Top 10 Elite Universities Only for Rich Kids in the World

Top 10 Elite Universities Only for Rich Kids in the World

Undoubtedly, at the most esteemed universities globally. It is unsurprising that affluent parents from around the globe choose to enroll their children in the most prestigious universities available. The issue lies not solely in tuition fees, but rather in the fact that affluent children consistently receive optimal learning environments from an early age, thereby equipping them with the necessary capabilities to gain admission to prestigious educational institutions.

Now, let’s examine the top 10 universities worldwide that are most preferred by the offspring of the extremely wealthy.

If their children do not want to study abroad, the richest people in Dubai will send them to American University.

When you arrive at American University, you will notice that the parking lot is filled with luxury vehicles such as Range Rovers, Porsches, Aston Martins, and Ferraris.

The University of London is the next stop for wealthy students. This prestigious university has approximately 120,000 students. The London School of Economics, which graduates billionaires like George Soros, is one of its most important institutions.

More than half of London School of Economics students can afford to pay their tuition fees without taking out loans, and approximately 45% are international students. The University of London educated approximately 7.5% of UK millionaires.

Stanford University, located in California, charges up to $60,000 per year in tuition and has a traditional admissions policy, which means that if your parents are alumni and have donated money to the school, you may be a future student as well. The acceptance rate for alumni children at Stanford is nearly three times that of the overall acceptance rate.

Oxford University in the United Kingdom has the longest history of any university in the English-speaking world. Despite the school’s claim that it only selects students based on their achievements, the majority of Oxford students are extremely wealthy.

A wealthy Arab man was willing to pay more than $200,000 for a tutor to help him get into Oxford in 2013. So, even if it appears that you don’t need money to get in, you still need money to go to school.

Academics, businessmen, scientists, Nobel laureates, and British Prime Minister David Cameron are among the university’s alumni.

Mumbai University, India’s elite school, is the next most prestigious university.

Mumbai University is where all of India’s elite go to study. This university is known as an appealing destination for the super rich, with more millionaire alumni than Cambridge or Brown.

This top university is clearly for the wealthy, with alumni including billionaires, former US President Donald Trump, and the children of actor Denzel Washington and comedian Joan Rivers.

According to one study, nearly 30% of college students have parents earning $250,000 or more, and approximately 65% of freshmen are middle-class or higher.

Tuition at the University of Pennsylvania is approximately 60,000 USD per year. Approximately 1,500 University of Pennsylvania graduates are valued at more than $240 billion.

Brown is a top-tier college with alumni including Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg, John Kerry’s daughter, Allegra Versace, Emma Watson, and many others.

Based on the number of trust funds and students in need of financial aid, the Rhode Island-based university is one of the wealthiest colleges in the United States.

The private Ivy League university is well-known for its long history and notable alumni, including George W. Bush.

Sixty-nine percent of freshmen come from wealthy families with annual incomes of $120,000 or more.

Columbia University is home to the richest 1% of society. Columbia is known for its wealthy and intelligent students who require a SAT score of 2050 or higher and has a low admission rate of about 11%.

If accepted, students must pay an annual tuition of $64,000 USD or more. Columbia has graduated Jake Gyllenhaal, Alicia Keys, Casey Affleck, and many US Cabinet members and bank governors.

The final “winner” was, predictably, Harvard University. Around 45% of students at the world’s top school come from families with an annual income of 200,000 USD or more.

According to the New York Times, Harvard has a secret society of extremely wealthy students, where super-rich kids party hard on lavish vacations in Iceland or Moscow. According to statistics, nearly 3,000 Harvard graduates have assets worth at least $200 million.

Due to exorbitant tuition fees and other costly expenses, the aforementioned 10 universities are exclusively accessible to individuals of considerable wealth. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that there exists a significant number of students who do not come from affluent backgrounds but are able to pursue their education at the aforementioned universities due to scholarships and comparable financial resources.

Additionally, these universities offer various types of training opportunities, ensuring that students from less affluent backgrounds can still pursue their studies.

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