Why Do Experienced Drivers Only Open One Car Window?

Why Do Experienced Drivers Only Open One Car Window?

Some drivers will roll down their windows to cool down instead of turning on the air conditioner to save fuel while driving. However, opening the window while the car is moving causes a strong flow of wind into the car, increasing wind resistance while the car is running.

As drag increases, so will the car’s fuel consumption.

This is why many long-term and experienced drivers frequently only open one window.

To begin, opening the window will easily cause the driver’s ears to be directly affected by air pressure, ensuring air circulation for high-speed drivers.

As a result, experienced drivers will open a gap in the rear window to allow air to flow into the car while avoiding the above situation.

Second, if the windows are always closed while driving, the vibration of the car will cause the air pressure inside and outside the car to be uneven, which will easily cause damage to the eardrum in the long run. You should open the windows to balance the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the vehicle.

Furthermore, many drivers have the habit of opening the left window to improve their view of the rearview mirror and the vehicles behind them. Even when backing up, many people will stick their head out the left window for easy observation, in addition to looking in the rearview mirror.

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