Who is Kim Ju-ae – Kim Jong Un’s Daughter: Biography, Education, Personal Profile

Who is Kim Ju-ae – Kim Jong Un’s Daughter: Biography, Education, Personal Profile

Kim Ju-ae, who is thought to have been born in 2013, made her first public appearance in November 2022 when she and her father visited the Hwasong-17 missile launch site. Kim Jong-un’s daughter has frequently accompanied her father to events, primarily military events, since then.

North Korean state media initially referred to Ju-ae Kim Jong-un as his “beloved” daughter, but later changed it to “respected” daughter, fueling speculation that she could be his father’s successor.

Mr. Kim Jong-un took over as leader of North Korea after his father, Kim Jong-il, died in 2011. Mr. Kim Jong-il previously succeeded his father, founder country Kim Il Sung, as leader.

One of the most secretive countries in the world, North Korea, has not disclosed Kim Ju Ae’s sibling status.

Kim Ju Ae was apparently homeschooled in Pyongyang and her hobbies include swimming and skiing but it was her excellent horseback riding skills that particularly please Kim Jong-un, ABC reports.

Choe Su-yong, a former NIS official, stated in November 2023 that Kim Jong-un’s daughter’s real name is Kim Eun-ju, and Ju-ae is a media misnomer based on information provided. American basketball legend Dennis Rodman makes an offer. North Korean defectors said the name of the leader’s daughter is top secret information, while NIS refused to comment.

Do you go by Ju Ae? In the event that you intend to visit North Korea or the demilitarized zone (DMZ), you may want to consider altering it. It appears that North Korean authorities “suggest” that anyone who has the same name as Kim Jong-un’s daughter change it.

Early in 2023, sources in North Korea told Radio Free Asia that despite Kim Ju Ae’s lack of an official name at the time, the government was “forcing” anyone with the name Ju Ae to change it. In case that wasn’t already unclear enough,

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter Ju-ae was identified by South Korean intelligence as the most likely successor to her father.

“Based on an analysis of Kim Ju-ae’s public activities and the level of respect accorded to her by North Korea since her public appearance, it can be seen that this is the person with the highest likelihood of succeeding her,” Cho Tae-yong, a senior official nominated to lead the Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS), said on January 4.

Mr. Cho’s statement was the NIS’s first comment on Kim Jong-un’s daughter succeeding her father as North Korea’s leader. Previously, NIS stated that it was too soon to tell whether Ju-ae was Mr. Kim’s successor or not.

However, Mr. Cho added that the NIS is still considering all options for North Korea’s succession because Mr. Kim Jong-un is still young and appears to be in good health.

South Korean intelligence told lawmakers in March that they were looking into reports that Kim Jong-un had three children, including his eldest son, second daughter Ju-ae, and an unidentified third child. have a gender.

Last month, South Korean Unification Minister Kim Yung-ho stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared to be rushing to place his daughter Ju-ae at the top of the succession list.

At major events, Kim Ju Ae’s image is always displayed next to leader Kim Jong Un:

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