The Origin, Legend and Meaning of 12 Zodiac Signs (Complete Guide)

The Origin, Legend and Meaning of 12 Zodiac Signs (Complete Guide)

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the 12 zodiac signs formed by constellations orbiting the Sun’s orbit.

The 12 zodiac signs originate from astronomical meaning, because ancient people observing the night sky imagined the image of stars linking together to create different constellations.

According to ancient documents, the 12 zodiac signs were created by ancient Babylonian astrologers in 1645 BC. These zodiac signs correspond to a cycle of 360 degrees, each with 30 degrees, divided into 12 months of the year and divided into 4 main groups: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The order of the zodiac signs is: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The special thing is that every 3 zodiac signs in the same group will have similar personalities.

In the 12 zodiac signs, there are always elements that make up the signs and are closely linked to each other: Fire – Water – Earth – Air. Each element will consist of 3 signs, with similar personality traits.

Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Fire is an element that carries abundant and intense energy. Once the fire of anger can burn everything. People of the Fire element are always full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. However, they are quite hot-tempered and a bit impulsive, but they are sexy, seductive, and know how to attract the other person.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

People of the Water element have a melancholy and sentimental personality. They know how to absorb and learn very quickly, and have the ability to inspire everyone. They are also very carefree, innocent, understanding and skillful, without needing others to confide, they already understand and sympathize deeply. Therefore, the Water element group plays a very important role in stabilizing the circle of the 12 zodiac signs.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Constellations belonging to the Earth element are outstanding people with harmonious personalities, they always know how to calm stressful situations, are always sincere and do not want to hurt others. They are trustworthy, responsible and achieve many successes in life. However, sometimes they are quite cold and taciturn, making people they interact with feel confused.

Libra, Gemini and Aquarius

Air often moves, so signs belonging to this element group often carry in them flight, dreaminess and constant creativity. They possess an innate sense of humor, are intelligent and are very good at communication. That’s why Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are very good at attracting others. If they “get along” they can sit and talk for hours about everything “under the sun” without knowing it. bored.

Knowing which of the 12 zodiac signs you are will help you unlock the mysteries of love, have a personality that suits your job, and create a wealth of opportunities and relationships. life is the center of the system.

Aries is the first of the twelve zodiac signs. In Greek mythology, this constellation represents the golden-haired sheep carrying King Athamas’ (Bestie’s) two children, Frix and Hellé, who were harmed by their stepmother. This could be why this constellation represents struggle, courage, responsibility, sacrifice, and loyalty.

Furthermore, from March 21 to April 19, the sun crosses the Aries constellation. Because this is the time of year when trees bud, the Aries constellation also represents sunlight. as well as life.

The zodiac signs begin with Aries, also known as the spring equinox, which is located at the intersection of the celestial Equator and the Zodiac. As a result, Aries (Aries) is the first of the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries is a Fire sign, which means it is full of energy, enthusiasm, and intense passion. Aries zodiac sign people have mastery, determination, and perseverance in everything they do to achieve their goals.

• Date and month of birth under Aries: From March 21 to April 20.

• Personality: People of the Aries zodiac sign are very straightforward and upright. Whatever they do, they are full of enthusiasm, passion, and leadership qualities. However, they are quite hot-tempered, and have a winning or losing nature in everything.

• In love: Aries often take the initiative, they are very confident, often creating impressive moments for the other person.

• Regarding career: Aries is suitable for real estate business, business management, tourism, startups, coaching…

• Lucky colors: orange, red.

• Lucky numbers: 1 and 9.

Taurus is located between Aries in the west and Gemini in the east in the zodiac. From April 20 to May 20, the sun passes through this zodiac zone.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus transformed into a buffalo, mixed with the princess’s father’s herd of buffalo, kidnapped her, and married her. Perhaps this is why the Taurus constellation represents male strength, and Taurus also represents fertility.

Taurus zodiac sign people will be the friends, confidants, companions… that everyone desires in their lives. Taurus zodiac sign people always make those around them feel peaceful, polite, and cared for because they have a tolerant, warm heart as well as calmness and maturity. Taurus dresses elegantly, which makes an even stronger impression on others.

• Date and month of birth in Taurus: From April 21 to May 20.

• Personality: Calm, mature, polite, diligent, hard-working.

• In Love: Taurus is very cautious when it comes to love; they are not in a hurry but prefer to learn thoroughly and find the right match before opening their hearts. When they fall in love, however, they take it very seriously, putting love first and establishing a long-term, sustainable relationship. Taurus is a romantic, loving, gentle, caring, and sharing sign.

• About Career: People under the Taurus zodiac sign are quite suitable for professions such as lawyers, graphic designers, jobs related to fashion, chefs, teachers.

• Lucky colors: green, pink.

• Lucky numbers: 2 and 8.

The Latin name Gemini, which means “two children,” refers to the constellation Gemini. Between Taurus in the west and Cancer in the east is where you can find this constellation.

According to Greek mythology, the two brothers Casto and Pollux are reflected in the constellation Gemini. These two brothers, who have different mothers, are courageous, devoted individuals who genuinely care for one another.

Castor was mortally wounded in battle and could not recover. Pollux and his brother both took their own lives. But it didn’t work out. Zeus, Pollux’s father as well, carried both brothers to paradise. This constellation represents courage, friendship, love, and brotherhood.

As members of the Air element group, Geminis have a variety of personalities, detest conflict, have a great deal of compassion, and while they are highly decisive in their thinking and behavior, they are also easily swayed by emotions.

• Date and month of birth in Gemini: From May 21 to June 21.

• Personality: Gemini people do not like conflict and contradiction, they are very loyal and decisive, skillful, polite and sharp in thinking and action. However, due to rapid mood changes, they are easily influenced by emotions and have impulsive actions.

• In Love: In love, Gemini is often associated with the image of peach blossom and romance. But once Gemini finds true love, they will love very sincerely and deeply, wholeheartedly building a long-term, serious relationship.

• About Career: Gemini is a person with great ability to think quickly and creatively, so they are very suitable for jobs such as: Sales, Marketing, writer, artist, painter, traveler , fashion…

• Lucky colors: green, blue, gray.

• Lucky numbers: 3,4,7.

To the west and east, respectively, the constellations Gemini and Leo are close to the constellation Cancer.

Greek mythology tells of the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, sending crabs to aid the Hydra snake in Heracles’s fight. She took the crab to heaven and healed his wounds when he passed away as a way of returning the favor. This constellation therefore represents bravery and loyalty.

Due to their unpredictable but fascinating temperament, people with Cancer are referred to as having “multiple personalities” and being “sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon”. Cancers are highly perceptive, empathetic, selfless, gregarious, and friendly people who place a high value on face.

• Date and month of birth in Cancer: From June 22 to July 22.

• Personality: Cancer’s personality is quite unpredictable, mixed with sadness and joy, easily emotional, sometimes others cannot keep up with their emotional flow. However, Cancer is very rich in altruism, tolerance and sacrifice.

• In Love: Cancer is an extremely loyal person, they pamper and care for their partner wholeheartedly.

• Career: Cancer is suitable for jobs related to the community, with a high level of teamwork such as: volunteers, social activists, teachers, psychologists.

• Lucky colors: Silver, gray, white.

• Lucky numbers: 4 and 6.

Leo is situated between the constellations of Cancer in the west and Virgo in the east, according to the zodiac sign order. This constellation is crossed by the sun from July 24 to August 23.

Greek mythology claims that the Nemean lion, slain by the hero Hercules, is represented by the constellation Leo. This lion is unlike any other, possessing unmatched strength and an incredible fighting ability. It is unafraid of swords and bows.

It was revered and carried to heaven even though it was unable to defeat the god Hercules. This constellation represents the strength of will, independence, pride, and the power of kings.

Leo is a member of the Fire element group, which is known for its strong sense of unity, vigor, and solidarity. Despite their intelligence, talent, and ability to listen, they have a fiery temper. Leo is always willing to assist, support, and share with everyone and is always positive in everything.

• Date and month of birth in Leo: From July 23 to August 22.

• Personality: Before acting or doing anything, Leo is always someone who knows how to listen to suggestions and advice from others. They have a high collective spirit and solidarity, so they often win the hearts of everyone. Although a bit hot-tempered, Leo is always willing to help others, tolerant, strong and always has a positive attitude.

• In love: Leo people are very sincere and loyal when they love. Therefore, Leo is vulnerable to being deeply hurt and needs a very long time to heal from emotional wounds if betrayed. Besides, the Leo zodiac sign is also very likely to have love relationships in the workplace.

• Ccareer: Because of the high spirit of solidarity, respect for discipline and harmony, Leo is quite popular with friends and colleagues. They are always actively cultivating their expertise, eager to learn, and intelligent, so the path to career success and promotion is always open. Jobs suitable for Leo include: startup, sales, management, artist, tour guide…

• Lucky colors: Yellow, red, orange.

• Lucky numbers: 1,4,6.

A young girl’s image is the Virgo sign’s emblem. Taurus is situated between the constellations Leo in the west and Libra in the east in the zodiac order.

This ancient constellation is quite large, the second largest in the sky after Hydra. The solar transit through Virgo occurs between August 24 and September 22.

According to Greek mythology, when humans and gods coexisted on Earth, the god Zeus sent a woman by the name of Pandor to marry his younger brother Prometheus. Prometheus possessed a box that contained every human good deed, vice, illness, and calamity. Pandora opened that box curiously.

All the gods have since flown to heaven as a result of these things haunting humans. One of them is the goddess of justice, Astraea, daughter of Zeus, who remains to use the scales of justice to bring justice to the world. But she had to leave this planet eventually. The Virgo constellation is symbolic of both justice and profound love.

The virgin girl of legend is represented by the Virgo sign. As a member of the Earth element group, Virgo is unstable and prone to change.

• Virgo birth date: From August 23 to September 22.

• Personality: Virgo is compassionate, altruistic, willing to help those around her, at work she has a high sense of responsibility and good communication. However, Virgo is sometimes a bit fastidious, principled, attentive, and attentive to every small detail.

• In love: Before deciding to enter a love relationship, Virgo is quite cautious, they do not rush but consider carefully.

• About career: A huge plus for those born in the Virgo zodiac sign is that they have the ability to evaluate, analyze and solve problems quickly and extremely effectively. Therefore, Virgo’s career path is very bright. Jobs suitable for Virgo include: teacher, accountant, doctor, bank, finance…

• Lucky colors: objects with shimmering colors, bright colors, silver colors.

• Lucky numbers: 2,5,7.

Libra is situated between the constellations Virgo in the west and Scorpio in the east in the zodiac order.

The image of a just balance is associated with this constellation. According to Greek mythology, this represents the goddess Athena’s (mother of the virgin goddess Astraea) equilibrium between good and evil. Greek mythology states that humanity has undergone numerous generations, starting with the golden generation and ending with the iron, silver, bronze, and demigod generations.

Fairness always leaned on the goddess of justice’s balance when humanity lived in the golden age. But as humanity advances through the ensuing ages, individuals grow more malevolent, violent, and nasty.

The goddess of justice had to return to heaven because the scales were always tipped in favor of evil. Her daughter stayed on to serve justice, but ultimately she had to go back to the gods’ world. Consequently, exhibiting justice and integrity is the meaning of the Libra constellation.

As a member of the Air element, Libra is represented by a scale. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra is the sign that enjoys being loved the most. They are loving, understanding, and incredibly adept in relationships.

• Libra birth date: From September 23 to October 23.

• Personality: Those who belong to the Libra zodiac sign have a quite harmonious and pleasant personality, are always fair in everything and have natural diplomatic talent. They always uphold the spirit of peace, cooperation, and have a multidimensional view on all issues.

• In love: Libra is considered the most “flowery” constellation. When in love, they like to be pampered and give their partner a feeling of warmth, care, and no less romance.

• About career: Libra is suitable for professions such as: sales consulting, sales, business, supervision,… jobs that require communication and sharp thinking.

• Lucky color: green.

• Lucky numbers: 1,2,7.

Scorpio is situated between the constellations Sagittarius in the east and Libra in the west in the zodiac order.

Some Greek mythological legends claim that Scorpio was sent by Gaia (or Hera) to kill the hunter Orion because he was too conceited to kill every animal on the planet.

Scorpio is the symbolic image and it is a member of the Air element group. Scorpio is the strongest sign of the zodiac, with natural leadership traits as well as keen observation and analytical skills.

• Birth date in Scorpio: From October 24 to November 22.

• Personality: People belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign possess very strong personalities, have leadership qualities thanks to excellent observation and problem-solving skills, and always challenge themselves with big goals. They are willing to help everyone, but like to be controlling and tend to be vindictive.

• In love: When in love, Scorpio has very passionate emotions and always knows how to attract attention, leaving a strong impression on the other person. They always clearly distinguish between love and work.

• About career: Thanks to his observational skills and mastery in problem solving, Thien Yet is quite successful in fields such as: politician, doctor, investigative reporter, culinary expert, archaeologist , scientist,…

• Favorite colors: chestnut, red

• Favorite numbers: 2,7,9

Sagittarius, the half-human, half-horse figure that is raising a bow and arrow to shoot, is known as the archer in Latin. The constellation is situated between Scorpio in the west and Capricorn in the east in the zodiac order. This constellation and Sagittarius (Centaurus) are frequently confused.

As a member of the Fire element, Sagittarius is symbolized by a bow and arrow, which stands for individuals who have high standards for themselves and never give up on their dreams. When it comes to having fun, Sagittarius is always the most noticeable person. They are the center of humor and make everyone laugh refreshingly.

• Sagittarius birth date: From November 23 to December 21.

• Personality: Those who belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign have a very cheerful and energetic personality. They like to change, move, are always positive and steadfast, determined not to give up to complete everything. However, Sagittarius also has a hot-tempered personality, is a bit petty and has difficulty placing complete trust in others.

• In love: Sagittarius is considered the most amorous constellation of the 12 zodiac signs. When they love, they are very sincere, but because of their changing nature, long-term love over the years is a bit difficult for Sagittarius.

• About career: At work, Sagittarius is not afraid of challenges, skillful in communication, they are quite suitable for jobs such as: editor, coach, tour guide, activist. religion and art.

• Lucky color: purple.

• Lucky numbers: 3,5,8.

The symbol for Capricorn is a sea goat. This sign is situated between Sagittarius in the west and Aquarius in the east in the zodiac order. This constellation is crossed by the sun between December 21 and January 20. Legend has it that this image represents the Babylonian ocean god Ea. He has a fish for a lower half and a goat for an upper half.

The sea goat is the symbolic representation of Capricorn, which is an element of Earth. The Capricorn zodiac sign is characterized by single living, constant self-control, and extreme discipline. A Capricorn’s ability to balance life, work, and emotions is excellent.

• Capricorn birth date: From December 22 to January 19.

• Personality: Capricorn is the type of person who is highly disciplined, can withstand pressure well, is persistent, and has high perseverance in work and life. They have great ambitions for material things as well as power, live discreetly, are introverted, and rarely reveal their personal lives to others. Capricorn is very practical and sometimes a bit pragmatic.

• In love: Capricorn aims for safety in opposite-sex relationships. They always take the initiative in love, bringing many surprises and romance to each other.

• About career: Capricorn always wants to be proactive and self-reliant, so jobs that suit their personality include: Management, Economics, Science – Engineering, Information Technology believe…

• Lucky colors: Dark colors such as black, gray, brown.

• Lucky numbers: 6,8,9.

Aquarius means “water bearer” in Latin; it is also occasionally used to refer to “water pourer.” The constellation is situated between Pisces in the east and Capricorn in the west in the zodiac order. One of the oldest constellations in the sky is this one. This constellation is crossed by the sun from January 20 to February 18. The “Water Bearer” god, who engulfed humanity during the Iron Age and only spared the good couple Deucalion and Pyrrha, is represented by the constellation Aquarius. He assisted them in creating a new race of morally upright and powerful people who lived better.

As a member of the Air element, Aquarius is symbolized by a person carrying water. With its carefree style, love of life, compassion, altruism, kindness, and tolerance, Aquarius stands out among the other zodiac signs.

• Date of birth under Aquarius: From January 20 to February 18.

• Personality: The beauty of Aquarius’s personality is that it is compassionate and always helps people. Aquarius is very gentle and carefree, making the other person feel very comfortable when interacting. They live independently and are self-reliant in everything, but sometimes Aquarius is also a bit stubborn and stubborn.

• In love: For Aquarius, loyalty in love is the top priority. Once in love, Aquarius loves very intensely, sometimes blindly jealous, making the other person feel controlled.

• About career: Some jobs that are quite suitable for Aquarius’s personality include: journalist, writer, content creator, actor, artist, singer…

• Lucky colors: Blue colors such as: turquoise, green, sky blue.

• Lucky numbers: 2,3,4,7,8

Pisces is situated between the constellations Aquarius in the west and Aries in the east, according to the zodiac order. This constellation is crossed by the sun from February 19 to March 20. The sign of Pisces resembles two fish.

Greek mythology states that father and son leapt into the water and transformed into two fish as the monster Typhon pursued Aphrodite and her son Eros. These two fish have strikingly different shapes, vibrant colors, and a silver string connecting them. They stand for the potential for parallel existence in a universe where consciousness and subconsciousness coexist.

As the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is associated with the element of Water and has two fish as its symbolic representation. Because of their lovely nature, which is full of kindness and devotion to their friends, Pisces have established a lot of positive relationships for themselves.

• Pisces birth date: From February 19 to March 20

• Personality: Pisces is quite liberal and gentle in all relationships. They are tolerant, altruistic, and willing to extend a hand to help friends in times of danger. However, because of their liberal personality, there are times when Pisces is quite wasteful in spending.

• In love: Pisces are very passionate, they respect each other and know how to make the relationship more cohesive and stronger.

• About career: Pisces is very suitable for some professions such as: Doctor, nurse, psychologist, programmer…

• Lucky colors: Gray, purple, blue.

• Lucky numbers: 1,3,4,9.

Scorpios possess great power and are not afraid to resist because they are ruled by the might of Mars and the destruction of Uranus.

Taurus is the most distant sign of the zodiac because its members are introspective, quiet, and extremely chilly.

The sign of Libra is occupied by 27 billionaires, or 10.8% of the 250 richest billionaires worldwide. Without a doubt, this is the world’s richest zodiac sign!

It’s been said that the two most miserable signs in the zodiac are Pisces and Aries. Aries causes pain in friendships and professional relationships if Pisces is extremely unhappy in a romantic relationship.

The best zodiac sign, so the saying goes, is Gemini. Due to their innate talent and quick adaptation, this zodiac sign has experienced great success.

With an IQ reaching 130, Gemini is known as the smartest zodiac sign.

Venus is the sign of the zodiac that rules Libra. In astrology, Venus is associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. As a result, Libra is recognized as the sign of the zodiac that draws attention to itself and has the most exquisite, well-groomed appearance.

Does your fascination with stargazing and studying the stars intensify after gaining knowledge of the symbolic significance of the constellations in the zodiac?

This also holds immense significance as it enables astrologers to investigate individuals’ personalities, traits, and lives by analyzing their birth month.

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Every constellation in the Zodiac has a name, symbol, personality, etc. that corresponds to the person’s birth month and date.

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