Should I Wash my Hair or Take a Shower First?

Should I Wash my Hair or Take a Shower First?

Although most people wash their hair before taking a shower, shampooing your hair should come after taking a shower, per scientific research.

Bathing before shampooing will help the body adjust to the water’s temperature and improve blood circulation, which will help prevent damage to the nervous system. Washing your hair before taking a bath can result in temperature changes and dizziness, especially for those with a history of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

Blood vessels are actually quite weak, especially those in the human brain. They run the risk of rupture and sudden bulging when exposed to high temperatures abruptly. Immediate hair washing can result in poor blood circulation, which over time can lead to cerebral vascular illnesses or even hemorrhage in the brain.

When taking a bath, it’s important to remember not to pour water directly onto your body. Instead, let your hands and feet acclimate to the water before taking a bath, then wash your hair afterward.

The ideal temperature range for bath water is between 38 and 44 degrees Celsius. Skin and hair are cleaned at this temperature without losing their natural oils. Additionally, using warm water helps the body and scalp adjust to the ideal temperature, preventing side effects. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every five to seven minutes.

Adequate bathing has a positive impact on reducing fatigue, enhancing sleep, averting illnesses, and enhancing appearance and anti-aging properties.

To protect your health and avoid a stroke, avoid taking a shower or calling your head during these times.

Shower after 10 p.m.

Those of us who come home late from work or go out late frequently shower late in order to relieve body congestion and sleep better. However, bathing at this time is extremely harmful to our bodies.

Bathing after 10 p.m. is especially dangerous for the elderly, whose bodies are frail and have high blood pressure, and bathing late can easily result in a stroke. Furthermore, washing your hair after 10 p.m. causes the facial nerve to shrink, resulting in facial paralysis and mouth distortion.

You should not shower as soon as you wake up

If you think that if you didn’t shower last night, you can switch to showering first thing in the morning, think again. Bathing will make your body susceptible to toxic wind, which can cause headaches and dizziness, because the ambient temperature is still cold in the early morning and our body has not yet recovered its functions such as poor blood circulation. and can be more severe, resulting in a stroke.

Menstruating women should avoid bathing late in the day

Women often feel extremely uncomfortable during their menstrual period and want to take a bath to relieve that discomfort, but these actions unintentionally harm the body’s health.

Women who are menstruating, according to Physician Bui Hong Minh, should take special care not to bathe late, even if it is uncomfortable. Because a woman’s body loses a lot of blood during this period, if she showers late, her body will easily lose blood, and the symptoms of menstrual cramps or headaches will become more severe.

Do not shower right after eating a full meal

We hear our parents tell us from a young age to shower first before going to the dinner table because not showering first will cause a lot of harm to our bodies. If we take a shower right after eating, the skin and blood vessels dilate, allowing blood to flow to the body’s surface. It reduces blood flow to the digestive organs, harming the stomach and intestines, and is also bad for your blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, washing your hair after eating can cause ischemia, which affects blood circulation in the brain, in people with a history of cardiovascular disease. To avoid negative health effects, if we have not bathed before eating, we should wait for the stomach to finish digesting the food before bathing.

If you have a fever, avoid bathing

People who have a fever sweat a lot, which causes discomfort, so they will always want to take a shower to feel comfortable. However, when the body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius, the body’s condition deteriorates, the body’s resistance weakens, and bathing makes the body more susceptible to cold, exacerbating the disease. As a result, if you have a fever, you should simply wipe your body with a warm towel to feel more comfortable.

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