Haircut Calendar in March 2024: Lucky and Unlucky Dates by Feng Shui, Astrology

Haircut Calendar in March 2024: Lucky and Unlucky Dates by Feng Shui, Astrology

According to feng shui and Eastern horoscopes, cutting hair on good days will help bring luck, fortune and health to the whole family. So, what is the good day to cut your hair in March 2024? Let’s find out in the article below from

Good days for haircuts in March 2024 have 5 days, specifically:

• Friday, March 1

• Tuesday, March 5

• Sunday, March 10

• Friday, March 15

• Thursday, March 28

In the week 1 of March, 2024, there are 2 good days to get a haircut: March 1 and March 5. If you choose to cut your hair these days, you will have good luck in work and life.

In week 2 of March 2024, there is a day for a good haircut, March 10. This is the Zodiac day, with good magnetic energy. Therefore, choosing a haircut on this day will help attract a lot of positive prosperity in terms of reputation and career.

Just like week 2, this week there will also be a good day for a haircut, March 15. If you cut your hair on this day, the homeowner’s work will be favorable and everything will go smoothly.

The last week in March will be a good day for a haircut. This is the Zodiac Minh Duong day – the day of prosperity and luck. Therefore, by cutting hair on this day, the homeowner will achieve much success, aiming for nobility and wealth.

Besides the good days for haircuts in March 2024, you also need to avoid the following bad days:

• Thursday, March 7, January 27 of the lunar calendar

• Saturday, March 9, January 29 of the lunar calendar

• Friday, March 22, February 13 of the lunar calendar

• Sunday, March 24, February 15 of the lunar calendar

• Saturday, March 30, February 21 of the lunar calendar

If you must cut your hair on a black day, you should try to choose the Zodiac hour of that day to cut your hair. This can help reduce some of your bad luck and unwanted things.

Besides choosing a good day in March 2024 to cut your hair, you should also pay attention to the following issues to receive good luck and fortune:

According to our forefathers, cutting one’s hair during a family burial was unlucky. Many think that the homeowner’s luck and health may suffer as a result of this conduct, which might sap their spirit. Furthermore, it is believed that cutting one’s hair during a funeral dishonors the deceased and troubles their soul. For this reason, you should wait to cut your hair until after the burial procedures are over.

It’s frowned upon to cut your hair at the start of the month. This will result in a month-long interruption of luck and prosperity. Therefore, you should think about delaying cutting your hair from the first to the third if you want to prevent bad luck for the entire month.

On the day of the full moon, worship and incense burning are customary to honor the spirits. On this day, you could easily experience illness, financial loss, and bad luck if you cut your hair.

The concept of feng shui states that night is when yin and yang are at their lowest. Therefore, cutting your hair at night can cause you to lose your positive energy, which can make you ill and weak. Moreover, hair loss from nighttime hair cutting can draw ghosts and spirits and bring misfortune.

In Eastern culture, it is a spiritual belief that is passed down through the generations to refrain from cutting one’s hair right before significant occasions like exams. This theory holds that hair functions as an antenna, both emitting and receiving energy, which aids in the brain’s ability to process and retain information. Before an exam, cutting your hair can lower its energy, which can hinder the brain’s ability to process information and impact test scores.

Cutting your hair under a bad star or on a black day will bring misfortune. A black day is specifically defined as a day when there is a great deal of killing intent, which can be detrimental to people’s physical and mental well-being. Stars that portend ill luck and may present challenges and barriers in life are known as bad destiny stars.

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