Tips to Defrost Fish in 5 Minutes Without Soaking in Hot Water

Tips to Defrost Fish in 5 Minutes Without Soaking in Hot Water

If the fish is frozen for a long time, it will become hard and will be especially troublesome when taking the fish out to defrost. Furthermore, if you soak fish directly in water, it will lose nutrients. So how to defrost fish quickly while still maintaining the flavor?

To begin, remove the frozen fish from the refrigerator. The fish is still hard and difficult to defrost at this point. It will take at least an hour to soak it in water.

Simply sprinkle salt evenly over the fish. Then, pour in some warm water and wait two minutes for the frozen fish to thaw.

Allow it to sit for two minutes before adding a splash of white vinegar. White vinegar can help to speed up the defrosting process, and then soak the fish for another five minutes.

The fish is completely defrosted after 5 minutes. This method of defrosting fish is very quick, especially if we have guests at home or are unable to go to the market and require fish immediately, as we can use this method without having to wait up to an hour.

Alternatively, you can dissolve salt, warm water, and white vinegar in a mixture and pour it over the frozen fish. Prepare a plate large enough to hold the fish, place it on it, and slowly pour the defrosting agent over it. After evenly pouring on one side, flip the fish over and do the same on the other.

Many large restaurants, in fact, use this method, which not only saves time but also makes the fish fresher and sweeter. In comparison to soaking fish in water for an extended period of time, this method can preserve the original meat quality of the fish to the greatest extent possible, and even the color is the original color.

Using salt and lemon to defrost fish is one method. Housewives should place frozen fish in a box with 10 grams of salt and two lemon slices.

Next, cover the fish with water, close the lid, and set aside for 10 to 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, take the fish out of the can and wash it so housewives can be sure it’s clean before preparing delicious meals for the family.

When it comes to saving time, many housewives prefer to defrost fish in the microwave. Most popular microwave ovens now have a defrost function, so housewives only need to carefully read the user manual to select the appropriate defrosting level for each type of food.

When defrosting fish in the microwave, remember to allow enough time for the fish meat to be undercooked, as this will reduce the taste and freshness of the fish.

Simply remove the fish, clean all of the internal organs, and remove the black film from within. After cleaning, place it in a plastic bag. Don’t think that cleaning will cause you to lose nutrients. If you do not clean, the surface will become contaminated with bacteria. There will be a lot of bacteria when we eat later. Clean it and store it in a container or bag.

Tie the bag tightly after placing it in a plastic bag. If you don’t have a plastic bag, wrap it in plastic wrap instead. After wrapping, place it in the refrigerator to freeze. Fresh fish can be well preserved in this manner, nutrients are not lost, and bacteria do not multiply.

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