Top 12 Ornamental Plants to Attract Wealth/Luck in 2024 by Eastern Feng Shui

Top 12 Ornamental Plants to Attract Wealth/Luck in 2024 by Eastern Feng Shui

To prepare for the Year of the Dragon 2024, many people are beginning to select ornamental plants to change the appearance of their homes in order to attract fortune, according to Eastern cultural concepts.

The Chinese Year of the Dragon The year 2024 is considered to be the year of the Fire element, specifically oil lamp fire. This is a good year for people with Fire and Wood elements. Planting appropriate feng shui plants can increase abundant energy, resulting in a peaceful and convenient life for the entire family.

You should look into the following ornamental plants:

The Anthurium plant is one of the best feng shui plants for people of the Fire element.

Anthurium is a small tree that is easy to maintain and can thrive in both warm and cold climates. This plant requires little water or fertilizer and lives for a long time. Anthurium plants are thus ideal for growing indoors or on a desk. ‏

Anthurium flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, blue, and red, with the red variety being known as “Hawaiian heart.” Red anthurium, like many other red flowers, represents love and romance. Furthermore, the Anthurium flower becomes a flower of hospitality due to its open heart-shaped leaves.

People with the Fire element should wear red or pink petals.

Planting anthurium plants will be beneficial to homeowners in 2024.

The Cane tree not only decorates and beautifies the home, but it is also a symbol of wealth, bringing the homeowner luck and auspiciousness.

Cane is also known as longevity bamboo, lucky bamboo, perpetual bamboo, pepper bamboo, happy fortune bamboo, and many other names. Rich bamboo is used as an ornamental plant to decorate offices and homes, but it does not grow as tall as other bamboo species.

Mature trees are typically only 30-50cm tall.‏

This plant has an upright stem with nodes on the trunk that are 2-3cm apart. Because the tree trunk is very flexible, it can be bent into a variety of shapes.‏

The number of Cane branches also has a feng shui meaning in Japan. In particular, as follows:

-1 branch: Attracts wealth, attracts fortune.‏

-2 branches: Loyalty in love and marriage.‏

-3 branches: Happiness and integrity.‏

-4 branches: Increases the effectiveness of the tree’s tricks.‏

-5 branches: Health and family harmony.‏

-8 branches: Wealth, abundance.

-9 branches: Associated with luck.‏

To ward off evil spirits, place a vase/pot of rich bamboo plants on top of the refrigerator, in the kitchen or bathroom, or anywhere on a beam or crossbeam.‏

Place the plant on the desk or in the living room to bring luck in education and career. Avoid placing metal near the tree’s edge when placing it in the Southeast direction. The main door and living room are also excellent places to display valuable bamboo pots.

Honeysuckle is one of the most well-known feng shui plants. This tree is also referred to as the money tree or the lucky tree. The leaves are smooth and green all year, and there are five leaves at the petiole that represent the five elements, so the Honeysuckle tree also helps balance the five elements.

People believe that if this tree is placed in the southeast corner of the house, the family will never have financial problems because this tree emits a lot of prosperous energy. ‏

The Honeysuckle plant is also very easy to care for; it does not require a lot of water and only requires a light watering once a week, prefers bright light, and can grow normally indoors under electric light. This plant is also not harmful to humans or animals.

The leaf blades of the Aglaonema Butterfly tree are large and long, with three colors on the surface: pink, dark green, and lime green. The dark pink color will be distributed differently depending on the type of marigold plant. This plant is also associated with wealth and fortune.

People with the Fire element frequently display this plant in their homes, as if to attract good fortune and fortune. In 2024, the Aglaonema Butterfly plant has good feng shui meaning.

Poinsettias are plants that are bright red on top and have dark green leaves on the bottom, which distinguishes them. Poinsettia is a plant that brings luck and success to people of the Fire element.

This plant has become a feng shui plant, suitable for people of the Fire element, due to its distinctive red color. If Fire element homeowners plant and care for poinsettias in 2024, they will reap good fortune and success in all areas.

The jade plant is a lucky symbol. Jade, with its intense vitality, also represents friendship, youth, and eternity.

The Jade plant is also known as the friendship plant, the lucky plant, and a succulent plant that originated in South Africa.‏

The leaves are bright green, coin-shaped, thick, and succulent. When exposed to sunlight, the edges of Jade leaves turn red.

Jade plants are frequently placed in offices or homes to bring the owner luck and fortune in 2024.

Jade branches and leaves represent property and money in feng shui. A blossoming tree will symbolize wealth and prosperity. As a result, this tree is frequently placed at store entrances, cashier counters, and money counters.‏

The Jade plant is classified as a “Metal” element according to the five elements, so it should be placed in the West or Northwest. Avoid planting trees in the Southeast direction, which can lead to conflicts, financial loss, and health problems.

The tabletop magnolia plant represents luck, prosperity, and fortune due to its upright shape, tenacity, and bravery.

The East or Southeast are two directions in the five elements that gather enough light, so placing the magnolia tree in these two directions will bring vitality and luck to those with the Wood element in 2024.

This plant is commonly referred to as the “golden needle,” which accurately describes the meaning of feng shui with fortune like a tall trunk and green leaves pointing straight like a hand to receive the fortune bestowed by heaven. Emphasizing the importance of progress and resilience in striving for continuous improvement.

The money tree’s feng shui is considered good for health, wealth, and learning, so anyone can plant a pot of this plant as an ornamental plant, displaying fortune to their liking.

People with a Wood and Fire destiny, in particular, are the best people to plant this money tree because, according to the five elements, Wood giving birth to Fire is a wonderful thing.

Rosemary, scientifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis, is a flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family.

Rosemary is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. This plant was previously widely grown in Southern Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. Rosemary is grown in some Central and Southern provinces of Vietnam. ‏

Rosemary is used to make medicine, food, and essential oils in addition to being decorative. The Rosemary plant is notable for emitting a pleasant aroma. Place a pot of Rosemary as an indoor plant or workspace, and the scent will waft in the wind, calming the homeowner. ‏

Rosemary is a sacred plant with the ability to connect life and death, according to feng shui concepts. Rosemary also represents loyalty and gratitude, brings good fortune and peace to the home, and is suitable for most destinies. ‏

People of the Fire element should place the tree in the southwest or south direction to increase prosperity. People with the Wood element should plant their trees in the east or southeast.

Basil is a square-shaped annual herbaceous plant that grows to be about 40-50cm tall, sometimes taller depending on soil quality and planting distance. This fragrant vegetable is used as a spice in everyday meals.‏

In addition to the characteristics of the Basil plant, planting it around the house has the feng shui meaning of bringing wealth and fortune to the homeowner. Growing Basil protects the homeowner while also attracting luck and money.

Orchids are symbols of beauty and love, as well as sophistication, unity, and fertility. As a result, orchids are one of the most popular new year’s flowers because they bring good fortune, vitality, and longevity.‏

Having orchids in the home is said to boost happiness and foster good relationships among family members.

Orchids are always colorful, and each color represents a different meaning. Whether choosing orchids for decoration or as a gift, the color must still correspond to the user’s destiny.

People of the Metal element, in particular, are suited to yellow orchids or bright colors such as white. Because Wood is associated with tree branches and grass blades, blue orchids are best suited to people of the Wood element. Because fire is the element’s symbol, people with the Fire element will be attracted to orchids in bright colors such as purple, orange, and yellow.

People with the Earth element are the fate of the earth, so they should choose two flower colors that are similar: yellow and orange. Water element people prefer orchids in light blue, white, and yellow, which are colors associated with their fate.

The cedrus tree represents longevity and good health. The Cedrus tree is a type of tree that is frequently given as a gift or as a longevity gift in the hope that the homeowner will always be safe and healthy.

The Cedrus tree has many beautiful and eye-catching designs that are ideal for 2024 interior decoration.

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