Weekly Horoscope (January 15-21, 2024): 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope (January 15-21, 2024): 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs

9:26 p.m. January 18, 2024, Mercury is in transit

Mercury in transit will bring convenience in business, business meetings become easy. You can decide the most important issues. Stay confident when doing anything that requires thinking.

When Mercury is in transit, Libra is the most unlucky constellation because Mercury will be entering the 12th house of finance. During this period, your spending will go up a little bit. If Libra has the chance to travel overseas at this time, it might cost a lot of money.

People who work in the import-export industry need to exercise caution if their vocabulary and accent are poor. The company incurs significant losses as a result of the unclear message that was transmitted.

Venus and the Moon are perpendicular, which makes it challenging for Virgo to find love and affection. You want your romantic relationship to be peaceful and drama-free. Loved ones’ emotional support is essential to your emotional health.

Virgos can even use close relationships as a gauge of their own success in life. People will lend you a hand based on how devoted and loyal you are.

Virgos often use one-night stands and short-lived relationships to fill their empty spaces. However, you ultimately still feel incredibly alone.

Mercury is currently bringing a portent of illness as it moves through your sixth house. To safeguard your health in this situation, you will need to exercise greater caution.

Aries people often feel a little worn out and under pressure. Aries students might find it challenging to study for tests.

You have just discovered the Top 3 zodiac signs that have a disaster week of January 15 – January 21. Those who work in the import-export business must be careful, when your vocabulary and accent are not good.

This is when Mercury is in transit it will need a few days to correct its orbit and then our life will be more favorable.

So if you are among the three unlucky zodiac signs, don’t worry too much.

Any delays, frustrations or confusion surrounding Mercury-ruled matters will soon be resolved.

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