempered, conservative and doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice.

Lucky color: Red

Zodiac compatibility: Capricorn

Lucky number: 3, 1

Money: That independence will bring freedom: Freedom in how to see, how to think, how to live. So Pisces is always proactive and not tied in their money luck.

Career: Work is not really easy. Many unfortunate things come together at the same time, easily making your mood fall into a deadlock. This constellation should learn to balance their emotions well to limit unnecessary mistakes in the process of handling work.

Love: The emotional process is not harmonious. You have a feeling of loneliness that is covering even though you are living in your own home. You blame your partner for not spending much time with you but do not realize that you are also busy building a career.

Health: It seems that you are neglecting your health, especially in terms of diet and activities.

Mood: Pisces is lethargic, caught off guard and wary of everything going on around them.

Lucky color: Brown

Zodiac compatibility: Virgo

Lucky number: 4, 16

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